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  1. a very good question. my guys have satin shirt collars to wear for dwd trials. But there have been times that I feel like letting them go in without anything on ( apart from the collar and lead for going into the ring) as Im not that clever in making neck attire for dogs.
  2. yay good for ACT :) and I hope that you will give a report on here afterwards.
  3. Just wanted to say and how has everyone been? On Saturday the 12th September Victoria is holding their very first State Competition. It looks to be a wonderful day for every one who has entered. We are also holding two non titling classes, Brace and Pairs which should be fun to watch as well. So on that note GOOD LUCK everyone who is competing on the day
  4. You could also use something from the Beach Boys and use the skateboard as a surfboard. thanks for the idea, but it wouldnt work too crash hot.. my idea is for her to "try" to skate and then use another song for the main part of the routine and finishing with her on the skate board skating along side me.. She is loving using the skateboard.. my feet dont when she decides to flip it... Keep up the chat everyone. I do check in from time to time.. and Uptown Funk has a great beat too Schatzis Mum
  5. Hi everyone.. Sorry that I havent been around. Just been busing with the scent study stuff. Also got myself onto a DWD working party committee. Let me just say that is taking a fair amount of my time up. Nothing else new on the dancing front for me just yet. I am trying to hunt down a good skateboard song or just some skateboarding sounds that are longer than 5/10 secs I really dont want to do the sing that Splash loves alot again, but then again if it keeps her happy and I can get the prop that I want made up for it, than we will see. anyway keep on dancing with your dogs cheers
  6. Good luck at the trial Biker Girl.. make sure that you post your results please
  7. Nope not me.. but am hoping that someone will post FULL results on here by full I mean all the details. and that goes for Canberra's very first dwd trial too..
  8. aww thanks Di Now c'mon BC4ME it's your turn! OK my boy Styler came a close 2nd to Schatzi in HTM Intermediate and he also placed 2nd in Freestyle Novice with our new routine. I was just a little please is an understatement a great way to start the year. :D Huge congrats to you too BC4ME on your lovely wins.
  9. Yay well done to you and your furries.. Im only just catching up with everyone
  10. Thanks Kallistar. We're really excited to have finally got it off the ground. Funnily enough, one of the other trainee judges is also doing the Diabetes scent program! Cool,your trainee judges doing the DAD study group too. She must be doing it by internet hook up :) I hope that they will have it working for the next work shop, and that will be a first for me to doing it via the net. When you have your comp, do you think that you will have vids taken? or photos? Could you please post the results here too.. Wish you all the very best as the hard work to get your comp up and running takes a lot of work.. and then you have the rest of the hard work is when it gets closer to SHOWTIME
  11. YAY , That is awesome news I hope that you have lots of entries and heaps of fun. Sorry I wont be coming up as my girl and I are part of a study group for Diabetes Assistant Dogs and that is close to completion of the study. cheers
  12. A pose is what you can start with, eg, dog doing a paw wrap around your leg while you are standing up straight in a pose to start your music off and also one at the end too. Recommend the KISS factor and something that is well done by both of you as well as get you ready for your next movement.. I am sure that some one else will jump in here too and give you more ideas..
  13. Which trial was these photos taken at? Sunbury or Bendigo? I just cant place the background.. And you will get there with him. These photos are of Dee and were taken in Adelaide this year in June. The weather was abysmal but she did not care. Thank you very much for the encouragement. :D :) just had a proper look and if I am right that is Dave Rumble :)
  14. The dwd club of vic's trial was held on Saturday and there was some really awesome routines. Congrats to those who gained passes and to those who missed out, remember you still took your very best dancing partner home with you. I didnt compete this time, but helped out by stewarding. Lets just say I was really tired yesterday.
  15. Which trial was these photos taken at? Sunbury or Bendigo? I just cant place the background.. And you will get there with him.
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