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  1. Dog Trailers. Dirt Roads. Dust!

    Thanks WiW! Will definitely try that one. (trailer is a Toledo).
  2. Hi all. I have recently purchased my first dog trailer and have converted it to have a roof top tent on top. We headed off camping for the weekend, which obviously entailed a bit of dirt road driving. I'm sure my poor babes would have been bathed in dust. To be honest, it could have been far worse, but I still felt I should have provided them with dust masks. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding keeping the dust out of the trailer so the pups can breathe easy pleeeeeease?
  3. Tick Information

    Probably too late for you lol, but nope not a tick area up there. :) I'm in the process of moving back to the Mid North Coast region and am really worried about ticks. I am also worried about the chemical overload that is required to keep the little blighters at bay. I generally try to work along the minimalistic/natural side of things when I can and hate the thought of pumping all that crap into or over my dogs! Does anyone have any more natural remedies that they can recommend? Also, re the tick collars, do they still have that yukko chemical smell etc these days? I used to tend to not want to really pat my dogs when they have them on Thanks in advance :)
  4. :cry: A friend contacted me with regards to Baz's passing just recently. I had no idea until then. Fly free gorgeous Baz. You were truly one in a million and I am so very honoured to have played a part in you finding your way home! B&R you have all had time to adjust to not having Baz around, but I'm sure you are still missing him. Sending you 's. Thank you for giving Baz the home he well and truly deserved!
  5. Queanbeyan Pound Pup

    Now that is what rescue is all about!!!.... way to work together everyone! What a gorgeous boy Bentley is!!! So freaking fantastic, seriously!!! :D :D :D :
  6. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Thanks gdg :) Yes you daneites are definitely well and truly qualified in these stakes. (why the hell don't we love the little yappers who live forever??? (jokes)).
  7. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Belated thanks guys :) SwaY congrats on your gorgeous pupsters. Nope it was completely out of the blue rainey. Naw yes he and Diggers were alike at times weren't they. :) Gosh that must have been such a shock Cancer can just take hold so quickly and quietly. That's how it was with our old dog too, we had no idea until it was too late. It's hard eh Rainey. Bron was so stoic! He allowed me to gently manipulate his leg without even a backward glance... I almost didn't believe the vet when she said it was broken due to that, and then I saw the xrays... the break was SO bad!
  8. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Thanks so much guys Nope it was completely out of the blue rainey. Naw yes he and Diggers were alike at times weren't they. :)
  9. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hi guys. Long time no talk! Cross posting from the M&M's thread coz I thought you would like to know an dI'm a bit of a mess... Unfortunately it is not good news that brings me back... I have some devastating news... I got home last night to find Bronson on 3 legs. Xrays at the emergency vets showed a break in Bron's thigh due to his bone being eaten away by cancer, with the only remedy being amputation. Bron stayed in hospital overnight on high pain meds to ensure he was pain free and to allow me time to work out the best path to take for him. After speaking to numerous vets and assessing all situations my beautiful old man was given his wings today. Fly free gorgeous boy, no more pain for you!!! I will miss you forever!!!!!!!!! ♥
  10. Queanbeyan Pound Pup

    Woweeeeeeee what a transformation. Way to go everyone!!!
  11. They are both totally awwwwwwwwwwwwwww worthy!!!
  12. Nawwwwwww look at her now!!! I'm even more in love (if that is possible)! thank you soooooooooooooooo much for springing Dulcie to safety! I (and I'm sure a few others on here) will forever be in your debt!
  13. Beautiful babes. Hope their forever homes are just around the corner!
  14. Love those updates!!! Way to go guys! And way to go SAM!!!! Any pics??? :p
  15. I happened to overhear a conversation yesterday that 'might' help... Pet & Aquarium Warehouse in Essendon have a card for people who do bird sitting. They mentioned that they often have birds dumped on them and they possibly take surrenders at times... I don't know the name or number of the people, but if you give the Essendon store a call I'm sure that they could give the name and no on the card... PAW's no is 9374 1444