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  1. George Schofield - Dog Chiro

    I took my old boxer to see George today so confirm that he is still working. It was bitter cold and windy with driving rain over his way, and I felt terrible getting him outside in that sort of weather. I believe George is 93 years old now. He appeared quite frail and relies on a walking stick since his knee reconstruction. He told me he doesn't manage well with large dogs any more and prefers not to take them on, but he still agreed to see my medium sized, lightly built chap. He told me he wanted to retire at 90 years old, but people kept telling him that he simply couldn't stop, so he keeps on doing what he does best with those remarkable healing hands. What an extraordinary, generous and gifted man. It will be a sad day indeed when he is no longer able to help our pups.
  2. Oh Cathya, I am so sorry to hear of you losing another one of your boys You can rest soundly knowing that these best mates are now united again. What a wonderful life you gave Mack and Wally - They were lucky to have known you. Take care
  3. Pampi - The End Of A Long Road

    So true DerRottweiler. Someone once said,"Better a day too early than a minute too late", and that simple sentence stayed with me and haunted me in her last days. Whilst it hurt so very badly to say goodbye whilst she was still happy and comfortable on pain medication, it was the only fair thing I could do for her. The photo in my post (and below) were taken a couple of hours before we parted ways. That is how I will remember the old girl, proud and strong. Thanks again to everyone for their kind support. R.
  4. Pampi - The End Of A Long Road

    Sincere thanks to each member who posted their kind words in support of my distress. I feel that it is only like-minded people that can truly understand what the loss of a four legged soul mate truly means. It is so very painful. Thanks again to all. R.
  5. I put my baby to rest today. My old girl had put up a brave fight but it was beating her, destroying her day by day. She was fighting fit until Easter Monday when she came inside distressed, shaking and puffing, after chasing a fox and barking the place down. We did everything to try to find what was wrong, but at 12 years old, I feared the worst. Sure enough, today we found two large masses showing on the ultrasound, one in the chest and one in the abdomen. The poor old girl was in a pretty bad way. The only thing to do was to let her go whilst her life was still comfortable. This photo was taken earlier today before leaving me. Before heading to the vet we went for a great big walk where she happily trotted by my side, and then sat at the park for an hour on her favorite blanket. It was the most peaceful time I have ever spent with her and I can only wonder as to if she knew I needed that time to be so special? We had walked a long road together, taking us from one side of the world to the other, yes, France is a long way away from Australia... I am very blessed to have had her by my side during that long journey. Rest in peace my dear girl.
  6. Ollie Dog

    My heart goes out to you Jodie. I don't come to DOL often any more but Ollie Dogs story was the first place I'd come to and it always made me smile to see he was still battling on with a smile on his greying muzzle. So sad to hear that after all those years of fighting, he was finally too tired to continue any longer. Fourteen years is a pretty wonderful milestone even for larger doggies in the best of health, let alone one who lived with cancer for so many years. He was a credit to your great love and care. The house is very empty once they go, isn't it? xx
  7. Mast Cell Cancer

    Oh dear Jodie, I am so sorry to learn of Ollie dog's passing. I don't come onto DOL very often any more but Ollie's thread was always my first port of call because it was always so uplifting to see he was still with you and making you smile. This time I am so saddened to hear he had finally gone, but I guess for a forteen year old boy who shouldn't have lived half as long, I shouldn't be so sad. You did a great job in keeping him well for so long, against the odds. I hope you and your boys are OK - the house must have seemed very empty for a long while after he left. Thanks again for keeping the thread going so long with such a marvellous wealth of tips and information on Mast Cell Cancer. Take care.
  8. So glad to hear you got her sorted - well done !!!!! A bit Off topic.... Even more ridiculous is that dogs (regardless of breed) are crated during the whole flight process... They are in very strong, totally enclosed and securely locked cages. Unless someone was going to intentionally open the crate, what is the problem? You could have an alligator in there and it couldn't hurt you as long as the crate remains closed ? What do they think will happen??? That the PBT X (or whatever) will open their crate, then proceed to open the hold door, make its way into the passenger hold and eat everybody ??? Come on, what are they thinking??? I transported a PBT a Dogo Argentino and a boxer (two prohibited breeds and a boxer clased as High risk - risk of suffication during flight) without incident... Malaysian Airlines were fantastic !!! 36 hours travel in all and all 3 kiddies arrived safely. Crikey - everyone loved them and no one would have ever suspected that they were "nasty buggers" or "at risk"... Let's be real here....
  9. Last Tango For Council..

    Great news Tybrax !! Hope things are OK with you ???
  10. Mast Cell Cancer

    Hi Jodie and Ollie, I haven't been on DOL for quite a while and truly held my breath when I saw Ollie's story still at the top of the list after several years of my being absent. It is so very very heartwarming to see that Ollie is still doing so well - almost a miracle I would say (I was so frightened that he may have dissapeared???). Nice also to see Dogsbesotted/the Marremas still online too - you are a wealth of information ladies and oh so wonderful !!!! Keep up the inspiring work and big hugs and belly rubs to the children. Pampa
  11. Mast Cell Cancer

    Merry Christmas Ollie (this is the 4th one I think we have shared together!!!) May there be many more... xxx Pampa
  12. Tissue Tearing

    Erny its been a long time... I have tissue tearers but that is beyond the point... I'm not sure if PM's exist any more (can't see the button).... I still have your collar and would like to catch up. Please contact me. Pampa
  13. Mast Cell Cancer

    Sorry Jodie for the hijack... I haven't been here for so long I don't even know where lucinda's thread went... I don't even know where to find PM's ??? Dogsbesotted, I'm amazed princess Lucinda is still her regal self after all this time... I am so happy she too is well and still protecting her throne. I'm delighted she is still with us and fighting fit. I miss your updates. Pampa
  14. Mast Cell Cancer

    Hi Jodie I haven't been in for a very, very long time but I'm delighted to see that our Olliedog is still doing well. I often think of the 3+ year war you have been fighting and I hope this battle is just as assailable as the others. Thoughts are still with you... Pampa
  15. Spondylosis

    Thanks Debbi ;) Glad to hear your pup pulled through that unfortunate ordeal. Unfortunately we don't have any history on this bitch before my boss took her home for the first time at 12 weeks (I think :D ) so I couldn't say whether she had any spinal trauma early in life... Shes very tall for a boxer and still quite "gangly". I guess this doesn't help the situation... I will be looking after her whilst my boss is overseas and she'll be needing a weekly shot at the specialists so I'll question the him on the possibility of an infection whilst i'm there. Any other experiences with this affliction would be appreciated. Anyone ???