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  1. Qld Dangerous Dog Info

    There Is a little bit of Info In this link as to what grounds they can declare a dog dangerous I'm not sure on how It can be fought but Tybrax may be able to help she may be on later Regulated Dogs QLD
  2. There Is No Justice At Vcat - Part 1

    The gazette standard that they're using has obviously been copied from the UKC standard, they have more or less changed It and added to It to cover their own butts In regards to copyright. But to do these changes they still needed permission to do so, in which they did not get, so how Is this standard allowed to be used. Link for further Info Copyright
  3. Need To Update List Dogs That Kill In Aust

    And what do you think that will do, free the Pitbull...........how naive are you seriously The Pitbull was never secured on the table to be thrown off and was only ever a "tolorated" breed why wasn't the APBT ever ANKC recognised can anyone answer that? My opinion is, if you want to engage in only "tolorated" breeds with no community footing, there is a liklihood that the breed can come undone far more easily than an established recognised breed being the sole reason I wouldn't own one or a cross breed that resembles one. Everyone has a choice and playing with fire has the potential to be burned whether it's right or wrong, that's life. Please tell how stating a fact makes me naive?? or how by stating this fact It's dragging other breeds down, you like to see what you want to see, no anti BSL person wants any other breeds to be added to the list and to have to go through what the APBT is going through. If that's what you think then I seriously think you are the naive one here. If your own dogs head were on a chopping block from a crime it did not commit would you not defend it? Or would you class It as not worth the bother It's done and dusted and move on to another dog. The dog's aren't the problem here, the humans are Not even going to bother with a response to that one! I'm not buying into your take on it all and thank god for people who are willing to defend their dogs no matter the breed or whether they own a RB or not
  4. Reverse The Ban.

    You have my full support. I would love to see those experienced breeders able to dock again but I cannot see that happening any time soon. I do however think there is a chance that the current petition in NSW, calling for vets to be able to dock again at birth, getting support and possibly being successful. I will NEVER own another dog, of a traditionally docked breed, unless it has been done. I've held numerous day old litters, while they have been docked by an experienced breeder, she had it over and done with in a flash, no mess, no screaming and pups were straight back on the bitch to suckle +1 Is there a link to petition please ETA: I just realized It's probably not that kind of petition where you sign Lol
  5. Need To Update List Dogs That Kill In Aust

    The rational IMHO is the never ending fight to save the Pitbull, a fight that will never be won I don't believe, the breed is canned and always will be and is time we moved on. Not that I don't admire the Pitbull supporters in their efforts to free their breed, but the problem I see in the process with posts like this is taking other breeds down with them. In reality highlighting breeds who have killed and saying in the Pitbull's defence "see there are no Putbull's on the fatality list" is not going to free the Pitbull from BSL, all the authorities will do with the information is say "thanks very much, we will add all those breeds onto the BSL list too" No one needs a bloody Pitbull as a matter of life or death, there are many other breeds to choose from to make a great pet. It's not about rights to own a particular breed, it's the law, bit like fighting about the rights to drive drunk, plenty of drink drivers I know of personally who have never had a prang driving pissed, but it's not the point, it's just these anti BSL supporters worry me that they can potentially put their foot in it, I have heard and seen it so many times before highlighting other breeds in defence of the Pitbull, geez, we have to tread so carefully with this I think. No one needs any other bloody breed either as a matter of life or death!!! What kind of a statement is that? You talk about Pit Bull enthusiasts taking down "Other" breeds in their fight which Is absolute non sense, but then It's always ok to sacrifice the Pit Bull to save these "other" breeds is It? Lets keep the government happy by giving them the APBT and lets all lie low and take It in the chin that way It'll just fade Into oblivion and no other breeds will be added........ The APBT has been fed to the wolves so to speak on numerous occasions but hey It's ok It's not my breed of choice who cares, certainly not people such as yourself who have the audacity to tell people to just move on coz there are plenty of other nice breeds out there, tell me where do you get off on making such heartless comments Just because you would give up on your own breed if the going got tuff doesn't mean everyone else should! Because It's law doesn't make It right either, if we all stood back and accepted everything how far will that get humanity. Laws are not exempt from being flawed and people have the rights to challenge them. I suggest you read up on the QLD case from start to finish before you finger point and blame certain party's of any wrong doing. I tell you what I don't get, what Is BSL actually doing apart from killing off loved family pets because they look a certain way? Now we are being told to STFU and tread carefully in fear of other breeds being added, and if one day that happens the APBT will cop the blame yet again! Just wonderful Oh and the rationale for the thread is that we're sick and tired of people attributing the APBT to fatalities here, I don't know about you but I don't like lies and rumors being spread when in actual fact IT IS NOT THE TRUTH
  6. Do You Like My Hat!?

    Thank you.... I do think she has one of the most beautiful smiles but off course I'm guilty of being very biased
  7. Do You Like My Hat!?

    A better effort from last year where she wasn't impressed at all about wearing cats, I think she likes this one Feel free to add your Halloween pics
  8. Not A Free To Good Home...but

    Yes so so true! I have to give her that much she's to clever for her own good most times Thank you all for the sweet compliments
  9. Not A Free To Good Home...but

    This Is a window grill, not a door she jumps up on the sills and lays on them like a cat, she's not that big but a great jumper Thanks for the tips guys, I really like the Idea of maybe putting the mesh on the outside rather than In, I'll have to see If that can be done though with what I've already got as I'm renting and on a tight budget. Time to shop around again! Oh the joys of having naughty dogs :D If you installed the window grill, can you modify it? You can put a hard clear plastic similar to perspex sheeting over the lower area, keeping the flyscreen uncovered in the top half. If the grills are yours, you could easily just keep the plastic in place with screws direct into the grill frame. If not, place a timber baton on the outer side of the screen and drill into that through the plastic then grill and mesh. You'll need to replace the screen before you vacate. (we always replaced the flyscreens at the end of lease, our 2 liked to scratch them) The sheeting is at Bunnings, and it's on a roll, usually in the builders section. Screens are mine, I had them Installed when she destroyed the original ones, but they're staying here, unlikely they'll fit other windows if and when I move. Good Idea with the perspex but won't work as It'll block some of the nice breeze we get through in the summer time and the room gets really hot. Windows will just have to be closed while I'm out till I sort something else... um sorry I mean locked and remove the key also cause she knows how to unlock that as well 20 odd years of owning dogs and I have to say she Is by far the naughtiest one
  10. Does Bsl Reduce Attack Rates?

    That's your own fault, you are a victim of your own choices, if you'd chosen one of the others of hundreds of breeds available to you, instead of a derivative of a "bull" breed you wouldn't have this restriction. Your situation is a result of your own choices, stop trying to blame some-one else You insensitive twit Dogs will always be victims and pay the price from either Irresponsible or negligent HUMANS! You're nothing but a waste of space here go back and crawl under that hole you came from and stop blaming one breed of dog for your woes! It's just pathetic
  11. Not A Free To Good Home...but

    This Is a window grill, not a door she jumps up on the sills and lays on them like a cat, she's not that big but a great jumper Thanks for the tips guys, I really like the Idea of maybe putting the mesh on the outside rather than In, I'll have to see If that can be done though with what I've already got as I'm renting and on a tight budget. Time to shop around again! Oh the joys of having naughty dogs :D
  12. Not A Free To Good Home...but

    I know I should of just got the crimsafe to begin with But I don't think I can put It on now, I think they'll need to make up whole new grills And already tried the dog proof screen before I got the grills fitted, she managed to destroy It as well, she's just a little disaster!
  13. I will pay someone to offload her off me and I have to laugh because If I think how much It's going to cost me to replace them, coz fly screen again just ain't going to cut It, I won't stop crying! Why can't I have a normal dog who doesn't want to keep jumping out of windows And showing off her new collar that she just got a few days ago from Blocky Dog. Because she soooooo deserves It now............NOT!
  14. Dog News Editorial Sept 2011

    Yes It actually Is, so much for trying to stand united when we keep getting kicked In the guts so to speak
  15. Dog News Editorial Sept 2011

    Please e-mail editor and also let them know what you think about this as well, In the same Issue September