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  1. I'm going to a clicker work shop at Kepala that day. Might see you there.
  2. I'm going to a clicker work shop at Kepala that day. Might see you there.
  3. I haven't tried this place yet. http://cbtp.com.au/ What type of accommodation are you looking for?
  4. Good luck to Teela and Rus for this weekend. Rus is tracking in Bendigo. Go Tollers.
  5. I've just read this and am so sorry. You couldn't have found yourself in a better home. RIP little Gillie.
  6. Not sure if anyone wants to contribute. Tomorrow from 11am on 774ABC Radio there will be a full hour of conversation relating to the topic of dangerous dogs in Victoria. Dr Robert Holmes and (soon to be Dr) Tammie King will be appearing in the 774ABC studio and participating in a discussion surrounding their opinions on the subject. Brad Griggs of K9 Services will be interviewed at around 11.15am in his capacity as a canine behaviourist with a speciality in dealing with aggressive behaviour in dogs. Please take the time to call in the studio and in a calm, rational, sensible and intelligent manner make your points of view known to host John Faine, as well as Tammie and Robert. Please repost this as broadly as possible, as this is the best opportunity this issue has had to have intelligent points of view heard in a media context to date.
  7. Are you thinking of Barry Templeton? Neil's wife is pretty crook atm. I've been using a vet that also practices acupuncture.
  8. Bumping just in case anyone's dealt with this.
  9. Aww I'm feeling all left out. I've retired Todd and am missing going to the comps. I hope is a fantastic nationals for everyone.
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone. Rappie thanks for the explanation. My vet called me last night with the results and said she's not that familiar with the condition and will research it before I see her on Wednesday. Would I be right in thinking that my main concern now is that the disease hasn't progressed too far and then not treatable?
  11. A bit long winded but this is the Path report: TEST:. HISTOPATHOLOGY REPORT GROSS PATHOLOGY:. Labelled Six Punch Biopsy Skin Lesions' Six punch biopsies of skin measuring 6 mm. A representative section of each is placed in Cassette A. HISTOPATHOLOGY:. Multiple biopsies show similar changes. In sections of skin there is moderate acanthosis with severe parakeratosis and mild orthokeratosis. There is occasionally a zone of oedema between the epidermis and parakeratosis. There is an inflammatory reaction in the superficial dermis consisting of infiltrates of lymphocytes, plasma cells and small numbers of neutrophils, often in a lichenoid band. In some tissues there is also scattered individual cell death in all levels of the epidermis. DIAGNOSIS: Superficial necrolytic dermatitis COMMENTS: This is the superficial necrotising skin disorder of dogs associated with incompletely characterised metabolic hepatic disease. Assessment of liver and pancreatic disease through serum biochemistry is recommended. The typical clinical signs include erosions and ulcers with exudation, alopecia and thick adherent crusts on and surrounding the paw pads and around the mucocutaneous junctions of the lips, eyes, clawbeds and anus. Adherent crusts without underlying erosion may be seen in very early lesions. Similar lesions may be present on pressure points and pinnae. There may be bilateral symmetry. It is seen primarily in older dogs and small breeds are often affected more than large breeds. RICHARD MILLER BVSc MSc PhD MACVSc Dip ACVP Specialist Veterinary Pathologist
  12. Hi, My 11 year old girl has been diagnosed with this today. I haven't had a chance to look into it much yet, but was wondering if anyone has had experience with this condition????
  13. I looked after a families dog once and she was a Lab x Basset Hound. She was the most delightful dog.
  14. Here's a facebook link to a rescue group. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=112...207835229228979
  15. 2tollers


    I hope this is stopped. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/822432...-sparks-outrage
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