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  1. All Things Whippet!

    Hi Whippet Owners, we're considering a whippet as our next dog, and would love to meet one in person and have a chat to understand suitability. Is there anyone close to the northern beaches of Sydney willing to help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Stafford Fans

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an English breed - is that what you mean? The breed was developed in England and first recognised there - it's quite definitely English but not called that. Yep, i know the origins are from England. I was a little confused as i saw references to SBT and English SBT on Australian websites.
  3. Stafford Fans

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the correct name of the breed. English Staffordshire Bull Terrier is what people who know next to nothing about the breed might call it until they come on DOL and get told off :D Thanks Sandra, i know of the American variety, and thought the English may have something as well.
  4. Stafford Fans

    Are SBT and English SBT one and the same?
  5. Outside Puppy

    I'm still here I knew from the get go that SBT are very close to humans and in particular children, and this is one of the reasons it made the shortlist of breeds due to my young children. Like i've been saying all along i do appreciate more knowledgeable folk (in particular breeders) giving 'constructive' feedback and i have come to realise that SBT aren't suited for an outdoor only life. Now we just need to sit down as a family and rethink our plans.
  6. Outside Puppy

    That could be a possibility, we have been discussing this precise setup over the last few days. There is an upcoming local doggy day out which we will be attending for a chance to meet many different breeds.
  7. Outside Puppy

    And the sad fact is that you'll get what you pay for. A bargain-basement priced dog with bargain-basement type rearing and husbandry and more problems than you could ever have imagined. By listening to what reputable and responsible breeders are saying, you would be more able to acquire a quality bred dog and LIFETIME backup, 24/7 for you and your dog (and beyond sometimes). The transaction doesn't just end when the money is handed over. There probably are breeds out there that would suit your circumstances. In fact, of my current doggy family, my greyhound would more than likely fit right into what you require of him. But you won't know that if you purchase a puppy and you certainly won't get it from any of the Staffords that I have owned or bred. Simply, because I wouldn't place one in your environment. As a child we had had a greyhound x, he was a brilliant dog!
  8. Outside Puppy

    Sluggo, I thought the above two responses were very good and hopefully helpful to you :D They certainly were. I appreciate people taking the time to respond with constructive comments. Cheers!
  9. Outside Puppy

    I have owned dogs before, so i'm well aware and prepared for any accidents. Try sitting on my side of the fence and reading post after post from people belittling and ridiculing you...i'm sure you'd react in the same way. I could easily ring the first BYB in the trading post, buy a SBT and throw him in the backyard. Instead, i'm gathering books, reading articles, asking plenty of questions, and most importantly discussing with the family. Surely this counts for something?
  10. Outside Puppy

    What do you know of 'my world'? Nothing
  11. Outside Puppy

    The kids are 5, 3 and 1yo. The closest dog they have is my brother's naughty boxer which would probably frighten any child. They do however get on famously with other well behaved dogs in our neighbourhood. I have no doubt they will form a close bond with whatever pup we choose.
  12. Outside Puppy

    We live in a very small house with a very large yard. The bedrooms and kitchen will definitely be off limits, that leaves the laundry (where he may potentially be housed) and the family room which measures 20m2. That means 2 adults, 3 children and a dog in quite a small room... If we do come to a decision to have an inside dog, then we will more than likely go for something like a whippet given the age of our children.
  13. Outside Puppy

    There is timber decking outside the door which leads straight onto 'brand new' carpet. So there's no capacity for having the door door go through the kitchen or laundry?? I'd suggest a piece of marine carpet or a anti dirt mat (Clark Rubber has plenty of types) on the outside of the dog door might keep the dirt off. I'd also add a mat on the carpet. If we do go down the doggy door path it will be in the laundry, and there is concrete on both sides of that door. The doggy door would only be used overnight for the dog to relieve itself outside. However we never use that door, we always use the back door leading to the deck/pergola and then the yard. This is the door that the potential dog will more than likely use on a regular basis throughout the day. My issue with pets in the house is the shedding of hair, dirt they carry in and that general pet smell. I know people will comment that a dog is as clean as its owner allows it to be, but i know from experience that no amount of grooming/washing will eliminate these issues. I recently stayed at a friends place who keeps a great dane indoors, and she had the whole house steam cleaned prior to our arrival, but the minute i sat on her lounge i got a whiff of doggy smell. My eldest daughter and i suffer from mild allergies to dust etc, so i'm i bit worried about pet hair. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleanliness, especially personal hygiene for the kids, so the thought of having a dog inside sends shivers up my spine.... i will however state again that i totally understand why people choose to keep pets indoors , i just haven't got my head around the concept as yet, hence the reason for thorough research and plenty of family chats.
  14. Outside Puppy

    There is timber decking outside the door which leads straight onto 'brand new' carpet.
  15. Outside Puppy

    Our kids were shoes when they're outside and they're taken off before they come inside. Do they make Nike sneakers in doggy sizes? I can be just as sarcastic as you if you want to go down that path... I'm looking for some constructive conversation, so if you have nothing positive to add stay away.