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  1. Stafford Fans

    so i see. rarely on here these days..lol as you noticed..lol
  2. Stafford Fans

    you have a squiggle???? cute when did you sneak him in . or have i just been living in a zombie daze..
  3. Ch Tykabul Quite Amazing

    rip old benny boy , perfect name he had so sorry warley for your loss.
  4. Hastings Anybody?

    glad you enjoyed it. i wasnt there this year i usually steward or do something, heard it was a great weekend tho.. well done to all competitors hastings is an awsome club,... :rolleyes:
  5. hastings rocks !!!!! train sunday have agility flyball and trialing focused if you are that way inclined, use positive training methods and food rewards encouraged dont discriminate against anyones choice of collars correction chains etc, very friendly positive and encouraging club !!
  6. We Got It!

    wooohooo way to go eddie monster and shoey see told you you could do it, fantastic news well done.
  7. shes looking great, what a fantastic job your doing she has that fantastic enthusiasm as her mum and half brother ;) 7 months... gone fast hey its taken me 2 years what youve done in 7 months :rolleyes: shows just how much work and dedication you have both put in . ( L ) is very proud i can tell you, she sent me an e mail telling me about her shes stoked !!!! . well done.
  8. Asher

    ohh bella and family so very sorry for your loss of your beautifull boy asher. such a beautifull boy taken way to soon, so unfair run free with my boy dodge at the bridge now free from any pain , you did the best thing for him he will know that . condolances also to ISH and all connected to this gorgeous boy.
  9. ohh no its in my eyes too.. priceless.. thats a lovely story thanks for sharing sounds like they have a beautifull relationship there already, keep up the great work you have obviously instilled in your son, and a huge congrats to son and his pup for doing so well. thats wonderfull to hear our kids are our future and future responsible pet owners and handlers. he sounds like the kind we need more of congrats all round.
  10. yayy way to go eddie monster fantastic shoey you did it !!!!! well done big hugs and kisses to the boy for me..
  11. yayy goo shoeyy comon spill girl ????
  12. French Bulldog Thread!

    OHHH YAYYYY I BEEN SEARCHING lol well done great job !! yay the snot man.. more more more..
  13. Rip My Fergy Baby

    no im not really brave...im a mess, i guess i just needed to share my greif with people who understand how am i going to sleep tonight with out my little pug snoring in the corner? i understand how u feel. i still cant sleep without my lil girl beside me and licking my feet she was with me for 10 years how do you get over that. big hugs to you and your family hope fergs has found my old girl at the bridge so she can comfort him too
  14. Rip My Fergy Baby

    ohh nooo im so sorry to hear this. rip little ferg man loved your pics and stories your very brave to even post about him, i lost my little old girl on the last day of jan this year and i still havent brought myself to posting in here about it. just shattering and to hard.. run free lil man mummy loves you, you will never be forgotten.
  15. Toy - Home Alone

    stafford loves it but he loveees to tug... very small kibble will fall out of hole where rope goes through i have found if they are a very active tugger.. my lab boy loved it as well. i dont leave it up i only get it out on occasions, and take it back down after a while, because he would get obsessed with it and get himself so worked up cos he would HAVE to get it. i love aussie dog toys, and will have to get the soccer ball obsessed boy a staffy ball one day..