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  1. Hi Vera, I still have Russell - from Anne. Liz was bred by Mandy. Russ is from Anne's very last litter and is 11 years old. You do still have a wire tho? Hope I can get to meet you at some stage - I always like to meet wire people and chat wires :) Hugs
  2. Hi gwp4me, I have just logged back into the forum after ages away and came across your posts for your two boys. I have their half sister - same sire. I also knew Java and infact showed her at the Brisbane Royal many years ago. I feel for you and your loss. Run free sweet boys. Hugs Rae
  3. I have started my last 2 litters of GWP straight off mum onto raw meat. No kibble to be seen!! We have a great local supplier and we just double mince the meat so it's very fine (we purchased a mincer for this very reason) We add in minced spinach, cottage cheese, fish oil. It's an instant hit!
  4. as a breeder of hunting dogs I will continue to dock until it is illegal here - that day will probably come sad to say. It's not cruel to dock - I have had 6 litters docked - never had a problem with any of them. I also take off dewclaws. It's a matter of choice for breeders. I would never knowingly do anything to harm one of my dogs. End of......
  5. I agree Wazzat, my very first siberian died of Lepto after I had only had him a week ... He came from a place that was quite close to mudflats and the vet thinks he contracted it after licking up some rat pee. His breeder paid all the vet bills and gave me pick of the next litter - who turned out to be my 2xBiSS winning sibe "Meshik" Breeders need to take responsibilty. I most certainly do!!
  6. from what I have read (and I have read alot) any oil additives in premium dry food are not worth counting. http://www.omega-3-fish-oil-wonders.com/fish-oil-for-dogs.html I add fish oil to my dogs raw food each night - cut the capsule open and place in food (they eat the lot) All 10 of my GWP get a capsule. 1 capsule 1000mg with 180 EPA 120 DHA - available from any health shop and most supermarkets. I buy the large bottle of 200 capsules for around $14 Hope this helps.....
  7. http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/is-sampson-the-labrador-australias-most-obese-pet/story-e6frg12c-1226079900140 "SAMPSON the larger-than-life labrador could be Australia's most obese pet. At 85kg, he is a staggering 42kg over his ideal weight. The dog is so fat and so unfit that staff at the Animal Aid shelter in Coldstream say it will take him until Christmas to shed half his massive frame. Sampson is at the forefront of Australia's epidemic of overweight pets. He is too fat to be exercised. His bulging, blood-shot eyes are the result of fatty tissue around his head and high blood pressure. He has to be taken to the shelter in the Animal Aid van for his weekly weigh-in because he can't comfortably fit on the back seat of vet Amber Lavery's family sedan. She has taken Sampson in until he sheds at least half his weight, when he will be put up for adoption. He's the size of a small heifer," said Ms Lavery, who works for Animal Aid. "It's obvious to get a case of such extreme obesity, Sampson has been fed excessive quantities of the wrong types of food over a very extended period of time. "His former owners obviously couldn't resist his big brown eyes that follow you around saying 'Feed me'." It is believed Sampson enjoyed regular feasts of fast foods and other fatty treats - food normally consumed by humans as occasional meals. He is struggling to adjust from a life of gorging to a meagre meal of a little more than three cups of dry dog biscuits and water. "Tough love means saying no," Ms Lavery said. "He has a very keen appetite and shows a willingness to do anything he can to get food, any way he can." Animal lovers can contribute to Sampson's expensive diet food at animalaid.com.au." Someone needs to be made accountable for this abuse
  8. Even if it is OCD you will still be able to go on walks etc.... My 7 year old GWP had OCD diagnosed at 7months. He had surgery and was crated for 3 months - just to be safe and extra sure. He is a Show and Sled dog Champion. Meaning we have raced him in a team of dogs on snow and forest tracks (uto 20km's in distance and at speeds of upto 40km/hr). Never ever limped a day in his life since recovering from the operation! Just don't do anything rough and tumble in the 1st 12months of a large pups life..... asking for trouble and damage to joints.... Pups are just as well socialised on daily walks as they are rough-housing at preschool and I think walking on a lead is far safer all round.....
  9. Hotwyr

    Dew Claws?

    Most gundogs have theirs removed for working purposes. All mine do at same time as tail docking....
  10. I agree - this breed is a sitter for OCD. Be careful!! Get xrays of shoulders/elbows asap as limping on front leg is a good indication of something like OCD. It may be nothing but at least you will know after xrays whether it is or isn't OCD.
  11. I have a friend who 'puppy puzzles' my litters plus we do a temperament test at the same time. Last 2 litters the pick bitches have both won Best Bitch, Res of Breed or Best of Breed from baby puppy class over mature and titled GWP So far so good
  12. I think it should be noted - no where does it say it was a SCW that was jumping around... I seem to remember some info from a Close-up or 20/20 news program report done when this first happened. Stuff like animals were starving, living in cages full of poo etc.....Also 81 of the cats were pts due to their poor health.....
  13. He is, or was, also an All Breeds conformation judge. and breeder of Lowchen, CKCS, KCS, SBT, WHWT and Chinese Crested
  14. We bought a new front loader (8kg) just for dog stuff - we have 11 dogs (1 is a sibe) We have our own "people" front loader as well. Definetly worth it in the long run.
  15. My GWP I have named: Harriet - from the UK. So named as it's a good solid brit name and she really is a good solid dog - and a bit poncy Russell - named for Russell Crowe, a bearded kiwi now in aussie. My Russell is a bearded aussie now in kiwiland. And he's a bit of a dick too Tana - named after Tana Umanga, he's our only Black GWP ;) These have names to match their pedigree's as well: Alex - named after Alex the lawyer on SVU Law and Order - she keeps everyone in line! Pedigree name: Hotwyr Law and Order Liz - named for famous Liz Taylor - everyones sweet heart & Elizabeth Montgomery from "Bewitched" and yep she's got everyone spell-bound Pedigree name - Korskote Witch and Famous Wyatt - after the baby on "Charmed" he's a special dog.... Pedigree name - Hotwyr Charmed and Dangerous
  16. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! who walks around armed with a knife? Someone LOOKING for trouble me thinks! Carrying a concealed weapon is illegal isn't it?
  17. I puppy puzzle at 8weeks plus/minus 3 days... So far it's worked for me.... I always have pups I like thru the weeks but don't make a decision til the 8 weeks.
  18. Yes I do charge more, twice the price for a pup going unendorsed and in single ownership - overseas. Reason: these puppies represent my breeding program (years of learning, reading, selecting the right dogs) and will be used for breeding in the future. Most of my pups go to hunters so they aren't worried about breeding..... Haven't sold an unendorsed (ie: main register) pup here in NZ yet.........
  19. I def think knowing and acknowleging your own dogs faults is a start. I too, am super critical of my dogs. I need to be - I have a minority breed so improving what I have is imperative. Also being able to take criticism from fellow breeders helps along with being open and honest. I have longtime friends with another breed who know exactly which of their dogs I like and don't like. They often ask for my input when looking at pups to run on or dogs to purchase to improve their kennels AND have taken my advice .....to me they are not kennel blind. I also believe in neutering/speying if a dog does not produce on - no point perpetuating mediocrity.......
  20. My pups at 6 weeks get chicken necks (smashed up with a hammer and cut in half) they are supervised with same until eaten. They also get venison necks YUMMY and pork/lamb bones - kind of like spare ribs JUST to chew on. Small specks of blood in poo's isn't too much to worry about as after the introduction of solid meals of raw or bones it seems they all get this and then nothing again (well in my litters) I suspect it is just the bowels reaction to something other than milk..... (pure speculation on my part as a GI Nurse) Chicken wings are also good
  21. Interesting stuff - it seems to me that there are always heaps of Pointer litters about - certainly here in NZ at any given time there are. Some breeders even having 4-6 litters per year - a flooded market must make it darn difficult to sell pups. In saying that I don't breed til I have a good list of people wanting a pup. This current litter I had 13 buyers (8 wanted dogs!!!) I have 8 bitches LOL....... But at 5 weeks old - I have sold them all anyway. I don't advertise anywhere except my website so any orders or enquiries are word of mouth or off the website. I have a breed that is not all that popular BUT manage to have many hunters keen. Last litter of 8 all went to hunters. This litter is 7 to hunters and 1 to a Vet...... Good Luck with your pups tho Megz.......you have some big names in your breed selling too - prob not a help either.
  22. Go 1st ever kiwi in an Iditarod - musher Bob Storey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're right behind ya Bob Woo Hoo
  23. My wires get this when the barley and straw next door is ready for harvest - it's like an allergy ....... I just wipe it away and wait for the farmer to harvest the stuff.... end of problem
  24. I will be there. Coming over to show some GWP.... usually I go to the Sydney Royal but it's the same time as our national Dog Show this year so can't make it ......
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