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  1. We recently took on a 7 year old male Pomeranian who was being rehomed. He’s a beautiful little dog and doesn’t have the issues we expected after conversations with the previous owner, but my current dilemma is his coat. He’s not going to be shown or anything like that, and while I love his fuzzy coat and often tell him he’s got his pyjamas on, it is coming into summer and it will get hot. We live in Alice Springs, so I’m talking up to 47 sometimes. He will be in air con, but unless I don’t let him out of the house while the sun is up, he’s going to feel the heat. Already we are at 35+. He’s g
  2. Thanks guys. Apparently she missed my text back last night saying it was fine to come over, and didn't want to intrude while all the drama of the funeral is going on. I did talk to the plan c guy, and he has said he will come and give her a hand if required. They know each other so all good there. She came down today and it went pretty well, only one meltdown by the dog when my friend went to pick up one of her toys. Otherwise she was accepting pats (coming up for them by herself) and taking treats. So it went better. Worst case, they take the pup to one of there houses (we got him Friday befo
  3. Thanks for the replies. We do have a small dog pen that she could stay in at a pinch, or the other alternative is a chain and runner. Not fussed on that one as I worry about the pup getting caught in the chain. She hasn't had her kennel cough vacc so a kennel is out, it's too short a time. My usual house sitter is working in Darwin, so that's out. I spoke to a friend who said she can do it, she was supposed to come over today to start getting her used to her coming and going, and didn't show. If she doesn't come tomorrow I will go to plan b, not 100% what that is at the moment. If the frie
  4. Hubby and I need to go to a funeral in the next couple of weeks, currently waiting on time and place information. I now need to have someone come in and look after the animals while gone (not just dogs). The issue is the outside dog (Myf) is what I would describe as fear reactive. No issues with us, or any of the animals. She gets walked daily and very quiet on lead, no issues there. However her go-to reaction if she gets unsure is fear and aggression. She takes days to warm to someone new, and seems to have moments when she has a brain fart and suddenly remembers that the person patting her i
  5. At the moment he is being managed through painkilles as he seems to get a lot of trigger points in the leg on that side, hes much happy since he started on those while we work out the best way foreward. The hip doesnt dislocate or anything tho, just has a wonky ball in it. Poor dog, even the vets were shattered he now has this after all his cyst dramas.
  6. Bugger, thanks Rappie. It makes sense about the fit. This poor dog cant take a trick.....
  7. Took my 2 and a bit year old male rotty into the vets on Friday as I was concerned he had hip dyspasia (yes this is the same dog who had the cyst). He was showing signs of pain, he wasnt stretching that leg out, he still doesnt cock his leg to toilet, muscling was different, etc etc. After x-rays, his right hip is picture perfect, however his left appears to have an issue with the ball in the joint. It appears the growth plate has been affected by something, and in one place hasnt gown correctly. He actually has a flat area on the ball that encompasses about 40% of the ball. The vet has ment
  8. I live in alice springs, so hot days are the norm around here in summer. I make sure the concrete is wet before I go to work, as well as areas in the shade where they can dig into the cool dirt. They have clam shells as well as water in the shade, and we dont do anything once it gets past 7am, until around 6pm. The dogs handle it pretty well, and I do similar to the chooks. The horse is a whole other ball game.
  9. So they are buying the house because their daughter loves the cat? How can she love it when it's not her's, and what happens when she decides she doesn't love it? They sound like they spoil her rotten. I can see the poor animal ending up in a shelter pretty quick when they actually get to know the cats personality and it's not what they have imagined it would be, especially with different people around it.
  10. I recently had a couple of months off on holidays, then the Sunday afternoon immediately before I was due to go back to work , we had a massive fight between 2 of my dogs which resulted in them both being put down. I had full intentions of showing up for work the next day and just keeping my head down and laying low while there, but a number of people told me not to go in until Tuesday. Best thing I ever did. I rang my boss first thing on the Monday, said I'm not going to be in and why, and she was fine with that. One of my friends/ neighbours works on the same department and she went and saw
  11. Fruck - he looks like he will be built like a f******* truck :laugh:
  12. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/cava-poo-chon-is-new-poodle-spaniel-bichon-mix-designed-to-keep-its-cute-puppy-face/story-fngwib2y-1226764865865 The dog is cute though, I will give them that.
  13. I walk 5 dogs, ranging from tiny to pretty big. I have found that how my dogs react to the others has a big bearing on the behaviour of other dogs. If mine start to get excited, the other dogs will arc up more, if mine keep walking and take very little notice its nowhere near as bad. I intend to take them out this afternoon, and I know it will be a tougher walk than normal as I have not taken them out for a couple of weeks, so they will be full of themselves and the other dogs will have gotten out of the habit (for want of a better word) of us going past. We live rural, so there are a lot o
  14. I bought one off Ebay for my old dog who was just too heavy to pick up and couldnt jump down either as his legs would give way. Mine is aluminium, weight is about 6-7kgs, and it sits neatly across the back of the storage area in the captiva. Love it, although I made it a bit heavier by screwing rubber mats onto it as I found the surface just wasnt grippy enough for the old dog. My only complaint is that it rattles, so I just pack it with towels to stop that.
  15. I purchased a purebred pup in October last year, and have paid out close to $15k since for a condition which is considered to be genetic, although not heard of in his breed. We have had it surgically fixed, and that should be the end of it, but I dont blame the breeder at all. None of the other pups have had anything like it, or any issues at all. Its just a rare freaky thing that happened. However, the bitch (mum) has a trait of killing the pups when they are born, and I wandered if it could have happened in other pups and she took care of it early? We will never know as they dont breed
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