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  1. Nikki and Kane, please try the food I suggested especially formulated for sensitive skin. ProPlan Salmon for Sensitive skin. There is a salmon formula for puppies too. As I said any good Pet Store will give you a moneyback guarantee if you pup does not like the food and will not eat it. You need to do a slow transition to new food. And you are correct dogs can be allergic to CHICKEN and RED MEAT even if they have previously been able to tolerate, it. That is why fish is called a NOVEL PROTEIN as it is highly unlikely a dog has been given mainly fish as a meal. First ingredient SALMON then Rice and oats, 2 grains that do not cause allergy in animals Good luck please give it a go.
  2. Vets will not often look at food as a cause of skin conditions. That would be a simple and reasonably cost effective answer. They would rather do skin scrapping etc The skin is the biggest organ of the body think about what goes inside when you get a reaction on the outside.
  3. Have you considered the food as the cause of allergic reaction ????? Try ProPlan Salmon for Sensitive pups. Yes it is a dry food AUSSTRALIA PRODUCT MADE IN NSW. Any store will give you a money back guarantee if you don't see positive results in 2 to 3 weeks. Give it a try please
  4. Thanks for your replies. Not looking for PERFECT just a normal loving companion who is not a baby puppy.
  5. I have been a Rottweiler devotee for 30 years but due to arthritis I am looking for a dog easier to walk etc. I will explain a little of why I am putting this notice on here. I am a member of a Theraputic Dog Service. We visit the usual nursing homes, dementia wards etc. BUT more than that our service has a special interest in people with mental illness. So we visit units including locked wards, veterans with PTSD and people held in a forensic psychiatric facility. The dogs need to be calm, open, kind and friendly but not pushy. I am hoping someone can eventually help me find a medium-sized dog or bitch, ex-show or show prospect that didn't make the ring. A stud dog or brood bitch who has done her duty to continue on a line and is looking for a new type of job to bring "life" to people burdened by mental illness. I am not looking for a "give-away" and although I am in SA will travel to find the right dog. As an ex-breeder I know that the dog I would like does exist out there and this is one way I have thought I could reach a wide circle of doggie people. My dogs have always gone everywhere with me even to Church !!! They were rarely left at home for any length of time and of course lived inside. Dog owners on this Forum give their dogs the best love and care possible but I can say absolutely that no-one could give a dog a better home and quality of life than I can.
  6. I have friends from South Africa who have migrated to Australia and their 2 Rotts. will be in Sydney Quarantine next week. They are NOT on heartworm meds. not necessary in South Africa. What is the best line of action for these dogs. Should they go straight onto a treatment like Advocate or Heartgard or would you think the blood tests would be necessary first? Which treatments would cause the least side effects (if any) as they will be alone in Quarantine after an exhausting 36hrs in transit. All advice appreciated.
  7. Very interesting reading about the "Thundershirt". I imagine this type of thing was first used by horse people as about 20 years ago I saw a horse being loaded into a float using a special type of rung used to help calm the horse. At every City race meeting you will see a few horses being led up to the barrier with their special "thundershirts" on. I suppose it comfortsin that the body is not so exposed.
  8. Oh what am I doing did you get my name Steve.
  9. I am very interested in this topic especially pets in strata units. Please add me to any List or working party to do with companion animals in rental/community housing. I believe any Law/By Law etc can be changed by going about it the correct way.
  10. Take a look at the Ingredients list on the back of the bag. Dogs are not horses, they don't need their food to start with maize, corn, or rice. Try to find an Australian made food with meat as the first ingredient. One such dry food is ProPlan now Australian Made. If you do the change-over slowly and as some else said feed small meals often rather then once or twice a day, you should notice a change is the out-put after about 7 days. Money back guarantee means you won't be stuck with a bag of food if the dog does not take to it.
  11. You can claim points in the Pro Club from the bags that have the "weight circle" on them. All types and sizes of ProPlan and Bonnie.
  12. If you are having trouble keeping substance on an active dog, have you ttried ProPlan Performance ? If you are unhappy after a good trial ProPlan have a "mpney back" guarantee. Also ALL ADULT dry and ALL PUPPY dry varieties of ProPlan are MADE IN AUSTRALIA.
  13. Have just found this thread. Could I please have the details of the K9 workshop if it is to be held in Adelaide please ?? Tworotts.
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