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  1. Rotty Owners

    Grumpette, I am so sorry for your loss of your grand old chook. She was such a character, with a huge heart and a lot of love. My hugs and condolences to you, Mr Grumpette, Rottesliebe and all who loved Baylee xxx
  2. Melbourne Royal 21-28 Sept

    Huddy & Ashley both look very handsome :)
  3. Melbourne Royal 21-28 Sept

    Thanks so much all for results, much appreciated :claps:
  4. Melbourne Royal 21-28 Sept

    I'm working on the theory that if I keep refreshing the page it will make the results come up quicker :laugh:
  5. Rotty Owners

    Congrats to all the winners, it was lovely to see so many DOLers :) BISS/BCC Willemstadt Saffron Dust (Aus Bred) RUBISS/DCC Gr Ch Alchemy War Pigs (Open) RBCC Meretseger Serpents Envy (Aus Bred) RDCC NRCA CH DUAL CH (T) SLV CH Wenno of Nicolas Lion TSDX HX IPO1 (Imp HRV) (Veteran) Wenno also won Best Male Head and Sire & Progeny. The judge asked about 3 times how old he was (nearly 11!) and was just shaking his head as he made Wenno & John run lap after lap :) The judge controlled the ring really well IMO, he had strict standards re ring behaviour & gave very detailed explanations about his decisions so that even if you didn't agree, you could understand where he was coming from.
  6. Accidental Late Entry

    A lot of shows elsewhere will sometimes send you numbers prior to the show but even that doesn't happen too often in SA. Can't wait to see your little baby :)
  7. Dogs Sa Winter International

    Today Baby Cocker Puppy GSP BIS line up 1 Pug 2 Lakeland 3 GSP 4 PBGV 5 Sheltie 6 Akita 7 Lhasa BIS1 Lhasa BIS2 PBGV BIS3 Akita BIS4 Pug
  8. Just A Little Brag!

    Coco looks very chuffed with herself :)
  9. New Supreme Champion

    Congrats, what a super achievement :)
  10. Just Curious

    Frenchies are so ripe for puppy farmers, they are so popular atm and rightly so, they're gorgeous little dogs. Popularity can be such a bad thing for a breed, it attracts dodginess
  11. Just A Little Brag!

    What a fantastic story, well done to all of you
  12. Dog Attack Ashcroft Today

    That poor man, the attack sounds brutal http://www.dailytele...2-1226650933922 I was impressed with the ranger handling the dogs with the pole, he did a super job on the footage minimising extra stress on the dogs eta According to the article, the dogs had gone TWO BLOCKS from home, imagine how many people were put at risk. A child or an elderly person would have died with those sort of injuries
  13. Multiple Dog Permits With Coucils

    Be wary of any idiotic procedural requirements of your council too. There are some where you can't apply for the extra dog permit before you have the dog. No explanation of what to do with said dog if you get knocked back of course.
  14. Should There Be Restrictions On Junior Handlers

    I love seeing the littlies involved and have been involved in organising of junior events in a number of ways. My only issue is when a junior is handling a dog that is clearly of far superior physical strength, that CAN pose a safety issue on occasion. It's up to the parents/ carers to determine which dogs are suitable, but some parents are so blinded by little Timmy's natural ability that they can forget about the limitations of Timmy's actual strength. Having said that, there are lots of adults showing dogs who if the dog took a fly at something, would have no hope of holding it either. As for ability, there are some adults who pose a safety risk through their handling skills, so let's not single out the kiddies for that ;) I'm all for kids being involved, firmly believe in their involvement as succession planning and hope that my little ones show an interest one day too :)
  15. Not Happy

    Why? What would be so insulting about restricting handlers under 10 to neutered dogs? Why should young kids who are outstanding in their handling skills and able to go into the breed ring be restricted in that way? I don't understand what that would achieve?