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  1. Degenerative Myelopathy

    We had a whole night and morning of diahorrea. She seems okay otherwise and is eating and drinking... but we have a vet appt today. And after much research and your kind words, barring a miracle,I have decided the time has come to say goodbye to my friend. Thank you for your kind words, they bring me comfort at a very sad and lonely time.
  2. Hi guys, been a while since I've been on here, hope everyone is well. Just wanted to hear experiences with degenerative myleopathy, and knowing when the time is to say goodbye. My mastiff x ridgey rescue has DM, and I obviously don't want her to get to the point where she becomes paralysed, she deserves better than that. She is struggling, but can still go for short walks, get herself up and out, is happy and eating, can toilet herself although she looks a bit awkward, but the random incontinence has started at night, mass muscle loss and is losing hair all over her back legs due to scraping etc. She has pretty much all the signs of mid level advancement of DM. I don't want her to suffer, but I want to give her a chance while she seems still fairly mobile and interested. This has hit pretty hard and fast, and I'm struggling to deal with it. I've accepted she won't get better and her 11 years with me is coming to an end... but I constantly doubt when the right time is, as DM can be tricky I believe to judge (as mentally they seem fine, just their body can't cope). Any thoughts / experiences would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Small Dogs + Dog Parks

    I find we have the opposite problem - I don't take my dogs to dog parks because too many people in my area with small dogs seem to think it's okay for their littlies to have no manners, find it funny when they 'bail up' much bigger dogs, and think it's okay for them to not be well trained because 'they can't do much harm they're so small'. But they can... just not in the way most people assume.
  4. Alaska Woman Punches Bear In Snout To Save Dog

    How fortunate that everyone came away fairly unscathed! When you think about it though - if you saw your beloved pooch being carried off by a bear, or similar - I think most people would try to do 'something' (maybe not punch the bear in the face!!). I couldn't watch my dog being carried off to it's death either - I'd act first, think of consequences later Or maybe I'd just scream at OH to do something!!! ;) Fudge is such a cutie - who wouldn't rush to save that face/??? Poor bear was probably thinking... WTF????!!!!!
  5. Who Are You Accountable To?

    Who do you consider yourself accountable to for the care you provide your dogs? My own conscience and my dogs mainly, and their vets/specialists - who I rely on to keep them healthy, so I am accountable to them if I do not follow their medical directions. Who holds you accountable whether you like it or not? Vets/specialists, and the authorities like the RSPCA/Council or similar if I was to be mistreating them I guess? I would also hope that the community would advise me if they thought I was doing something wrong or if my dogs were disturbing people in any way. Do you consider you have the right to hold others accountable, and in what capacity do you do that? Depends how you define that. Morally, if I was to see something that I believed to be wrong - or I thought I could help someone by giving some advice, I like to think I have the right to say something in the dogs best interest. For example, my neighbours dog was very obese - and they didn't walk it because apparently it misbehaved onlead, so I guided them on how to help train their dog to walk/behave better on lead and advised on the very serious and costly problems that can arise from having such an overweight (and young) dog. If I see someone doing the wrong thing (legally or without consideration for others), I feel I have every right to say something (ie, having a dog offlead in a public, onlead only area - or people who tie up dog aggressive dogs out the front of shops without any supervision etc) - or call the authorities if they refuse to do anything about it.
  6. Another Sasha Issue...

    Awww, thanks for your thoughts! Methinks she may have milked it a bit more than it was worth!!! The powder is around $16 so pretty good value, something to have on hand in the doggy first aid kit anyway :D Here is a pic with her in her new harness - to allow people to respect our space (and make it easier to walk her whilst pregnant). She thinks she looks quite sharp!!!
  7. Another Sasha Issue...

    I ended up buying Heritage Downs brand Antiseptic Powder (made for horses, dogs etc) and pretty much natural ingredients - and it's worked a treat :D The yucky patch is healing up nicely (probably also thanks to the yard having dried up too). Added bonus was that she didn't mind having the powder applied (she HATED the antiseptic spray) and didn't show much interest in licking it off. Highly recommend this powder
  8. An Unenviable Situation

    I'd also give it a chance and see how things go - BUT it is YOUR dogs home, and I would be advising them of the rules you have for implemented (for the safety of both dogs AND kids), and let them know that you expect them to be followed at all times. I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to expect of guests. Maybe I'm a cow too - but in my house (and my dog's home) - I would like to think that people would respect me enough to abide by and understand this. If people don't know your concerns and expectations, they can't be expected to be able to follow them. Not long after we first brought Sasha home, she was still fairly unsettled and OH was laying cement for a shed to go up in our backyard. We had a yard full of strange (to Sasha) men, large cement trucks coming and going, lots of yelling and shouting. This, to a dog with high anxiety was a little overwhelming - so I kept her quietly inside with me. I was then told that my OH's mum, sister and 2 loud and boisterous children were coming over to see what was happening and to have a BBQ once the cementing was complete - and that they would be stay inside with me until it was done. Now, I had Sasha in a calm state - and I did not want her to be upset by yelling children chasing and cornering her in our small house (children she didnt' really know at that stage) and running amok to scare her. Especially when the Mum didn't really understand the situation, nor watch and supervise her children around dogs. So I told them, that it couldn't happen - that they were welcome to come to the BBQ after the cementing was finished, but that I couldn't have them all inside with Sasha until the cementing was finished. I'm not sure if that offended, because they didn't come at all... however, I did what I needed to do to protect my dog, and all the guests safety and best interests - with the knowledge that I had. Still to this day, I don't feel bad about it. When OH's sister and kids come, they still harass the life out of Sasha and do not understand why we've put rules in place, and don't abide by them (simple things like don't feed her 'party' foods as she has a very sensitive tummy) - so I know that I am always fairly justified in my decisions.
  9. Another Sasha Issue...

    Yep that's what the chemist just said too - I never considered that actually, didn't think there would be much harm in an antiseptic powder, but when I think about it, it does makes sense. I really don't think she'll get much of it off, mostly cause it's right in between her toes and even I have a hard time getting in there. So she'd probably only get some that kind of over flows. Then again, I'd only put it on her at night, and the sock goes on straight away and she sleeps pretty much straight away... so most would be absorbed I'd imagine by the time she got around to bother licking it? And I wouldn't put alot on anyway, the area affected is only quite small. So will have to give vet a call - to check what is safest to use... Nothing can ever be simple with Sash!!! LOL!!! Thanks Tassie
  10. Okay, so we've resolved the back issue - she's back to her fruit loop best :D However, now I've discovered another issue... Because of all the rain we've had, our yard is quite wet and muddy, so before Sash comes inside I have to wipe her feet. The other day, I noticed she was pulling her foot gently away, and when I took a closer look, she is missing some fur between her toes on her back foot. Didn't seem to be bothering her, nor did it seem to be red or inflamed. However, fast forward 2 days and it is now looking a little reddish (and rather like what you would expect a blister that has burst and is now rubbing/chaffing) to look like. She also did a little cry (yep she's realised the value of a sook) when I was wiping her feet last night. I put some antiseptic spray on it last night, put some cotton wool in to stop the toes rubbing together and put a sock on her (yes, one of my socks - and it was a little amusing to see her walking in it ). It stayed on most of the night anyway. Doesn't look any better this morning though. The problem is, she is outside during the day (when we are at work) and her foot is just staying fairly wet and damp on and off during the day. And I don't want to use creams or wet things at night as I'm thinking it might be best to try and 'dry' it out to get it to heal properly? I've asked hubby to buy some antiseptic powder to use at night - and hopefully that may help (until she goes back out during the day, but she'll have a good 12 hours or so a day of it healing with it dry). I'm not sure what caused the missing hair in the first place - but it seems that because the bare skin is now rubbing/chaffing it's causing the issue - not helped by the dampness in our yard... Any ideas other (or better) ideas on how I can get this to heal quickly so it doesn't turn into anything nasty? As always - thank you!! :D
  11. What Is Your Favourite Time Of Day With Your Dog/s?

    Our walks... it's our bonding time, our getting to know each others every move time, training time, de-stressing from the day time, or just enjoying a walk in the sunshine and peace time. Every walk time is also a time of immense pride when I get to see in action how far Sasha has really come. It's nice to take the time to acknowledge that the effort you put in really has made a tangible difference :D I also like night times just before I go to bed, Sasha is settled on her bed (usually snoring already) and I cover her up with her blankie and give her kisses and cuddles. But then, I can't say there is any time of the day with my dogs that I DON'T enjoy!!!
  12. Homophobic Breeder?

    Wow, that's pretty extreme... What next, not the right religion or political beliefs to home and love a pup??? I can only hope, that by some miracle, there was some other reason she didn't or couldn't reply - and I only say that because I can't believe that someone could actually be so petty. But maybe little Alwyn was just your destiny - so it was kinda lucky you ran into such a small minded person to turn you in his direction??? ;)
  13. My Boyfriend's Amazing Birthday Present

    Thanks for the great wrap Megz!! I loved painting your goregous kids LOL Hey Kelly i didnt know you kept it ;) Well I DID give it to Mum... and then decided I wanted it back... INDIAN GIVER LOL!!! But only cause I love it (and you know, it looks MUCH better in my bedroom LOL) :D