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  1. Expecting a litter of Field Spaniels early May
  2. A lot of the old time DOLers would remember Darcy and his forever worrying me with near death experiences. Today I said goodbye to my old man. Never in a million years did I think he would get to this age. His body and mind had started to fail him and it was his time to go. RIP Darcy Doogan 31/1/03 - 17/10/17
  3. I have a Field Spaniel available if you want, shes a seasoned handler dog, used in state finals etc The Moo
  4. Whats a profit I certainly don't have anything in surplus thats for sure!
  5. I have forgotten the details, but when I brought my two to the US, it was a bit more complicated than this. You're supposed to do a rabies shot some time before you fly (I think it was a month). Not many vets do this. In some places you can do the rabies vaccination upon arrival and then do home quarantine. I think there was some sort of treatment to get rid of fleas and ticks within some specified time before travel as well. Rabies is not compulsory for export to the USA. It is recommended to get the rabies vaccination done though given that rabies is present in the US Treatment is not compulsory either
  6. Yes vet - whats her temp? Shes in the key risk infection time post-season. Pyo is horrible - best caught early.
  7. Don't quote me on the number, I could be right off. I didn't really look into the kangaroo meat as I don't feed it. I definitely know their chicken, turkey, beef etc is preservative free.
  8. I'm pretty sure the preservative is 220? Its in all of the kangaroo you buy for pet meat - something about the different parasites that are in kangaroo meat or something. I don't feed kangaroo so I didn't really go research it. I feed chicken and turkey.
  9. All that is required for export to the USA is a vet check by a Dept of Ag accredited vet within 3 days of departure and the export paperwork from Dept of Ag.
  10. I can find out if you like? I personally haven't fed quail but it's good for fussy eaters and those that need a higher fat content.
  11. No preservatives in their chicken, turkey, beef etc. Roo wherever you buy it will have some form of preservative in it.
  12. Thumbs up to Seven Hills Pet Food - they deliver too, flat fee of $5. Great quality raw minced daily. Cheapest prices around too.
  13. Field Spaniel - their nose taking over from their brain. If they engage nose they virtually lose all ability to hear or contemplate that other people exist. On a personal level with this breed I find sourcing bloodlines to increase the genetic pool very hard - well that and actually breeding litters as they aren't an easy breed to get in whelp
  14. Oh ok sorry didn't know they had shows for them. Are there any ANKC shows out near you that you could pop into as theres bound to be a vendor there. Fine snake chain or paracord sounds like the best bet.
  15. I'm guessing you mean Tenterfield Terrier? I would go with a fine snake chain
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