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  1. Hi All, My parents are on the lookout for a new family member and would prefer a younger female, but friendly male also considered, small breed dog. All smaller breeds considered however have narrowed down to a few breeds that my Mum especially likes including Mini Schnauzers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Shelties, Maltese terriers etc. My parents are in their early 50's and have no children at home. My mum does not work and so is home the majority of the time. My mum is especially feeling the loneliness of living in a dog free home for several months since the family Maltese terrier passed away at the age of 20 last year. Loving, experienced home assured. Happy to consider all small breeds. Based in South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne however willing to travel for the right dog to add to the family 😊
  2. Schnauzer

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a breeder of Mini Schnauzers preferably in Victoria. My mum is looking to buy a Mini Schnauzer pup. Loving experienced home assured, my mum doesn't work and is home most of the time. Pup will be a pet only so does not need to be show quality but would needs to be from a reputable breeder. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Ok So.............i Lied.

    She's adorable congrats :)
  4. Spleen/liver Cancer

    So sorry to hear about your boy Violetmay I hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery. Amazingly enough my girl is fine and completely healthy. I had full blood work done and she had a full body ultrasound and everything came back clear with no signs of any growths or tumours. The vet apparently misdiagnosed based on the inital ultrasound and they are putting it down to her spleen being twisted or folded. She will go for a check up in another couple of weeks for a follow up ultrasound just to be sure but she's been fine since and acting like her usual old self :)
  5. So sorry to hear if your loss Wendy! I remember Brianna's face from your avatar. What a beautiful girl she was. My greyhound Zahra has just berm diagnosed with spleen cancer and am waiting to have tests done on Thursday. I just hope that I have a bit more time with my girl before I have to let her go
  6. Spleen/liver Cancer

    Thanks so much for the replies so far. In the last few years I've lost both my boys and so she has been my constant companion since then and the thought of loosing her is almost too much to bear. Just stressing on the results of her bloods and ultrasound and should hopefully give me some much needed good news
  7. Spleen/liver Cancer

    My 7 year old Greyhound, Zahra has been diagnosed with spleen cancer as a lump about the size of a grapefruit has been found. After an initial ultrasound it was discovered that she has a large mass on her spleen. I have her booked in on Thursday to have blood work and a full body ultrasound done to determine if it is just one tumor and it can be removed, or whether the cancer is agressive and has already spread to her liver and other organs. The vet has told me that surgery is really the only option depending on what results we get back on Thursday. Zahra has had major surgery when she was younger to repair a punctured lung resulting from an accident and although the road to recovery was long and tedious she made a full recovery and has been healthy and happy for the past 6 years until now. Has anyone else been through this with their dog? Have you opted for surgery or decided against it? My final decision will be based on what results we get on Thursday and if if is found that surgery may be a viable option I plan to discuss this with our local vet and also Sandown Vet clinic as they are experts where Greys are concerned. My parter who is always the practical one has asked me to be realistic and if her results are that she has the more aggressive form then I should really make the tough decision and have her pts, but if she isn't in pain and her quality of life is still good for a little whole longer then why not enjoy what time is left? Any information anyone can share would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Schipperke

    They are lovely looking little dogs :) Unfortuntely my brother decided to get one from a "breeder" but he hadn't been socialised and was still entire even though the "breeders" were not going to use him for breeding. He was very timid and turns out actually quite agressive. My brother and his partner were not able to keep him and so I took him on and did some training with him in hopes that he would be a good companion for my mum who does not work due to a back injury and has limited mobility. In the end after a lot of training and working with behaviourists etc. we had to have him pts as he was just too unpredictable and attacked me several times and also attacked and bit my sister and attempted to bite the little girl that lived next store to my mum. We even contacted the Schipperke club and were told that they had dealings with dogs from this "breeder" before and had also experienced agression issues. I'm sure though that if coming from a suitable/responsible breeder then they would be fantastic little dogs to have around lots of fun and energy :)
  9. Vet Recommendations

    Animal Care in Cranbourne are fantastic or Animal Doctors in Pakenham are also very good. Either would be around 15-20mins from Narre Warren :)
  10. Have You Ever 'unbonded' With A Dog?

    It's just like we bond and get along with some people, and we bond and get along well with some dogs, and not others. There were times when I had my Beagle boy that I wondered what had ever made me adopt him, but that was when he was being a pain in the bum :lol: and I will admit that dog taught me so much. I think personally that you are either a hound person or you aren't. I'd never had hounds before and wasn't very familar with them before I got my Beagle but learnt very quickly and ended up getting a greyhound as well! I think I will always have a hound of some sort. I lost my Beagle boy two years ago and my Dalmatian 12 months ago and so my greyhound girl is an only dog now and is the apple of my eye. I love her to bits and she knows it. She's like my child. My partner who usually loves dogs isn't overly fond of her and she isn't a real fan of his either, I actually think they are jealous of each other as I have had my dog longer. It may be a good idea to put the feelers out and see if there is a more suitable home for your boy, Maybe stay open to the possibility of finding him a great new home, but know that he will always have a home and be well cared for with you if that doesn't happen.
  11. My Poor Beagle

    So sorry to hear that there have been complications with Daisy's surgery Huski. Fingers, paws and hooves crossed here for a speedy recovery.
  12. Dogs And Utes

    Also agree that's qute a nice ute. I have also drive a ute and up until a few months ago (my old Beagle boy passed away a short time ago rather unexpectedly) I had three dogs, which made it impossible to take all three with me and without transporting them in the back of the ute. I would NEVER have the dog in the back of the ute with the tonneau cover down at all even at night and on short trips as several other people have pointed out, it does get very got under there even on a very mild day, not to mention lack of air underneath the cover. If your OH's brother is worried about the dog being wet and sandy and not wanting to wreck his car, that's understandable, but why can't he take the tonneau cover off and securely tether the dog in the back of the ute either from a very short tether in the middle of the tub so that there is no danger of the dog jumping out over the sides of the tub, or if possible and a much better option in a secured crate? ETA - If the dog was travelling in the back of the ute untethered and under the tonneau cover and your brothers OH had to brake quickly this would send the dog flying and could cause all sorts of damage to the dog!
  13. Bubble Blowing Toy

    Oh both of mine would love one of those!!!
  14. Can A Male Dog Wear Purple Collars?

    Nothing wrong with boys wearing purple My old Beagle Boy Murray would wear purple all the time! In fact I only have purple or green collars and leads for mine :lol:
  15. Goodbye My Tough Old Man

    Thanks everyone so much for their kind words and thoughts. Murray has been gone two weeks now and it still doesn't seem real. He was such a special boy and is greatly missed.