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  1. For anyone else interested, turns out the woman Rebanne put me onto was the one who imported the Spanish Mastiff into Australia. She brought in two but didn't breed with them, so there are none available.
  2. That's weird Rebanne - not sure why you couldn't pm me? I've just sent you a message :).
  3. Google hasn't helped - I read here on DOL that the breed is in Aust - can anyone point me in the direction of breeders? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks everyone. DDD, I agree. And look at his feet, so exposed too
  5. And something from google about Giuseppe if anyone is interested in knowing more about him My link
  6. (My facebook friends would have seen this, but I thought some of you might like this story too) Guiseppe aka the Pigeon Man of the Pompidou Centre On our first night in Paris we decided to walk down to the Seine. On the way, as we passed the Pompidou Centre, we noticed a very large flock of pigeons. It was strange because (a) when I had been there earlier in the day there were only a handful of birds and (b) these pigeons had an air of expectancy about them. Now these are not your average, friendly pigeons; these are scrappy little birds that would sooner poo on you than talk to you. They do
  7. Thanks so much everyone! The early evening light was just oh so beautiful. There is something about water and light, isn't there? It's just magical.
  8. Thanks Kirislin, I shall look for the film! No, won't be selling any but if you want some just let me know, happy to put big files on dropbox for you.
  9. Hi PC, I'm actually pretty wired. Slept about two hours last night and it's 4am and I've been up editing photos since 1am. Probably going to crash later today lol! I did the shoot with a company called Create Away. They do workshops that can last from half a day up to a week, usually with a group of people. When I was there the timing didn't fit with a workshop, so I did a one on one shoot so it was just myself and the facilitator, Serge. That was brilliant - no worrying about getting in other peoples shots or vice versa. I think even when they run the group workshops though it's small. They
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