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  1. Just don't leave anything within his reach........he might forget the behaviour ...
  2. OOh I might get to see Red in the show ring sometime !!
  3. Maybe a cooling pad might help in the spot that he favours, you just don't want it to develop into a hygroma !
  4. I am concerned but can only say so much............sometimes people just don't want to take advice
  5. This pup is 5 months old.....no confusion !
  6. I couldn't see the point of it either, knowing that there is no way the Vet could get to the animals during the flight, but someone I know has been told this by the breeder who is flying the dog over. This is just one of the several things that hasn't sounded right in this transaction
  7. Many years ago I had dobes, , 1 lived to 14, and the other 11, and neither were dog aggressive, both were spayed females.
  8. I have been told that Qantas have a Vet on board for all flights that are carrying animals....does anyone know if this is true ? Couldn't get a definitive answer when I rang them .
  9. I think Kirislin used it too ! No doubt she will see this post.
  10. I have been feeding the Salmon and Sardine (grain free)to my greyhound and whippet, their coats are looking great, and my fussy grey eats it, I did try them on the large kibble Salmon and Sardine, but my grey just spits it out, she prefers the smaller kibble. I have been very happy with it, and love that it is Australian.
  11. Both my present grey and the girl I lost a couple of years ago have always been great with my whippets, I think you just have to get the right grey and communicate well with GAP about just what you are looking for. Good Luck !
  12. Their prices for the Adaptil collars seem to be too good to be true, was just wondering if anyone has purchased from them.
  13. When you are bandaging her feet, put some cotton wool in between each of her toes, I had to do that when bandaging my girls feet after surgery for a corn, it stops any irritation or rubbing.
  14. Would you mind giving me his name (pm if you prefer) I take it he is not a specialist surgeon.
  15. Enquiring for a friend...has anyone had this type of surgery in Adelaide, and was it done by a specialist ? Thanks....
  16. Fingers crossed for a good outcome for your girl
  17. I bought Therapaws boots for my whippet, who had a corn surgically removed from her pad, they were recommended by the greyhound vet who did the surgery. She is now supposed to wear them when walking on hard ground, roads etc, they took a while to wear in and for her to get used to them, but they are very well designed to protect the feet.
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