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  1. Yep the hind leg weakness is a well known side effect. Some dogs do get progressively better as the drug settles in a bit. My boy is on this drug but doesnt have these side effects so i can't tell u alot. But don't panic. I would PM Puggles as i believe she would be the best source of info on this particular topic for you. good luck
  2. where is wallacia? How would i get in touch with him? thanks for your reply
  3. Hey Guys, My staffy girl gets a sore back every now and then from jumping up on lounges or up on the back step etc and i want to get her a doggy massage to see if it might help her out. Does anyone know of a GOOD masseur in the Blacktown or surrounding areas? I prefer someone who dol people have tried and tested if possible and can recommend thanks
  4. Stopping Cluster Seizures: My Staffy used to cluster seizure when his epilepsy first started. We took him to the Neurologist who said that when he siezures, wait till he is able to eat the tablets (in cheese) himself and give him a full load of meds straight after the seizure to stop cluster. Then meds as usual, even if only a few hours between seizure meds and normal ones. He doesn't have to be 100% to do this, just enough to be lucid enough to eat and swallow. Since doing this, i can count on one hand the number of times he has clustered. Not sure if you guys do this but i strongly reco
  5. puggles do u use milk thistle for monte? I am thinking about it for my boy but wanted some feedback first. ta
  6. if he has these other behaviours aswell i doubt epilepsy, i would have to say some type of anxiety. hope u find a solution
  7. yeah it does sound like what happens to dogs after they have a seizure. So question, while he is pacing can you grab his collar and take him in side and then it stops? If so then it isn't post seizure behaviour. Look closely next time and see if you can see saliva on his snout, it will just be thick water type saliva. or throth around his mouth. Does he walk into things like he seems blind? How fast is the pacing. Can you distract him at all with food or something that is his favourite thing that any other time he would come for? I look forward to your reply
  8. Bonnie Dog is bought for about $30 for 20kgs and is a good buy. Add chicken necks to this and you have a cheap but decent diet. My staffies used to have the Bonnie Dog and they had great coats. the chicken necks are for teeth. Bonnie dog works out cheaper than the supermarket brands.
  9. i spoke with him and he said it is part of the blood test but i was reading about a different test that epi's do. i think i might put it to the epi list ta
  10. Hi mate, sorry to bother but i thought id put the question here incase others are interested. I want to get my boys liver tested to see how its going. my vet says that the blood tests will show if there is a liver problem. But i know that many epi dogs get a bial acid test ???? or the like. What do you get ? and what are the rules in terms of eating before, med use, etc. thanking u in advance PS hope monte is charging forward today
  11. I'd be demanding they re-test for free as they have stuffed up. The levels should be taken at TROUGH. i agree with puggles. you can't take the test after meds it doesn't work. go back and talk to your doc about it, many don't know the protocol properly if they haven't had the exp , but those tests are bloody expensive so id demand it be done again.
  12. sorry puggles my boy has only used tablets. But my sis is a nurse and said that some meds can be different if liquid or otherwise. so there is a chance that it could be the culprit
  13. yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is excellent news !!! atleast u know what u r dealing with now. are u going to use gabapentin? or just use more phenomav and less epibrom (bromide)? any news on what might have caused the build up? glad all is well and a big smooch to monte from the staffy gang
  14. poor bub, i hope all turns out well. Do you think maybe you should consult Dr Childs again? or are u already? Also, could u send an email to the sydney uni people who are researching epi and see if they know of anything similar? My vet knows the people at syd uni and so asks for their help at time and they are very nice about it. i am lucky as my boy does not suffer from ataxia except after an attack. When his meds are upped he is a bit off but not much. poor monte i want to see his cute tail curled again v soon. could u buy him new food in case there is something wrong with his food? i kno
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