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    my border collies and Ally my cattle dog x<br />animal welfare
  1. I give the tug o war rope to my two dogs and they play with each other.. no aggression just playing . they will drop it, if I tell them to "come". They are never unsupervisied. Is it ok for yhe dogs to play this game together? Or can that lead to dominant behaviour....they are both very obediant dogs and will do what is asked of them with no fuss..
  2. I find that as others have said , have the dog standing and make sure you supprt it's belly , with your free arm, stops it from sitting down. thenyou can see what you are doing and give the dog a good brush and check out. :D
  3. I used this command as well when training Macca, one evening ,whilst the dog was still being house trained with the "do wee" I asked my husband , do you want a cup of tea? Macca' ears pricked up and he ran to the door to do wee/tea! He will go if you ask him "do you want a cup of tea?' ! well it works for him :D
  4. My cattle dog x licks my other two dogs mouths and rolls over, she is just showing them where she is in the pack order. she also licks the cats mouth! There is never any agro toward her , so they all get on fine. I don't think it is a "breed" thing! good luck with it all :D
  5. Hi Jimmy.....Thought i'd add my two cents worth..You have a kelpie ,which as you know are bred to work. he , is full of energy and is naturally inquisitive. I have 2 collies one is ok on lead the other pulls till he is almost choking himself. i tried the repetition , but no good with this determined boy. i purchased a"sporn halter" rudducks make them, from the pet shop. this halter , when he pulls applies pressure to his pressuren point between his shoulders at the back of the neck. He only pulled a couple of times and now walks happily beside me no fuss and enjoys his walk. Sounds drastic , but it works on macca , and did not squeal or yelp in pain when he pulls on this halter. When it's timme for his walk he runs to get his lead and halter !!!! Obedience will give both the dog and you the guidence you are seeking. Good luck , you are obviously doing well with him as you have overcome his other problems when walking him. the main thing is you have not given up and are looking out for the dogs best interest.!! I am certainly no dog expert, but am happy to pass on what orks for my dog and me. you guys will find what works for you so good luck with it all. Let us know how you go......
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