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  1. Have made an appt. Not til Mid March so hopefully we make it. She was doing OK. But the weather this week has thrown her again. At least I can see a definite pattern now and can work with it.
  2. Will look her up? Is she in Melbourne? Sami seems a lot better again today. She slept very heavily and didn't leak all night and woke up this morning much brighter. Maybe the infection is coming under control or maybe I am starting to work out her patterns and get her routine right. Don't know and don't know how long it will last either. Will start looking into medicine specialists!
  3. When you say medicine specialist, do you mean one that specifically deals with diabetes? Can you recommend anyone in Melbourne? Her insulin is on 11 units. Vet doesn't want to put it up til her urinary tract infection clears up. She was really good Friday and Saturday. And today leaking and exhausted again. Have noticed she looks really thin the days she is not right today. Will let her just rest tomorrow. But starting to see a definite pattern.
  4. Thanks. Went to her years ago and was wondering if she would good for what the dog needs.
  5. Hi Yes I am doing all that. I am trying to keep to a routine as much as I can but have two young kids so sometimes it's a bit tricky. I can definitely see an improvement when we stick to it. Her diet is good. But she is hungry all the time and lost abit of weight. She seems to do better if she has something during the day. She has insulin twice a day with her meals. Getting the timing right as been tricky too. I was giving straight after food but it wasn't working so changed it to an hour after food with a walk in between meal and insulin and that worked well for awhile bit it was difficult to stick to in morning so have changed back to straight after food.Brcause I think I wasn't helping with not being on time. Vet discussed doing curves at home because she was stressing at clinic so will be organising that at her next curve. She is on antibiotics for a few weeks til they clear up infection. Going by a textbook. We are doing what we are meant to but reality it is not quite there.
  6. The littlest change in routine throws her out. She is so sensitive. I don't know know when it's best to give her, her insulin anymore. Have tried a few different times. The hot weather is hard for her too.
  7. Unfortunately it's him!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have an older female dog who suddenly developed diabetes towards the end of last year. Vet not sure why. We had a very stressful year with my other dog who is all better now but we nearly lost him and the consensus is maybe stress and some meds she was on for her allergies. Anyway I am having trouble controlling it and she is up and down with her health. Some days she is great. Other days I think that's it. She is also leaking and been treated twice for urinary tract infection. Both times she was not leaking before but within days of antibiotics,started to leak. We have been to a naturopath and she is on a few supplements but I don't know if it's helping Has anyone got any tips on how to get a handle. I feel like vet is missing something or something is not right. I would like to help her as much as I can.
  9. Anyone have any suggestion on dog Chiropator or even physio in Melbourne. Ours is retiring and I have two older dogs that benefit greatly from it and I need to keep taking them. Thanks so much!
  10. Time will tell if he is boss rather than a naughty puppy. And from what you have described, he sounds naughty. Dominant dogs don't huff and puff, they just are. It's quite amazing what older dogs will put up with from a youngest. That is until the youngest is not so young any more. I had a dominant male, very much the pack leader, and he has just the most amazing patience with pups and young dogs, they can hang off his ears but if an adult did that to him and he wasn't in the mood to play, it would be a completely different story. Personally, I would actually physically move him away. You don't have to be mean but a sharp No and physically redirecting to his own bed or where ever. And I would be stopping him from even getting to the stage of annoying your old dog. Stepping in before your dog feels the need to start growling and telling him off. Set very definite boundaries for the puppy and he will hopefully learn very quickly where his place is. Once your older dog gets on his bed, puppy is to leave him. I am sure they will be good friends as you sound like you are aware and watching closely.
  11. I have always gone to off leash parks with my lot, past or present. You get know the parks in your area and as you frequent them you get to know who goes. Maybe keep your on a lead at first or go when the park is empty til you get use to it. Are you meaning an average off leash park or a dedicated to dogs, dog park? I guess there is no real difference if it's only off leash in your area as that's where all the dogs would go anyway.
  12. I just washed him again today and he didnt lose anywhere near the amount of fur that he did the other day so I think it is just a reaction to all the surgery etc that he has been through. He is looking much better.
  13. There is letting them work it out and then there is a puppy that is being painful and ignoring the rules. I think you need to set boundaries for the puppy too. Tell him off when he is annoying the older dog. Don't let him sleep on his bed. Make him leave him alone. Give him time out when he is being naughty. He needs some discipline. Some puppies are very boisterous and they need reigning in or they are a nightmares as they get older. The other boy was there first. Doesn't matter who thinks who is in charge, he needs some respect. It was his house first and I don't blame him for getting upset at some little tucker who has come into his home and who is bouncing all over him. Let him have his space when he requests. As the puppy gets older there is very much the possibility of issues between them if your other dog decides he is not going to take his behaviour lying down so to speak.....If he thinks that you are not doing your job as pack leader and disciplining the youngest then he will sort it out himself and you might not like how he does it. Yes they will work out their own pack order in the right timing but you don't want it to come at a price. The youngest might not be so dominant when he is older, he might just be a cheeky puppy. You want them to be able to live together and respect each other.
  14. Hi Dame, Tex is good. Doing well. I am trying to find a Grainfree dry food for him to bulk up his food as he has too big an appetite for just meat and vegetables. I was using rice but vet wants something with a bit more substance for him and gave me some of this as a sample to try him. So far it seems to be agreeing with him. Thought I would ask on here as I have never heard of it and wanted to know what people thought of it. Will have a look at BM as it's always good to get as much info as one can. Thanks...
  15. Has anyone or does anyone use Natural Balance food. It's been suggested by vet.
  16. It's definitely used to keep the Herpes virus under control. I have great success with it in cats. Works wonders. But I don't know anything about using it in pregnancy. You would need to ask a naturopath or holistic vet.
  17. Good luck Hobbes. Wish you a speedy recovery! And many more adventures ahead!!!! I too just had to make the decision on massive surgery for my 14 year old Staff and I don't regret it for a minute. Just to see him now confirms I made the best decision for him.
  18. He has definitely had some tummy issues through all this.
  19. He is a Staffie so has short hair. I don't think it seasonal as it was too much. He is pied colouring so easy to tell where the hair is from and it was from where the dandruff is. He looks alot better now so that's why I am wondering if it's simply a reaction to everything he just went through.
  20. You can't really expect dogs to understand your order of their pack when it is not how they see it. That's how problems start. They will have their own order and it doesn't really matter where anyone is as the leader is the one keeps the peace. With you as pack leader, they look to you for direction so if you are benevolent in how you deal with them all, that will help to keep the peace and calm. I agree with leaving them separate if you can't supervise until you are sure they are OK. I always do with any newbie too.
  21. Just a quick question. Tex has developed quite bad dandruff on his back and rump. Now that he is much better I washed him this morning in an oatmeal shampoo for dandruff and the amount of fur that came off him was incredible. He looks alot better now and will do it again in a few days. Could that just be a reaction to how sick he was and all the surgery?
  22. Nope it was something in the Sleepy time. It was the only thing she had had. She came up in lumps on the side of her face and you could see it travel around her body. Vet said she was obviously reacting to something in it. Whether it was the alcohol they used or one of the flowers is anyone's guess. Like I said this was years ago when it first came out. She has never had a problem with normal remedy.
  23. Thanks. I think I will. Tex seemed happy enough there but I just wasn't feeling it!
  24. Definitely agree to it being the changes she has just been through. I would be upset too. By the sounds of it, she is starting to lose her patience with the poodle and it's becoming aggression as no one is listening or watching for her boundaries. She is telling the poodle she had enough. She needs somewhere to escape when she is over the dog. Having a hyper dog bouncing on top of you constantly would upset even the calmest of dogs eventually. You need to limit their together and the poodle sounds like it needs training. How does your other dog cope with the poodle? Start paying your dog more attention and help her adjust to her new life if you are not in a postion to change it at the moment. Start giving her a positive way to adjust.
  25. Haven't completely discussed supplements as she is doing the hair test to see what's best for him and that will take two weeks apparently. We did discuss K9 Immunity which she had no idea what it was and was surprised when I said it's dried mushroom. She said you have to use mine it's human grade. I said so is this one. And we discussed Cucurrim which she wants to put him on and I said no way, gave him half a capsule and he got Gastro and was sick for two weeks and his vet and several other holistic people told me to use Turmeric GP as Cucurrim is too strong for dogs. She said I used the wrong one and showed me hers. I said that's what I use and she said we'll let's see what the tests come back with. There was a few others things. Maybe she was having a bad day but I got quite annoyed. The only time she took anything I said on board was when I went quiet and didn't speak because I knew I was wasting my breathe. But I am no more in the clear about diet than before. The only thing we discuss about rice was because I brought it up. She has no idea what he is even eating at the momen. My normal vet was more informative about holistic advise and diet. But will give her til the test results and see what she comes back with.
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