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  1. Best option is to contact breeders directly and ask about their dogs, their longevity etc. Sorry to hear about your dobes
  2. How often should 3wk old puppies be fed by mum? (How many hours between each feed) bitch has plenty of milk.
  3. For those who don't worm their pregnant bitches, have you had an adverse reaction in the past? I have a bitch 6weeks pregnant, have been advised by vet to worm at 6wks, however have read many varying opinions on if and when to worm when pregnant.
  4. For those breeders that don't worm during pregnancy, can I ask why? Have you had a bad experience? I have a 6week pregnant bitch, vet has advised to worm. Have heard mixed opinions from breeders on whether to worm or not.
  5. I've used Crystal white on my Bernese whites and am really happy with it :)
  6. Where in Melbourne can you buy raw goat, horse, venison and rabbit for dogs? Thanks in advance :)
  7. will the show be just near the library (is that the best place to park?) or is it further down Henry street? :) Thanks
  8. Thinking of buying a new Toledo in the next few months. Did a search on DOL and have read a lot of comments about Toledos leaking through the wirly birds and also water spraying up through the vents when the road is wet. Can anyone that has bought one in the past few years confirm if this is still happening or if these problems no longer exist! Thanks :)
  9. CavNrott: I am going to take him to a Specialist, that is why I am asking for recommendations :)I understand the difference between a specialist and GP vet.
  10. Thanks everyone for your recommendations, much appreciated.
  11. Showdog- they are not considering anything apart from Elbow Dysplasia. They see he is sore in his neck and I question it but they brush it off or say anything in his neck would be secondary to his elbow. I have queried the neck with the specialist and the vet multiple times but I am wasting my time.
  12. no. After the CT the specialist said we had the green light from ED. 2 weeks later at our revisit (dog still lame) he said we need to start strongly considering ED as possibility. If no improvement by next revisit, he said would need to consider elbow arthroscopy to check if the CT missed something. They have diagnosed him with ED and haven't looked into other possibilities and aren't considering anything else, even though since day 1 I have been mentioning his neck.
  13. nope distance is not an issue, not in this case!!
  14. I have a young dog (9months) who has a 4month history of right fore lameness. We are relocating to Melbourne soon and I am seeking a specialist people can recommend we see? He originally looked a bit tight when moving so we had a Bowen Therapy and he came up lame AFTER the session. With 2 more sessions he didn't improve. He has pain in his neck and won't hold it up all the way. When you apply pressure to certain areas of his neck, his right front leg raises. Chiro, bowen therapist both identified this area as an issue. We have seen our regular vet and a specialist, had xrays, CT scan d
  15. I've known people to do everything right 'by the book' and their dog has still bloated. Sometimes it happens for reasons unknown. Like Danois says, you can't be too paranoid or it will rule your life.
  16. Everything as written above! The key is to keep them lean and not let them grow too fast. I have 3 BMD, and all require different amounts of food to each other. Be guided by the breeder as to diet they recommend. Perhaps look into joining one of the Bernese Mountain dog club of Victoria, BMDCV they have regular events in which you can meet other owners, and often do newsletters which have information on health etc. Below is a link to a chart about bloat. Bloat Chart
  17. thankyou, do you have any contact details for Barry? Is he a vet?
  18. Does anyone perform dry needling in Melbourne? (on dogs)
  19. I have been reading a lot about how diet affects growth. Can a RAW diet have too much calcium and/or protein and calories? This is with no calcium supplements, and basing the diet on Dr Billinghursts RAW diets.
  20. Interested to hear from people's experiences with Bowen therapy (for their dogs) on what they do after a session? My bowen therapist recommends to keep the dog quiet, give them unlimited access to water. - How long do you rest your dog for/what does this involve- crate rest for a few hours? - Do people notice general soreness in their dog the day after a session? - If there is some soreness, is Arnica beneficial? - are short lead walks (as in just around the backyard) beneficial after treatment?
  21. Has anyone had experiences with Insulinoma? I am highly supsective our dog has one, he has had 2 episodes of extreme weakness to the point of collapse (still remained conscious) First time rushed to vet as it was suspected heat stroke. His BG was very low, so an Insulin test was performed which came back normal. This vet (not our normal vet, just the closest at the time) said he would be fine after and nothing to worry about. I wasn't convinced, took him to my reg vet for a fasting BG a week later, and was only 2.3. Liver panel done and came back all normal. Requested to reffered to speciali
  22. Thankyou everyone for your replies and opinions :)
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