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  1. Aha! Now I know who Wobbly is :) Glad you enjoyed the day. It was great to meet you and see all those happy Bull breeds who were so well behaved. Glenn
  2. Always a pleasure BB. He loves being there and even when I go into the kennels at night he walks to the door with a doggy smile on his face when he see's me.
  3. Hi all, Good post and the reason why I think it's a good post is because i do think it's important to question where you leave your pets and your children as it's a big trust issue that needs to be considered AND being a pet owner myself and knowing the anxiety I have about ensuring my pets are being cared for, I fully understand it. Before I continue, I should mention that I'm the Glenn that oversees the operation for Pet resorts Australia, both Dural and Terrigal and like all business's we do our best to get it right to the best of our abilities, however there will always be pets that are not perfect candidates to stay in kennels, just as there are some children who don't cope well at day care. Most of the kids will run off and play while some will stress and cry for their parents. Having said that 99% of the pets who stay with us have a great time and go home with the same happy attitude they arrived with. We have made mistakes in the past and probably will in the future (hopefully not) but we are always willing to work through the mistakes and learn from them while maintaining an honest, transparent relationship with the owners. Any facility that pretends they don't have the occasional hiccup is being less than honest and having worked in the industry for 21 years I have pretty good knowledge of whats going on and I pay attention when people speak to me. Some of the online comments may be justified by former disappointed clients but we also feel that most are staged which is very easy to do. the reason we feel this is because we have taken the due diligence to attempt to look for and contact these people in the hope that we could satisfy their concern and listen to their grievance. We are transparent about our operation and always working at getting better at what we do, in fact our staff demand it. We had a visit from the RSPCA a while ago with a report that we were doping dogs to keep them quiet. I laughed and told the inspector to take his time and go look at all the dogs and then tell me what he thought. I also said if he found any dog that even looked suspiciously intoxicated then we would pay an independent vet to do a blood test and give the report directly to the RSPCA. He was there for several hours looking through the facility and how we store and supply medication. He then shook my hand, congratulated Pet resorts for having a happy environment for the dogs, appologised for wasting my time and went on his way. In addition, i did tell him he was welcome to call anytime if he wished to as we have nothing to hide. Our staff are all avid Pet lovers and that's why they turn up to work. Pet care at our level is hard dirty work but they love the animals so much they are passionate about it and do their best to ensure their stays are enjoyable and as stress free as possible. We have great people at Pet resorts and I'm very proud of them. If you're concerned about leaving your pets anywhere, go have a look and ask the questions you need to feel better about your decision. Most pets do exceptionally well in kennels and a small percentage wont but good staff will always ensure that they work with those pets to reduce their anxiety AND explain to the owners that they did feel the stress. A big thank you to our loyal clients on DOL and thanks for your kind words and support, particularly BorderBo, whose lovely boy was only just with us at Dural not long ago. If you have any questions, fire away. Glenn
  4. I do work for Pet Resorts yes lol...but have you seen it? There's nothing like it in the country. You will have to email David about the day 2 option.
  5. Just need to point out that you dont need to be a professional photographer to do this workshop. The whole point is to teach people how to shoot better photos of their pets. In addition to this, you get to do it at the best Pet care facility in Australia.
  6. Hi All, David Oakley will be running a pet photography seminar/ workshop at Pet Resorts Australia Terrigal on the 15th & 16th of October 2011. If you're not familiar with Davids work, have a look at his collection of art and photos on his website. For all details, check out this link Paparazzi Pets
  7. Well said Erny as usual. You have rather an uncanny knack of helping other people remove their feet from their mouth.
  8. Hi Christine. What have you heard? I'm very curious to know. HR
  9. Hi Ki, Thanks for the well wishes..I will say hi to Steve and no i dont mind the NSW jokes..gives me something to jab at them in meetings lol
  10. My highlight and amendment "Testing" would imply the intent to change, alter, improve if found not to work. Down here when their laws don't work (in spite of the fact we 'normal' people seem to be psychic in that respect) they try to cover them over with more band bad aid laws on top of more band bad aid laws. The Animal Acts need an enema. LOL Erny!...and so do some of the dog groups..(some)
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