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  1. Nearly the end of the year, everyone babies have done so well! Joe (My JRT) had a bit of a set back about a month ago when he tried to play with a Red Belly Black Snake and found out that snakes don't play nice.. Luckily I was home at the time so raced straight to the vets with three JRT's. Three in the yard (His mum & aunty had the snake in half when I found them), only he was bitten. He practically spent the weekend in the vets being treated and spending a night on the drip. Worst. weekend. ever. Fast forward to today, he has had his first two weekends in Minor Puppy and has picked up 3 x Minor in Groups, 1 x Minor in show & 20 CC points! So proud of him He also made the cover of the DOGS Vic calendar for 2015 :D
  2. It's been a long while since I've had a rising star to share, but I have one now Joe (Weisnjac Lets Get Rocked) is doing me super proud! 5 x Baby Puppy in Group, 2 x Baby Puppy in Show , Baby of Breed at the Royal Melb Show & 1st in a big Baby Sweepstakes! Still another month to go before he moves on up with the big kids. Here is a pic of him winning Baby in Show at the Geelong Royal, and one of him relaxing at home. He is such a funny puppy
  3. It's been a very long day here. Stayed up with Stella last night through the early stages and she had her first puppy at 6.50 this morning. Unfortunately she had problems with the second puppy so I rushed her to the vets, he was unable to be saved, but with the help of some Oxy, she delivered the rest easily. Final tally, 4 boys and 1 girl. All healthy and drinking well and Stella is being the perfect mum.
  4. Looks like Stella is going early! Seems to be in early stages now. So bummed the Weimaraner Nationals are on in Sydney, all the people I usually rely on for help and guidance have left the state :laugh:
  5. Stella is due this weekend. The poor little thing is huge! I always wonder around this time why I put them through it.. She is expecting at least 6, so I have all my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well. I only breed once every few years so am always a nervous wreck when the time comes!
  6. My girls mother was prone to phantoms, so I was making extra sure, just in case, haha.
  7. I'm impatient and I like to know so I can book time off work, etc. Ultrasound confirmed :D Seen two but we didn't go looking, I'm just happy knowing there is at least one in there.
  8. Depends on the wording of the schedule, whether it stipulates main or limited register or not. Sporting (not Working in Vic)Register is for dogs with papers from a "kindred body" recognised by the ANKC eg Working Kelpie Assoc, associate gundogs are not in this category, they never had papers by definition, and their recognition was to allow them to participate in RATG, not in RAFT trials Breed clubs through ignorance over the years have allowed associate dogs to compete in restricted events but it should not have happened, strictly speaking associates do not have a breed as such We have not allowed it before, but as this competitor has proven that she has entered restricted to group trials before, I thought maybe something had changed. The schedule only states 'Restricted to Gundog'
  9. Thanks :) Haven't been able to get hold of many as they are all tracking.
  10. Victoria. I'll call DOGS Vic Monday, but only have this weekend to do the catalogue, so was kinda hoping to get it sorted. Cheers
  11. We are the trial secretary's :laugh: I've always thought it was no, and everyone I have asked say's no, but exhibitor says they are and have been allowed in the past. Don't want to lose an entry, but wan't to make sure we are doing this right thing.
  12. Trying to find an answer to this question, being told conflicting answers. I need to know (fairly urgently) if an Associate Gundog can enter a Restricted to Gundogs Obedience Trial. If anyone has a link to an answer I would be forever grateful! (I've looked, can't find )
  13. Ultrasound booked in for next Monday. Fingers are crossed!
  14. Our (hopefully) expected litter is JRT's, not Wei's :)
  15. May 11th if all go's well :) Although I just have a gut feeling that she won't be in whelp.. Will wait and see with fingers firmly crossed.
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