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  1. Ian Dunbar Seminar

    I'm a little "Dunbar'd out" to be honest. Saw him at the APDT conference in the USA in October as he did a couple of sessions there.....whilst he cracks some funny jokes, he's a bit of a 'has been' I reckon. He's solution to almost everything is "put it on cue".....that seemed to be his only bit of advice he could offer to all problems. There seemed to be some tension between him and Suzanne Clothier during the round table discussions after some contradiction of information during some of the sessions....then again Suzanne Clothier came accross as little bitter towards the whole world which probably didn't lend any favours to the whole atmosphere. I remember hearing someone shout out rather sarcastically during one of Suzanne's sessions, "why don't you tell us how you really feel!!" Anyway, I won't be wasting my money on this one as I don't think there is anything more the man can offer that he hasn't already written and lectured about. I wasn't aware that Roger Abrantes was coming out.....where can I locate the details for that????
  2. Ursus, so sorry to hear about your situation. If you don't mind, would you share with us the actual situation which led to the need to put your dog to sleep ie. did she get into a fight and seriously injure or kill another dog?? Was it dog aggression or human aggression? And was it diagnosed as fear based or anything else? It's unfortunate that you were not able to find the right trainer to help you with the situation. A trainer with a more 'balanced' approach may have been able to assist you in rehabiliting your dog. But you must remember that aggression can take anything up to 18 months to get it to a stage where the dog can be comfortable around other dogs or people. It's about applying a systematic desensitisation process, accompanied by handling techniques that will teach you how to handle your dog in difficult situations as well as teaching your dog the appropriate actions so that he/she makes the right decisions based on what she is feeling. It's not about applying a heap of corrections and supressing behaviour as this will cause further issues for you. Based on the information you provide and the fact that you needed to put your dog to sleep, it would seem you were given correct advice that your dog may not have been trustworthy off lead, but again this would depend on if she possesed any social skills to start with as well as being able to befriend another dog during the course of rehabilitation. The only bit of advice I can safely provide you via a forum is to seek a good balanced trainer for your new pup so that they may assist you with all aspects of creating the dog you want. If you are in NSW, then perhaps pay Steve Courtney from K9 Pro a visit (or call him) to see if he can help you or at least point you into the right direction. Good luck with it....but please don't go to the opposite extreme to seek your answers for the perfect dog
  3. Control Unleashed

    Yes she has quite a few DVD's that she sells through Tawzer Dog, I've got a 3 set DVD called BAT, Behavioural Adustment Training for Aggresion and Fear and a heap of notes from the conference. I think she's written a book as well. She has Patricia McConnell attend her seminars....that's gotta say something! We have generally used CC, backaways, auto focus and LAT to assist those with reactive dogs, and still do.... but this BAT concept makes perfect sense and it works quite quickly too, especially with those dogs that stop taking food when their stress levels peak. Let me know what you think once you've had a chance to watch, read and try it.
  4. Control Unleashed

    Cosmolo I am new to BAT and after seeing Grisha and BAT in action at the APDT America conference in October I was converted. Have been using it since with private consults with fantastic results so far...remember I too am also getting the technique right so some mistakes are occurring. It works on functional reward like taking the dog away from the trigger and releasing slight pressure. Negative reinforcement and life rewards. The omition of food enables the dog's behaviour to become functional without it. Re the uncontrolled situations..there really is no difference to pushing past threshold boundaries using to BAT and pushing past threshold boundaries using CC or any other technique. Either way the owner has pushed the dog too far causing reaction so they merely reset and start again. Will post more info on my findings later tonight as I am off to a client now.
  5. Control Unleashed

    BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training by Grisha Stuart) does not require food and works extremely well. Seems to work in half the time that both LAT, Auto focus and/or Counter Conditioning does and does away with the need to use food!
  6. Aggressive Dog

    One small tip.....Do not treat aggression with aggression!
  7. Lindainfa, please come and see me at training if you are still struggling with the drop. I have a heap of 'tricks' up my sleeve to make it happen. ETA...it's Trish from Four Paws ;)
  8. 'search & Destroy Mission'

    Me too Cosmolo...I have so many clients with dogs that resemble pitbulls or actually are pitbull x's. I really feel for them especially since they are doing the right thing by the dog. It's a very sad day for our bully friends
  9. 'search & Destroy Mission'

    I don;t think we'll know 100% until the regulations are out, however this is the way I've interpereted it. After all, the test isn't going to be fail safe and us mortals won't be trained in it so it would be unreasonable to expect Joe Bloggs to be able to ID his dog as PB cross. I'd think that you'd have to comply with dangerous dog legislation though. As I understand it too...if you have previously registered your dog as a Staffy x or some other blend and it is found to actually be a Pitbull, your dog will be seized and destroyed. You will need to contact the council within the 4 week period to correct the breed of the dog on their records.
  10. Australian Kelpie

    How the hell did I miss this thread for 2 years???? Better late than never I suppse. Here are my 'krazy Kelpies': The airborne Kelpie is Gabe...he's seriously crazy but very lovable
  11. Rapigel

    Rapigel....fantastic stuff! I use it me, my husband, my arthritic mother...my dogs don't need it at this stage but will use it on them if need be :D It's excellent stuff...smells awful though. I got mine from Petstock store...they sell more for humans than for animals.
  12. Doggy Boot Camp

    100% with Erny on this one. The problem is at home and amongst you, the owners/family. The solutions requires good leadership strategies from you and implementing various programs. This cannot be done achieved in a 'boot camp' situation. Sorry...but as suggested, you need to get a good trainer/behavourist out to see you..OR you go out to see them if you live remotely.
  13. Agree with Nekhbet here. Also sounds like resource guarding to me. He would have just reached maturity. As others have suggested, get a good trainer/behaviourist out to see you.
  14. Puppy Proofing

    Agree with Erny The puppy's brain grows at 80% capacity in the first 16 weeks. This means the more the puppy experiences, sees, does and learns during this time, the more cell connections are made in the brain...the bigger the brain mass and the more the puppy learns to learn. So don't keep your puppy in an incubator, aka 'inside', until all vaccinations as this will be doing your puppy no favours both psychologically and developmentally. My kelpie was 'herding' sheep at 6 weeks...
  15. I read about the BCC study via the link that Janba put up. I have filled in the survey...I know it's a BC study but they were talking about stock and working dogs so I thought I might give them my info. Please do post any links to updates on the study...would be very interested in the findings.