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  1. Will Koda Ever Get To Training...

    I intended on taking koda to puppy school in september but a misunderstanding on class dates saw us miss that months classes. I have him booked in for the october classes but got a call on the day to say the month was cancelled due to inadequate puppy numbers. Now he is to old for puppy school I decided to attend the dog training in Geelong and now Koda had developed a skin condition on his hind quarters and I dont want to take him looking as he does. (vet did a scrape and is treating as a fungal thing for now because of the speed at which it poped up with advocate and malaseb and checking again in 2 weeks) Will I get ever there?
  2. Puppy Mistaking Discipline For Playfulness

    We have been doing the deep growling 'no' or 'arrrgh' thing with Koda and its enough for him. If we grab his muzzle he thinks were playing.
  3. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Thanks. No I dont punish him for it at all. I just ignored it. I will ask my son to try greeting him that way instead. Yes, I'd say he's a confident pup.
  4. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Um, in the mornings i just go to the pen and open the door and call them. koda comes out, i say hello, fuss and pat him, walk around to the other side of the house where i feed them, put his brekky bowl on the ground, i sit on a chair to make sure max doesnt get kodas brekky, and then i go back inside to get the kids ready for school. Its while i am getting his brekky bowl ready that he climbs over my feet and i noticed the wee. I am trying to teach him not to jump up on my legs and i do say a firm 'down' if he jumps up. (but thats usually when i am sitting and after the weeing) Then when my son (9) comes home he just opens the door and calls Koda and crouches down and lets koda climb over him. This is when I and he noticed koda weeing too.
  5. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Our 12 week old pup Koda has started to piddle a little when we greet him. (not like he means to go do a 'wee') Like first thing in the morning when I let him and Max out of thier pen and then when he see's my son after school. Its not alot, no big issue, and I am hoping its because he might be excited. I forgot to mention it at the vets last night while getting his shots. None of our other dogs, or dogs i have known have done this..... that i can remember. (it doesnt happen with my OH or daughter)
  6. Feeding Fish To Dogs.

    While we dont 'intentionally' feed them fish... when hubby gets back from a days fishing and sits down with the kids out the back to clean them, our dogs will pinch a whole fish if they can and run off and eat it. Then i worry the rest of the day if they will choke on a bone. Could be anything from garfish, whiting, flathead, salmon ect ect. They love cooked left over fish with the spine removed also.
  7. Dog Wee.

    Thanks again.
  8. Dog Wee.

    He's been desexed for the past 3 months. I have tried to stop him weeing where its not wanted , he'd wee on us if we sat still long enough - he doesnt care! I've tried repellants but that dosnt bother him. It dosnt bother me too much about the plants, yet. I just wondered if it was common as im sure i've seen other posts about this. Am checking out the dog rocks - thanks everyone. ;)
  9. Dog Wee.

    Hi. Noticing that 1 of my dog's is burning plants, shrubs and he's totally killed off a young cypress, over, say, 2 months, with his urine. He's not unwell at all, eating and drinking as normal. Pretty sure its just the 1 dog as hes the only one tall enough to spray the top of the bushes. Any ideas?