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  1. We are very sorry for your loss poocow, Darcy was a very handsome boy.
  2. Maverick the golden cocker spaniel was born on April 17th 2005 he was loved by our family especially our daughter Stephanie. He liked to sleep right next to me on his bed and i could often hear him snoring. He would pile all of his toys onto his bed. Maverick had a very rough start to life he had problems with his eyes cherry eyes, which he had an op for. Mav also developed, PRA which caused him to go blind at the age of 7. Maverick also had hip dysplasia, fortunately Mav loved swimming which helped his hips. He also had an operation to remove a cancerous lump, which eventually came back and we were unable to stop the cancer. Maverick was a fighter and we were so grateful to have him in our family as he was a very special dog. He was much loved by all of our friends especially the elderly and he was a cuddly gentle boy. We wrapped him in his special blanket and have buried him at the front of our property with a mandarin tree and his toys and roses. Maverick (Macdolly You Rock My World) you are forever in our hearts and we are much better for loving you and for having you in our home. Rest in peace Mav until we meet again. Farewelled Sept 2017
  3. We are sorry for your loss of Brianna she was so beautiful and will always be in your heart.
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