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  1. You could ask your vet about Prednefrin Forte eye drops. These contain cortisone by just go in the eye, not systemically like the tablets.
  2. Kennel Cough Questions

    Did he have surgery for the wound? If he did he would most likely have had an endotracheal tube place into his windpipe (trachea), this sometimes cause irritation and a cough but normally settles in a day or two. The diarrhoea could be due to the antibiotics so perhaps some protexin, inner health plus or natural yoghurt to replace the good bacteria in his gut would help.
  3. Brag For Rare Breed

    Huge congratulations.
  4. Zedley The Strange One

    Lorraine could you ask your vet about starting the endep while Zedley is taking the promex, just that as in people antidepressants can take a week or two to reach theraputic levels in dogs too.
  5. Need Now - Electrolyte Solution

    Lectade is one specifically for animals, available over the counter at vets and quite possibly stock feeders. Comes in a two part sachet and you can make up the whole lot or smaller amounts as needed. Usually has a long expirey date so ok to keep on hand. Glad everything is sorted Nekhbet.
  6. Flies

    The spot on tratment Advantix is now registered for repelling flies and biting insects as well as fleas. Works a treat for our amstaff who gets raised lumps from fly and mozzie bites.
  7. Worms That Live In The Skin

    As GT said, hookworms will burrow through skin, eg pads of dogs feet and soles of peoples feet.
  8. Infected Nail?

    You could bathe it in warm salty water, dry it off and just lightly bandage it to stop the dog licking it. The vets would be a good idea as if it is an infected nail bed they often need to remove the nail and treat with antibiotics. The reason for this is that all the tissue is very close to the bone and oestomylitis is often a complication. The proper name is paranychea (sp)
  9. Bruised Retina

    Our old rotti x bruised his eye by trying to "kill" his deflated old footy by shaking it to death. I assume he shook it and wacked himself in the eye. He had played with the footy like this for ages so I think he just got tooo enthusiastic one day. He did need medications, anti inflammatories and kept out of bright light for a while also.
  10. My Husband Wants Me To Re-home Ollie

    Do you bath him in a hydrobath? I find the hydrobaths get out a lot of the dead fur. Nothing else to add that others havent suggested.
  11. Timothy Hay

    A company called Oxbow makes Timothy Hay and a heap of other stuff for rabbits and pocket pets, Perhaps google Oxbow.
  12. Pedigree Naming Help Please

    Tri To Die For
  13. Bandage Or Leave Open?

    Being a vet nurse I'd leave it open but bathe it twice daily with diluted betadine or similar. Restrict exercise and watch for licking at it.
  14. Award For Biggest Idiot Goes Toooooooo.........

    Dont you wish you could instantly sterilise dog owners like these morons !
  15. Birds Eyes Do Not Look Right

    Psittacossis is very common in cockatiels and is often first noticed by the owner as an eye problem. Also sinus infections can show up as eye problems, discharge/swelling. Psitacossis is a zoonotic disease, one that is transferable to humans, so if you get chills, high fever, prolonged flu like symptoms or a dry persistant cough get yourself checked out by the doctor and be sure to mention that you keep birds.