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  1. Woke up this morning to a dog with very gluey eyes. I have been told I can use human Chlorig on dogs is this correct? Not sure if it is bacterial or viral?
  2. Humane Debarking

    Can I suggest a miniture schnauzer.... I have two one barks as a warnign bark and the other well she does not bark at all.. and it she does it is a rare occasion and it will be because she is feeling seriously threatened by another dog!!! They are fantastic with kids, I have neices and nephews ranging from 6 mths to 14 years and the dogs have never ever bitten or growled. One little girl is a total indoors dog and has to be encouraged to leave the comfort of her bed to sit outside.. and what is best of all they dont shed much hair at all... they only require a bit of grooming or you can go the option of keeping their coat short I suggest if you need assistance with dog training to get your dog used to apartment living speak with someone like Aus dog, they have assisted me successfully with training of a couple of my dogs from puppy to adult behaviour problems....
  3. Bath Once A Week

    I have a mini Schnauzer who suffered for many years with skin conditions to the point of loosing most of the hair above his tail and alongside his flanks.. In the past couple of years this hasn't reoccurred. He is washed weekly as he doessuffer from flaking of the skin, recently a groomer suggested I rub baby oil into his skin. this has really helped!!! for the first couple of weeks he seemed to flake even more but as the dry skin flaked off it has not returned and his coat is so soft and shiny. My suggestion is to wash your dog with an aloe vera shampoo do the Delta program and upon return rub some baby oil into his skin...