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  1. Not quite what you asked but I paid $250 from NSW to SA for non urgent transport. As it turned out it was here in about 3 days as they had another shipment coming over that it went with. Non urgent was for within 3 weeks, it was more if I needed it transported within a week. Eta - that was just last week.
  2. And then there is SA where the laws have been changed requiring desexing before sale Can be delayed with a vet certificate and I will be vet shopping if mine doesn't think an exemption is required. Having said that, I can absolutely understand why some breeders, especially of popular breeds used in designer crosses take this course of action. And while it is not my choice and I strongly believe in leaving the hormones intact until growth is finished early desexing is not new and has been performed by shelters and rescues for many years. And yes there can be issues but there are also many that never have a problem.
  3. When I read the comment on Autism, contacting an Assistance Dog organisation immediately came to my mind as well. The dogs are well trained and thoroughly temperament tested then carefully matched to a person with needs. The risk with an adult dog is that very few people rehome perfectly behaved adults - and most of the things on your list are a result of time being put into them and bringing them up right. Dogs begin rehomed are far less likely to come from this environment, the main reason for rehoming is "behavioural problems" which in most cases means lack of training, interaction and/or mental stimulation.
  4. I get a 10kg box for $6.00 or 2 boxes for $10.00. That is from a pet food place but they get them from Inghams on a daily basis - they are still in the Inghams boxes when we get them.
  5. The wait for a well bred border collie in SA can be very long. A popular breed, not a huge number of breeders and quite a few of us that only breed occasionally. Just beware of anyone claiming certain colours are worth more, are rare, unusual or special or calling them by anything other than their actual colour name. Eg red and whites can get advertised as honey, champagne, wheaten, gold, caramel etc. All of these are shades of red. Also those breeders who are selecting purely for the colours they can produce in a particular mating - colour should be a by product of the mating when selecting the best dog for the bitch, not the sole reason for doing the mating. Good luck!
  6. That is the link I was going to share as well. Significant reduction in spillage around the bowl with it.
  7. I think even if they were a disqualification they would still use a registrable colour on the papers to enable them to continue to breed unfortunately
  8. I have had the Double K for about 10 years now and it is still going strong. I love that the way they nozzles connect they don't blow off. I give the filters a regular clean but have never had to do any other maintenance or replaces hoses, nozzles or anything.
  9. I think the Aldi 1s were $60 each. Quality on them is excellent. Much much better than my previous soft crates. But yes, a special buy item so who knows when they will be in stock next. They only had 1 size at the time too - luckily for me it was perfect BC size.
  10. 36" vari kennel used for my border collies too. I think you will be fine.
  11. I first saw that about 2 weeks after I bought 2 brand new 1s at Aldi, which I have only just used for the first time today about 3 months after buying them so definitely can't justify it. But i often stop and look at it if I am in there.
  12. Raw feeding and kongs is easy :) Use any mince, meat chunks you normally would and pack it in tight then freeze/semi freeze. I have even managed to wrangle a chicken wing in and leave the tip sticking out then jam mince all round it and freeze. Took them ages to be able to get it all out. If you use yoghurt you can also mix that through too. If you do veggie mix (I know some people do, some people don't) you can put that in there too if the dog likes it. I used to mix tinned sardines, yoghurt and egg in. If too runny just add some meat. Just make sure the kongs are washed regularly in case they don't get it all out - to make it easier to start with you can feed them fresh not frozen and then up the difficulty s the dog gets better at it.
  13. I have tried lots and Equinade Glowhite or Cowboy Magic Yellow Out are the 2 I go back to. Champion Tails Sliver Highlight is also good. So all horse products here too :)
  14. I use the grain free in conjunction with a raw diet. For a while the were pretty much totally on the Kirkland kibble and maintained weight well and coats were great. Raw food supplies near me have improved so I have moved back to my preferred option of predominantly raw but if supplies become an issue for me again I will happily go back to the Kirkland grain free.
  15. Wow. Looks like a truly incredible experience with stunning photos to remember it by.
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