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  1. Can anyone tell me please, what the breed average hip score is for GDs in Australia please?
  2. I like Evie too! Maybe not Orca, she might get fat! :laugh:
  3. Fatnastic ideas thanks everyone!! I love Jazz, Luna and Lottie. I also love Lexie and Edie! Ill wait to see what she looks like now ...
  4. I am soon to get my first Aussie Shepherd baby hopefully, a girl. I will be doing sports with her and in the past ive found that short, sharp names are good for dogs that are doing agility etc. Can you please throw some short, unique name ideas at me please! Female, short and unique! Thankyou! :D
  5. Thanks guys!! I have contacted a few breeders, inculding Wajoma, her dogs are gorge! Thanks for the info on the other 2 breeders Rusty. Ill come in with some photos of the new baby when she arrives, hopefully before the end of the year! :D
  6. Hello Aussie lovers. I have finally narrowed down my list of 3 working dogs to an Aussie and I'm looking forward to getting my first one! We are on 6 acres and i will be doing dog sports with her as well as her being part of the family. Now I don't know a lot about the breeders and bloodlines so is there anything/anyone I should steer clear of? I have a few breeders in mind because I like the look of their dogs so I have been researching the standard and lines, but if anyone has anything to add, for a newbie Aussie owner - please comment away! ???? In terms of colour I'm not really fussed but I've never been a fan of Merle's in any breed. Are there any differences with health and type when it comes to colour? Thankyou ????. ETA: am I better to get a NBT to do sports with or doesn't it matter if they have a tail? I may look at showing when the country shows come down my way (I've shown whippets for 9years whilst living in Perth) so maybe a NBT might be best anyway?
  7. Yes agreed and good points. Unfortunately there are many, many that still breed with this issue very prominant in their bitches and dogs lines. It seems to be appearing more and more. Diva I have heard the same, that it was originally thought to be from the dams side, but now further research has indicated that it comes from both sides.
  8. Purely out of curiosity and because the issue is reasonably common in my breed - how long do you wait for a retained testicle to come down? Whats the eldest you have had a puppy finally drop his testicle? I know that i have waited till 16 weeks with a male i once had and how devastating it can be to have a beautiful baby with only 1 nut! You hope and pray for as long as possible that maybe, it might come down soon! Do other breeders run them on for longer? If its not down by 12 weeks is it never coming down? Im talking about inguinal testicles, not abdominal obviously.
  9. They're all sold out from deals direct and were significantly cheaper than elsewhere :-( Boohoo :-((
  10. I'm in Parkerville! My daughter goes to Helena College ... we probably know each other already! Lol!
  11. Haha nice one! Is there a door on that back bit, to stop them trying to escape??
  12. Ha yes good idea Liz! The laundry is huge at 4x4m because it will be my feed/whelping/dog crate room too! Although we already have the sink but I could plumb in one of these booster baths maybe ....
  13. I've seen the booster baths before but the plastic looked quite flimsy but maybe that's not the case? The legs are strong enough to hold a BC then?
  14. Are there any cheaper alternatives to a hydrobath? I'm looking for a way to bath the dogs without having to bend over and bath them in the shower or sink! Any links would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Awesome thanks! City Farmers down the road has it :D Yes I just did a search and it is, I'm just not sure your location as WA is a big place but there are a few stocklists: http://www.vetsallnatural.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102&Itemid=59
  16. Yes well thats WA's problem with a lot of things! :laugh:
  17. Where do you get the Vets All Natural roll from?
  18. I would still feed a premium dry food, as well as wet food. I tried them with a roll today from Coles because they have been picky with their raw meat lately and they practically inhaled it, but i dont think its terribly nutritious!
  19. Are there any that are nutritious and dont have a load of rubbish in them? Tuckertime is the only one i know of that is reasonable, are there others?
  20. FANTASTIC Becks and Espinay! Thankyou! I onyl have 4 babies to name so those should cover it!
  21. The sires name has Sun in it which is why i was thinking of going with this theme - his name is The Sun Also Rises and the dam is Alil Nitemagic. They were born on NYE! :D
  22. Hiya, I was hoping for some ideas on naming my latest litter. I am using a theme based around the "SUN". The ones i come up with are a bit lame! Thankyou :D
  23. As the topic says. I have net a beautiful desexed 5yo boy looking for a home urgently.
  24. Yes we've had lots of human babies born lately called Brax! I didn't realise why till someone told me about the guys on home and away!
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