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  1. Usually I feed raw meat to my dogs but ocasionally the butchers doesn't have any made up when I need it (the nearest butcher is 90kms away) Well, I have a can of dog food hidden at the back of the cupboard for emergencies and on Thursday last week... we ran out of raw food so the dogs got half a can of dog food on dry pellets. I wrapped some foil over the tin and shoved it in the fridge (not really intending to use it but if the butcher had no raw again the following day, I'd resort to it) Luckily, the next day, the butcher had some in stock so the dogs got raw again and have had it since. ANYWAY, on Saturday the fridge smelt like dog farts (as canned food does) and I pulled the tin out to chuck in the bin. To my horror, where the foil was touching the dog food still left in the tin, it had been eaten away by the dog food! I unwrapped it to find little bits of foil stuck to the top of the food, all flakey and almost liquified. What is in that stuff which could have done it??? I've never seen it happen before on ANY food. I did a little experiment, rewrapped the food with a new foil and made sure some was touching the food and popped it back in the fridge (just in case something had dripped on the top and it wasn't actually the dog food which had done the foil melting) Sure enough, the same result today. I'm going to ring the consumer complaints on Wednesday when they get back from the long weekend holiday.
  2. Ziggy - Goodbye To Our Sweet Little Moggy

    Han, you're very strong, you've had a lot of ups and downs lately. I'm sorry.
  3. Maggie-moo

    Sorry to hear of your sad news Hannah.
  4. Pad Corns

    Thanks Layka! It should be okay for now though. Someone I know is getting their dog's corn hulled today so I'm waiting to find out how it went before I do anything. I don't want to be messing with his foot until I know more about how the vets do it so I can print out the info for my vet.
  5. Pad Corns

    Nope... only what he likes doing in the yard. Apparently its a greyhound only thing (maybe grey x or lurchers) but its more like a papaloma or wart than a hardened-over-time kinda corn.
  6. Pad Corns

    Ya, I was editing it when you wrote your message... dunno what I was thinking... just not with it at the moment
  7. Pad Corns

    Thanks for the replies! Ray is fine on the dirt and grass.. doesn't much like walking long distances on asphalt or gravel(but nor do I!) Since doing some research, I've found some info about them thar corns. Many people use different techniques to get rid of them. One is using common wart paint but I'd feel a bit nervous about doing this as the pad has lots of 'hair' bits (you know the weird skin that makes up the pad?) and I'd think the wart paint would seep into those and burn skin which isn't supposed to be burnt. Not only that, he'd definitely find a way to lick it, no matter what I wrapped it in! There is another option but I'd feel a bit weird about doing it. My OH does AI on cows and there is always liquid nitrogen around. He's burnt his own warts off and a papaloma on my foot! I'd just feel a bit cruel doing it to a dog... not that he'd feel any soreness until later... but then, I'd think he'd feel the anaesthetic and surgery wound if I had it done professionally too! Probably more-so than a little dot of a nirtogen burn. What to do, what to do!? Its only quite small and on the far left toe on his left foot... right on the edge. Opinions??? ETA: I dunno what a 'left-right' foot is... but I wrote it!
  8. Radar has one... time for surgery probably (I'll get his teeth scrubbed at the same time) Does anyone else have any information about them? Has anyone had a grey with them? I feel awful. He's had it for a while now and although he's been to the vet about a constant limp, we put it down to an old racing injury. I'm thinking I'll need to gather all the info I can and TAKE it to the vets since they didn't pick it up. Its a greyhound (and possibly lurcher) problem so I guess a vet 5 1/2 hours from any city wouldn't come across it much.
  9. Greyhounds

    CBL- Your growling pooch... bummer! Radar did that when he first arrived (sorry Paula! I know he was a good boy for you and he is for us now. I suspect he had a thing against Gingko at the time and wanted to assert his position) ANYWAY, he was sent off all human beds, seats, couches. I constantly made him wait for me to go through the door first (now its habit, he waits for nay people and dogs and cats! ) He was made to move when I walked past! He was/is made to 'wait' for dinner after its put down. Anytime he growled at ANYTHIN I made him get up (even if he was on his bed and he growled at people walking past) he was just taught he wasn't the top of the food chain in our house. It was the same for Gingks. He spent a shorter time in foster care and is my first grey. I went to pat him one day and he snapped at me causing a welt... well... I know its not cool... but quick as a flash, my partner was off the couch and had slapped Gingko so hard on the bum! I didn't even have time to pull my hand away before Gingks had cringed out of the room with his tail between his legs. I was shocked and noticed Gingks was even growling at me being in the same room as he was when he ate. I rang Larissa and she told me to be tough. SO... I did what I did to Radar. Poor Gingks was shunted to the bottom of the pack. I was shocked so I hunted down his breeder/trainer from eartags and rang them to see if his aggression was why he was in the pound. They told me he was left in the pen for the first 12 months of his life, either alone or with littermates. the only human contact he had was a feed once a day and to be tried at athe track. I suddenly understood why he was behaving like he was... he didn't know much different! I watched lots of DVDs and shows about understanding dog language (not nessicarily training them, just being able to read real, wild pack language) and trialed a few things, sticking with the ones which worked (some did, some didn't) Nowadays both of them lay on me, I lay on them, we could tug-o-war with a bone if I wanted (never would though!) they are very sweet. I doubt thay would ever try to shuffle the pack order again... well, not my partner and I... but is still keep a sharp eye on them when visitors are around and if they start giving ANY body language from those 'wild days' they get time out (which is probably what they want and need. PHEW! What a long and boring post!
  10. Lizalou A Head In Red

    Oh no. Thats tragic. I'm sorry for your loss.
  11. Name:Imogen Age (optional):29 Location:Far East gippsland VIC Rescue Group: Depends on which greyhound rescue needs me at the time.. also private rescue one at a time if needed and if I can. Who can vouch for:Thats up to them to put me down I'm not going to name their names unless they do first Preferred Breed: Greyhounds! Experience (if any):I own two peanutty greyhounds... thats enough LOL Microchip- yes Vaccination- yes Desexing- Yes, all of these I do unless the rescue org I'm fostering for does it. I won't foster for one who doesn't do these things. Heartworm test - Not always worming- yes, but due to greyhound kenneling, if greyhound is rehomes within a month, recommend another dose (and keeping them current) to new adopters, just to make sure flea treatment. Advantix or similar vet work if required. Um, yes... der lol basic training/teach manners. Yes, home manners... no hopping on furniture, counter, bins etc No running through windows or eating the cat! house train dogs. Yes Dogs inside the home or outside. inside with cats trustworthy, long and short car travel (have to where I am! LOL) short stints outside, alone Are you prepared to give extra care for a submissive nervous dog. LOL... got one right now! She's a worry wart but I love her ETA. I'd vouch for GSN, CGAS (and trusted affiliates) GAP
  12. Greyhounds

    Gee, don't they look like dad??? Gingks looks just like his dad, only Airbourne has a brindle mask and Gingks is black masked. I wonder if it is common for the father to have dominant genes?
  13. My guys dieted a little while back. More cooked veggies and less meat, and lean meat at that, tuna and chicken more. A Little bit of fillers (rice pasta, not much) and put them onto light food instead of regular. Overall slightly smaller portions helped too (you don't want to freak out his metabolism and have it go into starvation mode). It took my boys a couple of weeks to lose as much as you boy needs to and they are big ol' greyhounds. It was good to do it slowly because they hardly noticed the change. OH... no treats either
  14. Greyhounds

    he,he... I think he KNOWS that if he doesn't run fast, he gets the couch quicker have you been spelling it when you mention it around him??? c-o-u-c-h...just so he doesn't know????
  15. Greyhounds

    Hmm... he doesn't seem to concerned that he didn't win LOL