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  1. My standard poodle likes to chase. Some might not get along well with cats? Mine caught up with a wallaby he was chasing, then didn’t know what to do Barked once, did a play bow, few more barks, then happy to get back on leash
  2. I have a chomper, too. He's 2 now, but still LOVES to bite. He doesn't bite to hurt any humans, but isn't averse to a gentle chew of the humans. Saw some military guard dogs recently and they use chew toys as reward. The handlers would swing the dogs around, as well, while they bite the toy. The dogs also do tug-of-war with each other (over a toy) to play. Guard dogs also bite people (the guy in the bite suit) and hold them on the ground........ so am thinking the chew toy distraction I've been using isn't ideal :) Time to move to thumb under tongue.
  3. Good to have an open and honest talk with the vet. PTS should be put out there. I had a friend with a very gung-ho vet who wanted to do extensive back surgery on her 13 year old spaniel, with poor chance of success. Fortunately, she was a nurse and firmly said, "NO!" She adored that dog and gave pain relief until dog's quality of life began to suffer, then PTS. Of course, you have to prioritise family first. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe surgery on both hips can be $5000+? Plus time to crate and do rehab with dog as they recover. There can be complications, of course. It's extensive surgery. Unfortunately, there's no PBS (Pharmaceutical benefits scheme) for dogs, so pain relief isn't cheap, either. I don't believe you're doing the dog, yourself or family any good by allowing him to suffer.
  4. From your post, you describe a dog in considerable pain A puppy who's anxious about a walk and chooses to rest, instead of play, is very abnormal. I looked up Boswellia complex and it's an anti-inflammatory herbal medicine? I don't know whether or not it's effective, but I'd suggest whatever you're current using isn't working well enough for your pup. Can your vet prescribe some stronger, pharmaceutical pain relief? Possibly a combination of medication to help with the pain? Meanwhile, look to a longer-term solution: Either surgery or PTS (to be blunt ). My understanding is that surgery is very expensive, with long rehab required. I had a dog with a luxating patella- he had surgery and that was corrected. I did wonder about his hips, though, X-Rays were ok. Had his hips been bad, I'd have seriously considered PTS due to the extended rehab and pain involved for him. We have to try to put our dog's welfare ahead of ours and be realistic as to the time and $ we have.
  5. My standard poodle is an excitable one, too. Regular walks + training make him much more settled. We practice hyping up and calming down, too, in training. Kids love the hyping part. He also has a wire crate for visitors. Dog, not visitors, go in there :) Some people either hate or are afraid of dogs.
  6. Get your dog used to kids, if you like to go to dog parks at busier times. Most dog parks have kids in them, ime. There was agility equipment at one park I went to. Only the kids climbed and used it, not the dogs :) Dogs often find kids scary with their quick, unpredictable movements. Screaming and running, too. You don't want a biting incident with a kid. Your dog will be put down or declared a dangerous dog.
  7. Thanks. Should add that Colin referred me here..$10/blade at the moment. I'll report back ... Peter Morales 8 Church St, Mogo 2536 Ph > 0244740816 Mob > 0429184241 [email protected] https://www.facebook...o&tab=page_info
  8. Can anyone please recommend another Clipper Blade Sharpening service? Searched threads, but they're all old. I'm about 3 hours south of Sydney. Thanks!
  9. Agree. Never expected Vet to say they no longer used the 3rd yearly vaccine! I asked for it and was told they now use only the yearly one. Asked vet to explain why C7, given I'd always had C3 in past .. sounded plausible given how much water our dog gets into water (Leptospirosis). Only after further reading, it seems more a tropical issue....I'm on South Coast, NSW. Nodded politely re. booster and didn't get it.
  10. Hi, all. My normal vet has changed to yearly vaccs. I went to same clinic, but saw different vet, to get his first "adult" vaccs..... she very strongly recommended C7 (South Coast, NSW). eta: Rufus is often in the water e.g. dam on golf course, beach, ANY puddle etc. I'd also left his vaccs a little later than 1 year since the 3 puppy ones, and she recommended a "catch up" dose 4 weeks later. I went ahead with the first, but later thought: Why did I let her talk me into that? She was also pushing for yearly checkups.... IMO a total waste of time for a young, healthy dog. Previous 2 dogs would have C3 every 3 years + kennel cough yearly (if going to kennels). Any new info. I should be aware of? I'll definitely make sure my regular vet is there next time, but the newbie said they no longer offered the 3-yearly vaccine. Thanks.
  11. Great I was going to add that my pup had a yeast ear infection at similar age, no issues since. If an ear infection doesn't quickly clear up with cleaning, then best to go to vet for prescription. IMO: Some dogs are more sensitive than others when it comes to food. Stick with what works, just adapt as he becomes an adult.
  12. An XL dog crate is only about $100. Cheap solution: Crate dog indoors. An 8 month old is still likely to chew in the laundry etc.
  13. If you love travel etc., then a dog is hard work. "Kennel" is an answer. This is also a hassle: They're usually open a couple of hours AM then PM for pick up and drop off. About $30/night. An afternoon pickup usually means you also pay for that night.
  14. I have friends in Wamboin. Great rural area and good commute from there to Airport and Canberra. They both work, kids at school in inner north Canberra. Only concern there would be bushfires- as with any rural area. Mostly owner-occupied out there, tho. I just let our Canberra house and allowed pets (again). Can confirm very flat market- rent is less than 18 months ago. With pets, it pays to ask, even if the property says, "No pets". Previous tenants offered $10 week more to have their pet Rotti. Huge dog isn't attractive to many landlords and he has dug up bits of lawn and scratched decking (no big deal IMO). Usually pets come with a clause to say you'll have the place flea sprayed afterwards (regardless of whether or not your dogs have fleas). We allowed pets because our lawn was already poor and house had tiles in living areas. Carpet in only average condition. Would have been different story with new, cream, quality carpets throughout. Good luck.
  15. Thanks for the help. Am thinking the wire crate will be the go, for now? Not sure I can justify $185 atm for soft crate- though the K9 ones look like they're worth it. Dog's rarely kept outside in crate. BUT last time he was outside in wire crate, he saw a cat & lunged & barked. Sounds like a cheapie soft crate would collapse under those circumstances. Have to say the wire crate we still have was ~$100 and has lasted for a trip around Oz- with 2 dogs- (since 2010)!
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