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  1. Vetmedin

    I’ve had several dogs on vetmedin and their appetite hasn’t changed at all. I’ve always given it an hour before food. Might be worth a call to your vet?
  2. Cavalier or toy poodle?

    I have a very highly strung and noisy Cavalier though others I’ve had have been quiet and sensible.
  3. Aww hello Evie Glad she’s fitting in well. We just have a heavy flap of fabric replacing the hard flap on our doggy door.
  4. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Asal you might like to get the name of the disease you are referring to correct. MVD. By buying from a show breeder people have a far better chance, in my opinion, of buying a pup who will grow into a good looking Cavalier. A good breeder doesn’t only breed for health but a dog who most closely resembles a nice example of the breed. I’ve seen so many ugly Cavaliers over the years. I’d prefer a pretty dog with good health.
  5. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hi Cavigirl. Might be a good idea to contact the Victorian Cavalier Club for a chat. They can let you know of upcoming shows etc where you could meet breeders. If you look at the breed links on this site (Go to the home page) there is a list of breeders and you can contact them and discuss health testing, how their pups are raised and if they are planning any litters. Good luck in your search and I hope you find a lovely new addition!
  6. Licking stitches

    I’ve rarely needed to use an Elizabethan collar to stop mine licking.
  7. I often buy salmon scraps from the fish shop and add them to meals. The dogs love them. They crunch up any bones and fins.
  8. Lab proof dog beds

    Kuranda beds are tough.
  9. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    I wouldn’t buy a vacuum that I can’t pull apart to remove blockages. The other cleaners I’ve had I’ve had to send off to get repaired when they blocked up.
  10. Kamuzz can’t read that link without a subscription. I like my Dyson but have been wondering about the new LG stick. Reading reviews there seem to be a fair few complaints. We’ve had the Dyson a good few years now and a plastic dohicky that you press to empty it has broken. But I love that you can pull it apart to clear blockages.
  11. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Might be a little further south than we’d like I think. But thanks
  12. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Can anyone recommend any dog friendly accommodation Illawarra or south coast NSW please?
  13. Old dog drinking

    Yes that may be a possibility as to why. Thanks. She does get sore and is on meds for arthritis. The bowls we have are fairly narrow and have kept Spaniel ears out for years. She wears a snood for dinner but she wouldn’t keep it on all day. I’ll see if I can find something to sit the bowls on and see if that helps
  14. Old dog drinking

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any ideas. Our old Cavalier, Lacey, always drinks with one ear dipped in water. She used to do it occasionally but she’s always dripping water through the house now and the others don’t like drinking out of the bowl after it’s been dunked in. We haven’t changed bowls. I’ve no idea why? Any thoughts please? I guess I could clip her ears off but she’s so pretty. It’s not a major hassle. Just need to clean bowls frequently and mop the floors. I’m just curious as to why. Thanks
  15. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I’m sure she’d love a friend Jemappelle! Thanks Poochmad.