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  1. Grotty Rotty Has Gone

    Run free Grotty. Such a gorgeous boy, he is already sadly missed.
  2. Are you sure Atlas isn't just embarrassed to be seen in his jammies? Kep the paw prints coming, dogs. There are some good arguments here. The humans will see the light eventually.
  3. Help! Need Fast Answers

    Should be right. But what about the foil, was that eaten? Cody downed half a block of dark peppermint chocolate and threw up on the kitchen floor. The chiwi x god knows what who ate the other half threw up on my lap. But both were fine after they'd got it all out.
  4. Why Did You Join Dogzonline?

    I'd seen a "Groodle" at the lake and it was so weird, I wanted to know more about the "breed". I googled the word and this place came up in the search. I've not been the same since.
  5. Oh dear. See, water is supposed to be liquid so it can be swam in. Poor puppies, get mum or dad to buy you snow boots.
  6. Cody here, taking over Nic's computer. Put your paw mark here if you think the humans should have to pee outside on a frosty morning. And they don't get to wear slippers.
  7. I don't think I could love another dog like I love Cody which is why I haven't got him a companion. I don't want to bond with two dogs.
  8. I'd say it's pretty common but I can't speak from experience. I met Cody as a 5 week old and took him home at 8 weeks. I bonded with him on my visits to see him in the 3 weeks before I could take him home. He slotted right in to my life and has been a part of me ever since. Don't force it. It will come if it's going to.
  9. Red Dog

    Ooh cool. I listened to the audio book of that. I'll go watch it.
  10. What Do You Do In The Dog World?

    Owner of the most awesome dog ever!
  11. A Bit Worried

    He's just living the male dream.
  12. Urgent Dog In Distress

    Hugs for Ollie Dog! Silly old things keep us on our toes alright. Hope he's ok.
  13. Canberra And Surrounds Meet Up

    Cody & I may make an appearance.
  14. Act Rspca

    They will get none of my money. I understand the workers on the floor do their best, they just happen to work for an organisation that has policies which go against my belief system. Having more demand for services because of the worst floods in decades is a little different to the demand the RSPCA has every year at this time.
  15. Justice For K9's

    Sure for sure. It's real for all of us to lose a dog. Hav you seen a Doc yet, matey? It will help a lot so might be best to make an appointment just so you get yourself sorted first. I have spoken to my doctor several times, He gets mad at me, I have spent $140 ph on phycologist few weeks & nothing has helped me. I tried meds but they didn't agree with me so I stopped & I don't trust meds anyway. The whole thing has effected my entire life. I,m just at a stand still. i'm on heart tabs also. Time to find a new doctor. I'm sorry for your loss. It must have been such a shock. I can imagine you feel not only heartbroken at the loss of your beloved pet but also betrayed by the person who was supposed to heal your baby. A dog is not a person, this is true but they leave a pretty big dent when they go. I know I'll miss my boy dreadfully when he's gone.