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  1. Personal Protection Gsds

    That is one cute puppy. Good luck with him.
  2. Personal Protection Gsds

    She does Nekhbet contacted me asking to use my dog as the sire, I initially refused but then heard how much we could make. Next time her bitch is in season we are sending her off to the vet for artificial insemination. I think this is the best way to complete this breeding as my dog is getting on now at 4 years old and has bad hips.
  3. My referral's better . No its not, poor dotesie wont even be let in the front gate on your referral alone. :D
  4. Personal Protection Gsds

    Nuh uh, my dog is clearly the most awesomesauceness. Forget your working dogs, throw a donut in those rocks and my beagle would fetch the shit out of it :laugh: :laugh: I cant blame her, I would do the same. :laugh:
  5. Personal Protection Gsds

    Calm down you weirdos, lets not get in to a pissing competition about who has the best dog, as I will win.
  6. Personal Protection Gsds

    You have 2 different goals in mind and dogs from 2 different lines. Training is going to be different, I have trained my dogs in similar areas to the one shown in Nekhbets video, not too far down the road from you PAX is a similar bridge with rocks where I train my dog.
  7. American Bulldog's

    Definitely not an American Bulldog. Just so you know though: An American Bulldog should be done growing in height by the time it is around 12 months old and width by the time it is around 16 months old.
  8. Tell Mark I referred you and you will get service with a smile. :D
  9. Personal Protection Gsds

    I dare say every service in Australia had that rigorous selection test at one stage :laugh:
  10. Personal Protection Gsds

    It has been a while since I bought a German Shepherd pup, a couple of breeders who I have seen produce good pups who have dogs from Czech lines are Beychief and http://www.vonforell.com/
  11. Personal Protection Gsds

    There used to be Castle Hill and Horsley Park. What one are you talking about LMSW? Sydney Dog Sport Club My link Waratah Dog Sport Club My link
  12. Personal Protection Gsds

    You can shoot me a private message on here if you want and I will try and help you out. I am not sure if the clubs are still training in Sydney, contact Waratah Sport Dog Club via Schutzhund Australia.
  13. Personal Protection Gsds

    Civil drive basically relates to the dog being able to focus on the man and not the equipment. Relates to defence/fight drive.
  14. Personal Protection Gsds

    Where about in NSW are you?