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  1. New Food - Sunday Pets

    Why are you giving away 1/2 a bag of senior Sunday pets? Is your dog not doing so well on it? I have tried and tried - he's taken to licking anything remotely yummy off the kibble and spitting it out across the kitchen. Sick of stepping on it... What a bummer. I used to live in Bondi, but I'm in the upper North Shore now. My nieces live in Newtown though, but they are such busy girls.
  2. I did try to call them on Friday afternoon, but no answer. I will try again on Monday.
  3. Does anyone have a good understanding of the ingredients in pet food? I am a bit concerned about the Meat & Bone Meal in the Sunday Pets dog food. According to a lot of information on the Internet, meat and bone meal are supposed to be by-products. My dog is in the transition from Artemis grain free to Sunday Pets grain free at the moment and I was thinking of getting the Deliganics Senior for him, until I noticed that all of the Sunday Pets food contain Meat & Bone Meal. The Deliganics is not grain free as it contains barley. Is 27% ground barley too high? Thanks :) Deliganics All Breed Senior: Our Ingredients/ Composition: Meat & Meal(min 30%) including Meat & Bone Meal, Organic Beef, Organic Free Range Lamb, Fish Meal. Organic Ground Barley(min 27%). Vegetables(min 25%) including Organic Carrot, Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Celery. Fruits (min 5%) including Organic Apple, Organic Blueberry. Organic Palm Oil(min 2%). Egg(min 1%), Green Lip Mussel(min 0.2%), Fennel(min 0.04%), Organic Molasses. Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols. Nutritional Additives: Vitamins -Vitamin A 16 kIU/kg, Vitamin D3 1 kIU/kg, Vitamin E 400 IU/kg, Vitamin B1 0.9 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 0.5 mg/kg, Thiamine 50mg/kg (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 45 mg/kg, Niacin 450 mg/kg, Pantothemic Acid (Vitamin B5) 50 mg/kg, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 38 mg/kg, Biotin 1 mg/kg, Folic Acid 5.2 mg/kg, Choline 2700 mg/kg, Ascorbic Acid 55 mg/kg. Minerals- Magnesium 0.1% , Manganese 27 mg/kg, Cobalt 0.47 mg/kg, Selenium 0.9 mg/kg, Iron 240 mg/kg, Zinc 200 mg/kg, Copper 26 mg/kg, Iodine 1.8 mg/kg.
  4. New Food - Sunday Pets

    Why are you giving away 1/2 a bag of senior Sunday pets? Is your dog not doing so well on it?
  5. New Food - Sunday Pets

    How did your dog go as far as stool is concerned? I'm feeding my dog Artemis grain free at the moment and the Crude Protein min 24% Crude Fat, min 14%. I'd like to feed Sunday Pets grain free but I'm a bit concerned about the high protein 39%. I fed him ZiwiPeak before and he was doing fine for a few months then all of the sudden he had bad diarrohea. He couldn't tollerate Evo from the word go. He was diagnose with colitis so I have always switched him slowly between two and three weeks. I'm thinking of Sunday Pets Deliganics Senior which contains Crude Protein 28%, Crude Fat 5%, but it's not grain free as it contains ground barley. Other than that all the ingredients look pretty good. My dog is blind and he is 9, very low activity, hence I'm looking at the senior range. Please keep us posted regarding your dog's stool. Thanks
  6. Upset Tummy Again

    I totally agree with you there. I always made sure that I don't buy products from China
  7. Upset Tummy Again

    I take slippery Elm bark myself as I get a lot of gas and acid reflux. I'm going to give it to my dog too. Is it best to give before food or can I mix it with his food? Yeah, won't stop the runs but hopefully will help make the gut more tolerable to upsets in the long run. I will be staying away from all food with gluten for her now. Not sure about slippery Elm but I was under the impression you just add to food. Someone on here should be able to let us know. I use the chewable form and I just put it on the floor to see if my dog would eat it. He sure did lol, he chewed it up but the powder got stuck between his teeth as it does with mine. I guess he can share mine then.
  8. Upset Tummy Again

    I take slippery Elm bark myself as I get a lot of gas and acid reflux. I'm going to give it to my dog too. Is it best to give before food or can I mix it with his food?
  9. Upset Tummy Again

    Last Saturday, my dog had pretty bad diarrohea. Around midnight, he was passing so much blood that it really scared me. Then again at about 2.30am. He didn't even make it to the dog door on time and it was all over the living room floor. The smell was terrible and the amount of fresh blood really frightened me. I couldn't sleep all night as I had to keep an eye on him. At 8:00 am he went again, but nothing except fresh blood. It was a Sunday and luckily the vet was open between 10-12pm. I called the vet and I requested for my dog to be put on a drip right away. However, after taking him there, the vet said to give him the WD prescription diet and antibiotics. At that stage, he didn't need to be on a drip as he was only a little dehydrated and didn’t have a fever. Thank God, he's back to normal now. This happened to him once before about two years ago when he had to be on a drip overnight because he was pretty dehydrated and had a fever. He was diagnosed with colitis. I'm guessing this time it was the same as before and it could be food allergies playing up. It could be the kangaroo jerky or something. The thought of losing him that night tears me apart. Btw, I have been giving him protexin for years now. It's a good thing but it won't stop your dog from having a diarrohea.
  10. Thanks Ams. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. I will take him to see a vet just to be sure.
  11. Hi, does anyone know what this might be? It's located on both of his elbows. The one on the right is not too bad, but I can see a few black spots appearing. I only noticed it today. He has had this for a few years now but it was just a bit of dry skin, it wasn't this red and it didn't have the black spots either. It doesn't bother him, but it looks bigger than before. I'm concernd about the black spots as I've never seen them before. Thanks
  12. Thanks to all. I have always bought mine from priceless pets as I thought they were the cheapest. I just ordered 3x advantage spot-on and 3x interceptor yesterday including over 4kgs of different treats from Australian pet treat company Postage I chose is courier came just under $20 because of the weight. Overall well worth it as I got 10% discount. Their treats are cheaper than most places,too.
  13. I'm checking it out now. thanks
  14. Hi Sheena, didn't know you could do that. It's a good idea. My dog used to weigh 12-13kg and I've been giving him Interceptor 11-22kg up till now. He is 10kg and has been stable for the last 2 yrs, but I haven't reduced to smaller dose. I was thinking of giving him interceptor Spectrum for small dogs 4.5-11kg insteads of 11-22kg. I called the Vet and he said it was ok.