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  1. I know! Right!? I want more dogs to show :) You'll have a job in Group 1 for BOB run offs in a few months if you're happy with that? Coco loves her Aunty Megz!
  2. Just the Darwin leg as per normal. I'm even making myself unavailable from umpiring to do the double on the 20th! :D
  3. I goal umpire for the local football league from October to March, which is our quiet time for shows in Darwin. There's usually only one show a month in this period, so I'm able to ask for a Saturday night off from the footy to show. However at the moment I'm umpiring in a higher league which is played during my regular league's off season. There are less games played in Darwin, so in reality I'm only umpiring one game every 3 weeks or so, but this seems to clash with just about ALL the show dates! I was able to take last Saturday night off to show my dog because it was a 'less important' game. Usually I am able to send mum along (Coco is her dog after all) and I arrange for a friend to handle her.
  4. Our show in Darwin was the weekend just after Easter (6th April) and my girl Coco won Runner Up Best in Group and Intermediate in Show!
  5. Dog owner's fury at backyard tryst A DOG owner has been accused of stealing dog sperm from a suburban backyard to breed puppies. Jessica Pickering said a neighbour put their dog in her backyard in Bakewell, Palmerston, for her five-year-old Siberian husky Komet to impregnate. Ms Pickering is on holidays in Melbourne and was shocked when she heard what happened. "I got a phone call from my house-sitter stating that someone had put their dog into my yard so that she could be bred with mine," the 24-year-old said. "She didn't ask for permission and if she did ask for permission I would have agreed but a profit is just an added bonus. I guess she was too selfish to share the profits. I bought Komet as a pet, not to breed him. "And for her to then return and say, 'Oh you found my dog' really annoys me. Your Say "Everyone knows that dogs can only produce 10000 litres of sperm in their lives. This isn't just theft, it's abusing a finite resource." Mr Comato "For someone to steal dog sperm is a pretty low act." Her house-sitter has since chained and locked the garden gate. "In case (the breeding) doesn't work and she comes back to try again," she said. "What has this world come to people having to resort to this just so they can have puppies? "I hope it doesn't work. "I'm pretty sure I know who she is as she walks her dog every night past my house. She better pray I don't see her when I get back as I'll be confronting her about it." Some pretty interesting comments about the story, plus a few 'Oh it's cruel to own a husky in the tropics' comments. *rolly eyes man*
  6. Portia was really sick of spending all day with the pups by the time they were about 3ish weeks old. I made sure I took her back to the box every few hours to give the pups a chance to feed (Darwin wet season litter, didn't need her body warmth by that stage!). As long as someone was sitting there close by she was pretty good and would happily leave again once they had their feed.
  7. Bugger, I would be behind neuters in the property classes too. Surely it wouldn't take much to amend the rules to include neuter register as well as main being eligible for property classes?
  8. We had our last show for the year in Darwin tonight. Coco and I won my very first Best in Group, and we also took out Intermediate in Show! :D A very exciting night for both of us.
  9. Thanks Sway. I didn't see that at all on my FB even though I think I have half the entrants on there!
  10. Anyone got Papillon show results for me please?
  11. Congrats!!! Is there a website with breed results?
  12. Afghans because they just looks so bouncy and windswept :) Irish Setters for the same windswept look.
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