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  1. Question Re: Play Biting

    Thanks poodle wrangler... I will see if I can find a toy that he won't be scared of and substitute that when he plays. He is a very enjoyable dog to spend time with, he has some basic training he sits, walks on lead and shakes hands... we are currently working on sit and stay, and his recall... which he is not so good with, specially when his attention is elsewhere! He is also a very dominant dog, he is good when socialising with other dogs. However, always tends to lord it over any other dog. He shows his dominance in a very non-aggressive way. We are currently staying at my sisters home, she has golden retrievers, an old cattle dog, and a young cattle pup. Jack quickly assured his position of power over the cattle dogs... and consistently challenges Misty the top goldie!
  2. Fireworks And Storms.

    I also love storms! Our new boy Jack is scared of storms, we have tried to turn it into a positive experience. However, it was Kate my old girl, during a visit to my sister's place, who showed Jack that storms, and rain, are not something to be scared about. Jack was getting carried away a bit but calmed down when he noticed Kate wondering about in the rain not caring in the least about it. It probably helped that Kate is completely deaf and obviously doesn't react to the thunderclaps... lol!!
  3. Hi all, My brother recently adopted a 3yo blue cattle dog from the RSPCA. He is a beautiful dog and wouldn't try hurting a fly. It has taken a little while for him to settle in, took him a few weeks before he made any noise whatsoever. He also became scared when trying to engage him in play ie, a ball held in the hand would scare him. The last few weeks he has felt comfortable enough to play, however his version of enjoyable play involves gently grasping my arms/lower legs with his teeth. It is not hard, it does not hurt in the slightest, and when he is not in play mode he shows no sign of snapping or biting... he is very gentle natured. However, I have really sensitive skin and bruise very easily, resulting in bruises up and down my legs. Also am a little worried about him one day maybe hurting a young child while playing. When he engages in biting I stop and say no, and calm him down. Jack loves chasing a ball that is rolled along the ground, however won't pick it up or bring it back, when you go to get it he excitedly jumps around and does his bite thing. Any other toys scare him. Does anyone have any tips on how to play with him that won't scare him or excite him to bite, what response should I have when he does bite? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  4. It Finally Did It

    I love seeing piccie's of your dogs. They are beautiful!! I think you did well, especially for a first attempt!!!!!!