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  1. After Some Canine Models

    Hi Linda - whereabouts roughly are you located? I'm trying to work out the most convenient location for everybody (impossible mission to be sure, but we can try!) Missmoo - I'll scrawl your name down in my little black book and let you know dates and location :-) I'm hanging out for some good weather now!
  2. After Some Canine Models

    Thanks Bundy's mum It's nice to be able to have a bit of time at the moment to dedicate to it finally!
  3. After Some Canine Models

    Hi Brooke - the more the merrier (plus it'd be a good dogs day out, too!) I think, once the weather lets up a bit, I'll organise a date
  4. After Some Canine Models

    hi how is your gorgeous girl going? will be there if i am able to on the day if not will have to email you some pics and get you to do one of Daire as i dont have one of him Ah yes, Her Ladyship is as bitchy as ever Hehe you'll definitely have to send me some piccies if we don't get to see you! I was have a browse through my files and realised I have so many collections of peoples dogs/cats. I should make a trading card set. We can trade them like the kiddies do with their Pokemon cards LOL
  5. After Some Canine Models

    That's a good idea - I'm thinking somewhere that people at least have other options for things to do That would be awesome, if you're happy to take some photographs Actually, it'd probably be a nice opportunity for any mad keen dol doggy photographers as well. Let me get my map book out
  6. After Some Canine Models

    How've you been Flaves I haven't seen your guys for aaaages, you'll definitely have to bring them along ;-) The more the merrier - I'll see if I can pick a date where the weather is not as atrocious as todays!
  7. After Some Canine Models

    Snap - I was thinking of suggesting Newport Lakes too. LOL sure - or maybe we could have an en masse dol roadtrip I do indeed - the last two pocket critters I painted were of Cockatiels and a Bearded Dragon :-) I love drawing hounds - they have an uncanny knack of being able to pose for quite a long time too LOL
  8. After Some Canine Models

    Excellent - does anyone have a preference on location? There are some nice dog parks around me, but I hope to pick somewhere central to everybody else
  9. After Some Canine Models

    Thanks, guys After doing these on the side for the past six years, I've decided to devote a lot more time into them. I do love drawing I haven't set a date as such yet, just trying to gauge interest at the moment... I'll let you guys know when and where, and see if we can come up with dates and times that suit everybody
  10. After Some Canine Models

    Just popping my head in to add: the piccies on my website are finished paintings (they take me weeks to do - they're basically what I use to pay bills lol). I'll post an example later this evening of the type of sketches we'll be doing on the day :-) I'll sort out a date soon, and if anybody would like to add some suggestions on a location I'm open :-)
  11. OK! After a long hiatus, I am back into pet portraiture full-swing. What I'm building at the moment, is a folio full of doggy "life drawings". I have plenty of paintings done from photographic reference, but being that I tend to give away all the life drawings I do without photographing them, I've decided to build a "proper" folio :-) Or at least one that's got pictures in it! I'm looking for a bunch of doler's (or non doler's), who are happy to come for a meet up and sit for around half an hour and let me sketch their dog. You can take your art home (there's no charge!); my demands are simple - I need a photo of the finished piece! And hey, if you're artistically inclined too, and we can get enough people interested, bring your sketch pad. We can make a grand day of it. I'm based around Melbourne, so my suggestion is a dog friendly park. Expressions of interest? If you'd like to first see some of my pieces, have a quick look here: http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/222328-watercolour-pencils-inktense/ Or here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kats-Art/213994388627334 (these ones are done from photographic reference)
  12. Evie, Little Bear

    What a beautiful tribute, farewell to a grand lady Evie, be free with my old Border Jackie-girl (aka magpie hunter)
  13. Have You Been Dog Snobbed?

    I have a super cool mongrel terrier He's had a couple of owners but he's all mine now I also have my purebred border collie, she's pretty good too Mongrel, mutt, mix breed, pedigree, purebred, border-collie-bitch-from-hell, I don't care how people refer to my dogs.
  14. What a horrible tragedy, Jed you are in our thoughts :rofl:
  15. Earthlings

    Sorry I felt sick and couldn't watch the whole thing It's extremely graphic and disturbing. Those poor cows screaming and writhing in the kosher meat factory finally did my head in. I've not heard a cow scream like that before. I felt physically ill. I find it chilling the multitude of ways we have of killing life. I'd be curious as to what the general publics reaction would be if we were all shown the different places meat comes from. Until you see the processes, and how the animals can suffer, I wonder if you tend not to think about it too much. Do you think we'd be outraged, or we'd generally prefer not to know?