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  1. Try diluting some Citronella aromatherapy oil (you can buy it cheap from $2 shops) with water and rubbing it on the desk with a rag - I used it to toilet train my setter pup and it worked brilliantly (they hate citronella)
  2. Thank you for your replies, Erny & Haven - I might run into you down the track at one of the other venues but they are all a bit far from me so will probably be sticking to Ascotvale. Looking forward to getting started Donna
  3. Hi, I attended an introduction session at the ADT -Ascot Vale Last night and signed up, we attend our first novice class next week - I was just wondering if anyone else on here trains their dog at the Ascotvale venue or is a trainer there? Thanks
  4. CurlyKing - My vet offered the same 6 week pet insurance when i got my pup's second vacc which we did take up and was part of the reason i wanted to compare it to others. If you think PetPlan insurance is a good policy i will def take that into account when choosing. Bastyra - from my experience with pet insurnace companies, even though Griever may recover 100% from his spinal injury i would be inclined to say this does count as a pre-exsisting injury and they would not cover him.. Thanks again everyone for your advice - I have loooked up and contacted several pet insurance companies (inclu
  5. I think i'm leaning towards the same thing now .. Thanks
  6. Thanks malleer Posted my message before i read yours I will give the RSPCA a call and see if they can offer any advice. I do have a savings account which i would dip into if the need arose but still though insurance might be a better option.. Thanks for advice everyone :D
  7. I actually was veterinary nurse for some time and we would often get reps in that would offer the clinic insentives for promoting their particular insurance so althhough i have reccomended insurance companies in the past (about 4 years ago so really can't remember which ones they were) It was for the wrong reasons. There's alot of things they don't cover genetic/congenital problems which is understandable i guess, but after reading through several information brochures i felt more confused because they all seem very similar. So if somebody has one they use and have been pleased with i would
  8. Hi I'm considering getting pet insurance for my pup and am undecided on wether it is worthwhile or not? Would love to get some advice and feedback on this? Can anyone reccomend a pet insurance company? Thank you
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