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  1. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Thanks so much everyone !
  2. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hi everyone. I've been on holidays and haven't gone back to see what I've missed. Hope everyone is well and their puppies all smiling. Quick catch up from my end.... Everyone here is wonderful and Chief is growing up so quickly. He's absolutely adorable and such a pleasure to be around. He's also getting alot more confident being out and around people but we're lacking games etc with new dogs but I don't want to take him to dog parks.... Any suggestions ? Here is a quick video I took this afternoon of he and Chopper playing.
  3. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Everything looks fine and normal in his mouth.... Thanks I'll ask Karen :-) Ohhhh and I love those beds too. Might be a good Xmas present for them.
  4. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is smiling.... Chief's breath stinks !!!! He gets lots of bones and chew toys but seriously I don't want to roll over in the morning cause guaranteed his head will be on the pillow next to me and Ohhhhhhhhh that breath. Help !!!!
  5. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Super quick Hi everyone !!!!!!
  6. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Puppies, puppies, puppies Congrats !!!!
  7. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Bye Daisy... have a fantastic time in your new home.
  8. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Recovery time....
  9. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Please excuse the quality of the photos.......
  10. Stafford Fans

    Hi Staffy Folk, I'm am so proud to say that today my Bella has proved my theories correct.... She has always just been the most wonderful girl, but today she proved my ideas. I took her with me to the Great Dane Day because it was only Chief's 2nd day out and she has always been so wonderful around new dogs and new situations, so I thought she would be calming for him. Welllllllllll she was an absolute wonder !!!! Met everyone and every dog with absolute perfection and Chief was DEFINITELY made at ease with her being there. At the beginning of the day he was really quite scared and nervous but by this afternoon, he started looking like the dog we see at home everday. Oh and the very best news of the day................ Bella WON the NON-GREAT DANE class !!!!! She got a ribbon, certificate and a new collar. (ok, ok, there wasn't alot of competition but I'm still the proudest Mum in the world) She's our Angel !!!!!
  11. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    I'm really sorry but I can't seem to work this mac to upload my photos. I promise I will tomorrow when I get back on my normal computer... they aren't fantastic photos but at least they are some more to have a giggle about. Honestly, my daughter and I didn't stop giggling all day. Wayyyyyyy too many funny things happening all the time. Oh and thanks for the photo of Chief... very cute !