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  1. Thanks everyone! Fallen in love with Aloveen shampoo and conditioner (smells divine and he looks gorgeous!). Have to see if his skin agrees with it now x
  2. Hi! Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good dog shampoo. Preferably something that is nice smelling but more importantly easy on the coat/skin. Cheers Rach and Charlie x
  3. Thank you everyone for the advice. i shall look into his diet a little more. I will try and cut his baths down and maybe just wash him down wth water alone. I have also been brushing him twice daily and using doggy perfume sparingly. Thanks again!
  4. oh i forgot when he had his last visit to the vet he was quite smelly and she simply said some dogs do tend to be more smellier than others. She said her dog hardly had baths and he didnt smell. She didnt seem too concerned
  5. Charlie is a 13 week old Cocker Spaniel. We feed him Hills Science Diet as this seems to suit his tum. There is no odour from his mouth, ears or paws as we check him daily (i'm paranoid about tics). I also brush him daily too. I will ask the groomer what shampoo she uses as hes due for a wash in the morning and yes because he is a house dog primarily its important he smells as sweet as possible. Thanks for the advice! I have taken it on board
  6. Hi! We have been having our pup professionally bathed every 2 weeks but we are finding that after 2 days he is so smelly again, a real 'doggy' smell. If he gets wet outside then we both towel dry and blow dry him, we have even brought some doggy perfume which works until he gets damp again. We were thinking of getting him bathed weekly but was worried if this was bad for him. Any advice would be great!
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