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  1. Great to see the ol fella working some handy dogs!!!! I was very dissapointed at many stements from the guy from the Uni!!!He needs to get out with somebody like the ol fella and actually learn something about dogs!!! Tony
  2. Give the dog what he or she needs, not what you think he or she wants. The basic needs of a dog are shelter,food,water,stimulation and good leadership. One of the basic needs of a dog that so many overlook or fail to satisfy is to treat and allow the dog to be a Dog. Tony
  3. Its drive training for gundogs. The Dog learns acess to prey drive is through the Handler. The dog learns in this manner much better as instinct is used. Tony
  4. How old is this dog and what"s her breeding? Tony
  5. PF, a code of ethics is not worth the paper its written on.We see example after example where a code is simply ignored. Tony
  6. I would be looking at whether the dog is bored, has a deficieny in diet or is learned behaviour. Tony
  7. My dogs get all excited when they hear the Foxtrot. Tony
  8. As usual, a question has been asked.People reply and the poster replies in a totally unbalanced manner. Tony
  9. Erny, how do you the person sending the info is on the level?I am always careful about origins of some information. Tony
  10. First and most important of all, the Human must have balance. tony
  11. Stitch, if that so called trainer is that stupid I would be giving him or her a big miss. You did mention though it is a franchise. Tony
  12. quote from Nekhbet And no, I would never purchase a primarily show line dog with the hope it would be a worker. You want a worker you buy from proven workers not just because it is a gsd, rottie, dobe etc. Many members of working breeds cannot step up to the plate anymore and that's a fact. If you want a dog that will DEFINATELY protect you in any situation you buy a trained dog or one of the more primitive/LGD breeds still from proven workers (But as lilli said dont expect to have control like you would the more traditional guarding breeds). The logic is not that hard to grasp. Exactly!!!!! Tony
  13. The average pet owner would learn alot from this type of session.The awareness and knowledge the pet owner gained would not only give them a great insight into this aspect of the dog world, but also enrich the relationship between pet owner and pet. Jeff is doing this to raise awareness and educate, not for any form of amusement. Jeff has the experience to know how far he could go with each individual dog, before bringing on so called stress. Tony
  14. Akayla, it would be a great experience as one would learn a lot from Jeff. Tony
  15. Malin, firstly I would contact Steve from K9 Force. Tony
  16. good realistic post Jeff!!!!Well written. Tony
  17. Secret, have you explored Drive training? Tony
  18. Brooke,I have to agree with Rex"s post on the first page. People especially nowdays can fall into the trap of assuming that because their dog is a certain breed, it will automatically defend or project. There are many weak nerved dogs around nowdays. I very much doubt this dog has the goods to be trained to protect. I have to second the thought of seeking out working lines. Tony
  19. As Adian said,what is the difference? The first place to look for answers is ourselves. tony
  20. I posted in here, as I will get alot more honesty,rationalty,commonsense and awareness than other sections. I have watched the doco, about Pedigree dogs twice. I remember years ago,the grandfathers,drovers,stockmen,cattlemen and many others all taking note of those breedings dogs soley based on looks. The common agreement amongst many was, what a mess and wreck was going to be the end result. Before I go any further,we have both purebred and some crossbred dogs so i have no axe to grind. I have to agree with much of the doco and contrary to the denial in another section, I found the doco to be fairly well balanced. I found it a disgrace after seeing some of those pan lickers that won or placed at crufts. i found it quite disturbing that a dog judge at Crufts was saying that dogs which were obvisouly very weak structure wise, more ideally repersented the breed standard. tony
  21. Bella, its not a major issue that he is not desexed.Desexing will not magically cure all the other behaviours!!!!! I would consult a good trainer to have a look at the dog. A good trainer can certainly cut to the chase and problems can be dealt with effectively. Keep in mind as well that what you think is the case with this dog may not be so. Tony
  22. I agree with Nekhbet and Vickie. Corvus as usual your all over the place like a Calf with scours. Yes the humanising is there for sure.Till you drop that very little awareness will be gained. Tony
  23. Gecko one would have to be astute due to what you have already mentioned.Yes the stats could be used for both the negative or positive, Tony
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