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  1. Thank you Rebanne. Thank you Sway for posting the link to the thread
  2. Hi Guys, I remember reading about somebody that was doing a house rental near KCC Park. They asked what would you want type questions and got feed back. I can't find that thread but am hoping to find the person who has the rental near KCC. Thank you in advance ! :-)
  3. Hi Guys, I remember reading about somebody that was doing a house rental near KCC Park. They asked what would you want type questions and got feed back. I can't find that thread but am hoping to find the person who has the rental near KCC. Thank you in advance ! :-)
  4. Thank you Lappie Hound, I will give them a call in the morning. I am near Greensborough so they (Salce) are witihin 1/2 hour of me. Thank you Megan_ I will need the XL for this boy. And am wanting the doggles, I need to block out the eye from any light. :-)
  5. Hoping the wealth of knowledge here can help me. I am wanting to purchase some Doggles in XL size for my old boy who has damaged his eye. I need to get them urgently but would like to try them on his head first before buying to make sure they will fit him properly. Hoping somebody can point me to a store that stocks them so I can take him there to try them on. Thank you !
  6. As stated by Sandgrubber, you have plenty of time to treat after leaving Quarantine, so no hurry to do so when they land. :)
  7. Oh, this is such gut wrenching news. My condolences to Titan's owners and all involved with him. Rest in peace Titan, fly free at the bridge.
  8. Can I suggest that you also letter drop every house you can within a 10 klm area. Reason I suggest this is my friend who has some of my dogs lives in a rural area similar to Yarrambat in that there are lots of properties and bush. Both times the dogs have gone missing for days and the other time it was weeks, the letter drop to the houses have been how we were able to locate the dogs. I strongly suggest that those that are searching the bushy areas wear suitable foot wear as the snakes are already about here in Yarrambat and some of the terrian is very slippery and dangerous as well as wearing suitable attire for being out in the bushy areas. Since this news I have been keeping an eye out for them as well looking about the area, and I agree they would be mistaken for a Husky or Mal cross type dog. I wish you all the best, there is nothing worse than have a dog go missing. If you need another hand than please contact me, I am more than happy to help out and know the area very well as I am a local. I hope to hear some good news soon. Best of luck! Edited to ask - Has the other Lapphund been found?
  9. It is sad to hear this. There are some very sorry and sad souls in the dog world, and it is most disappointing. Glad all went well and the RSPCA inspector had some idea and was happy to be educated. However the Vet that had no idea is a worry....but honestly and sadly not surprising.
  10. A beautiful photo :D Thank you for sharing. It is great when you see your girls doing this. I have two that are half sisters and they to will do this. Just beautiful to see.
  11. Thank you for letting me know Lady of the Ghans that you had your numbers a few days back. Too bad if I had accomodation booked, I would have been forfeiting a deposit because of a late cancellation due to no fault of my own. I would have thought that the envelope would have been returned as soon I was deemed to late to enter. I received it back today 16 May, with a post mark of the 14 May. Hmmmmmm Just over 2 weeks ago I rescheduled an appointment that was booked for this Friday because I thought my entries were in the shows, now I find out today that was a complete waste of time! Good luck to all entered!
  12. bel are you Metro Melbourne or Country, just curious on the time frame of delivery for your number?? My envelope arrived today after it was posted at Wandong a few days after the cut off only to be advised that I was late in entering? Very interesting considering recent events........hmmmmmmm
  13. Hi All, I am not sure if this is the right area to post this but hope it will get lots of exposure being here. I am looking for a recommendation for a supplier and fitter to fit hydraulic brakes on a dog float. I know a number of horse float places can do this and as we have many horse owners here I was hoping somebody could help me out.
  14. I am sorry this has happened. What an awful thing for all involved. I wish you all the best in trying to get some kind of compensation from the Vet. Sadly I don't think you will get anything near what you are looking for. Hugs to you all.
  15. Any updated news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the owners. I hope and pray she is home soon! :) Hugs to you all
  16. Thank you all for your answers, I think I may be currently on the right track with some treatment. Damn fleas have been a real problem for many this year.
  17. Had one come in at 4 months old, then went on to cycle every 4 months.
  18. Thank you megan :) Do you know the name of Cosmolo's dog group???? Does anybody else have any suggestions that they may like to put forward?????
  19. Thank you everybody for your replies Looks like we all have a different story. I am loath to use anything that is not suitable for breeding dogs. After talking with some others about this problem, it seems many have had a real bad time of fleas this season. Must be the weather and conditions!! Still not to sure what to use????????
  20. Hi Everybody, Looks like we have a flea problem. Never had this before but seems many are having a bad time of them this summer / autumn. We have used Frontline Plus due to having baby puppies here and mum needing a traetment as well as all the other dogs. Looks like we still have a problem as the Frontline has not worked well enough. Your thoughts and advice please, I have never had this problem before and really not sure what to use. Note we have two 12 week old pups here as well as a couple of oldies and a few in between, so need to be something suitable for all of our dogs. I have read through some of the Flea Threads and am still confused. Your help please. :)
  21. As listed looking for recommendations for a suitable Obedience Training School in or around this area. I have a puppy person in this area and would like to point them in the right direction. Thank you! :)
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