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  1. Can You Help Me Identify?

    He most definitely is, someone must be missing him terribly We have a vet that travels here once a month (not here atm) or so otherwise it's a 2 and a bit hours drive to the nearest big town. Even in emergencies we would have to make the drive, they don't come out here for emergency calls. This is my first time living in such a tiny community, I'm not used to having so little. You pretty much do have to fend for yourself in most things out here. Even for the human side we miss out, like the dentist comes once every couple/few months, highschoolers go to boarding school, our gp runs two clinics in separate towns as well as being the hospital doctor.... we're very small lol
  2. Can You Help Me Identify?

    my 5yr old cried when I said he wasn't ours to keep but that we were just helping him find his way home again. I had to explain that even though he is sad, that the family who lost him is more sad. He was still upset but seemed to understand. So I hope his owners see the ads or ring the shire, or someone who recognises him will make contact so we can reunite them :)
  3. Can You Help Me Identify?

    For a puppy (well compared to pups I'm used to) he is very lazy, preferring to sleep and lay down next to the feet than bound around. At first I had thought maybe he was just shy, but he doesn't shy away from adults or kids, wags his tail happily. He doesn't lick, doesn't play bite, doesn't jump, doesn't scratch. He's inquisitive and has thoroughly checked out his temp surroundings. Again he's very well behaved for such a youngun.
  4. Can You Help Me Identify?

    I was going with this too. Looks like a puppy to me. Have you checked his teeth tp determine age? Same.. GSP x was the first thing I saw but then I have never been much good at guess the breed. He is about 3mths by the look of his teeth :)
  5. Can You Help Me Identify?

    Yes, this is very important. Unfortunately there is no pound here. It is that much of a rural town. There used to be a ranger but he now runs the tip. Instead the shire have my details and are happy (and I prefer at this stage) to hold onto him. There's only one tiny IGA/post office and I've got an ad up there, have let some of the farms know so they can pass the info around, have it up on the local fb for sale page and put it up at the school this morning. Not much else I can do. Just hope someone checks the only places available here and sees him coz he is really a lovely puppy with lovely manners. He had no collar so I grabbed him one yesterday as well. Most of the dogs here wander, which is really stupid. Mostly everyone knows (the long term locals) who's dog belongs to which person, most of the dogs are always off leash.
  6. Can You Help Me Identify?

    Cheers mita, that looks like the way I'll go then :)
  7. Can You Help Me Identify?

    We have a ton of farms and stations around our little seaside town and we're also a popular weekend getaway town for all the lil towns around us. So I mean we see heaps of cattle dogs, collies, etc come into town, but can't say myself that I've noticed any Pyreneans around. His dew claws are definitely big but yes firmly attached.
  8. Can You Help Me Identify?

    Now that I did think, his nose to feel and look has a definite bull-terrier type to it
  9. Can You Help Me Identify?

    They are a lil yup I agree. I've got him listed on my local fb for sale page with a photo, but I didn't attach any info bar where I found him and that there were no people on the beach. We waited around for ages waiting for someone to come along, but noone did. So I bundled him in the car and brought him home. Very lazy, very friendly, only around 3-5mths old, lankly legs on him too :)
  10. Can You Help Me Identify?

    He does indeed have double rear dew claws... he does have a houndy look I agree... my father in law said blue heeler, but I see none of that in him whatsoever I mainly said cattle dog (blue heeler) becuase of his colour. Catahoula crossed my mind as well but I didn't know if there's any in Australia. I think he's a real Heinz 57 varieties to be honest. I wouldn't know how many catahoulas are about either but there's definitely one, that I saw on the ad anyway lol Honestly don't know what to list him as... it's just too hard to guess lol
  11. Can You Help Me Identify?

    He does indeed have double rear dew claws... he does have a houndy look I agree... my father in law said blue heeler, but I see none of that in him whatsoever
  12. Can You Help Me Identify?

    Cheers for the try anyway Kiri :) I had seen an ad up at my local iga for staghound x catahoula pups for sale, but I rang them up and it wasn't one of theirs I thought I caught a glimpse of GSP and then maybe Spaniel and then I got confused lol
  13. Hi guys, Very long time no see. But no time for that. I found a lil pup at our local park this morning and I'm making up a found ad for him, but I honestly don't know what to list him as. Can anyone help me hazard a guess please? Cheers, Ash
  14. Wow then you definitely did a good job. I thought it might have been your own tank. My sister has a sea tank and its gorgeous. Well done. Thanks pugs. I use to have fishtanks but they've long since gone now
  15. love this one. where is it Hiya pugs, this one was taken at AQWA (underwater world) in Hillarys, Perth. Not easy taking photos there either because the glass is always usually cloudy lookin from old scratches and lots of little handprints :D