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  1. I know of a standard poodle who really wanted to kill the family’s cats. He was serious! Cavaliers moult constantly and furminators damage their coat. I wouldn’t recommend using one on them. If hair about is a major worry a Cavalier is not the dog for you! I’ve had them for many years and they are wonderful dogs. They are friendly and many are very amenable to training.
  2. Introducing.... Bolt!

    Beautiful baby!
  3. Which out of the 2 please

    Please find a reputable breeder who health tests their breeding dogs and raises their puppies well This pup will be with you a long time so it’s important to choose carefully. And having support from a breeder is great.
  4. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Such a lovely bunch of puppies Not much happening around here. Our two oldies aren’t doing so well these days. Sad to see them aging. But mostly they are happy and enjoying life. Lots of drugs!
  5. Home made dog food

    I’m on a Facebook group you may find helpful. Raw fed healthy Cavs.
  6. Nupentin (gabepentin)

    My two older Cavs are both on gabapentin. They both have neck pain and one has arthritis too. I’ve not noticed a lot of difference to be honest. The arthritic girl was really struggling last night.
  7. I have a Finnish Lapphund too. Love her but she is vocal! A friend has a cross Japanese Spitz and Shetland Sheepdog. He is even more vocal
  8. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    Happy birthday! We need a 21st birthday photo please!
  9. Kidney failure

    Thanks CR. I’m lucky that I still have her daughter with me Not sure I can suggest anything to prolong life except that I was very strict with her diet until very very close to the end when she got some treats she’d been missing out on. And be sure to always have lots of water available day and night cause they really do need to drink a lot. I also gave Ingrid cranberry as it’s supposed to be good for kidneys. I hope your friend is with you a good long while yet!
  10. Henschke 10 Year Old Going on 12

    Sorry PM I hope the vet can help.
  11. Recommendations please

    Cavaliers are a breed that loves to be with you. Are you after a dog who will be inside as well as out? Wherever I am that’s where my girls are. They love outside as long as I’m out there lol
  12. Recommendations please

    Is the dog going to be inside as well?
  13. Cav grooming

    Not all coats go woolly after desexing. Many do though. Cavs are such a lovely size that you can groom them on your lap or the lounge. I often brush and comb ears watching tellie.
  14. Cav grooming

    Why are you thinking of clipping? Cavaliers have such a pretty coat. They are not hard to keep looking nice. I’ve always prided myself on my girls being well groomed and pretty. Unfortunately due to health problems keeping four Cavs and a Finnish Lapphund well groomed I have caved and done some clipping. It made me rather sad though! I’ve left their beautiful ears and tails. When I worked in a salon it was so upsetting when people would bring their Cavs in and ask for them to be clipped right off to look like a beagle. Desexing does alter coats with a lot of Cavs, though not all.
  15. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Temperaments can vary quite a lot with Cavs. They SHOULD be happy, friendly little dogs. We’ve just been away for the weekend and a stranger has come to the house to mind the dogs. From meeting her the Cavs all loved her but the Lappie had to be won over lol They are intelligent and fun to train. Some have reached high levels in obedience and agility. They moult constantly. They aren’t hard to groom but need consistent grooming. They love to be with you and thrive with company. They aren’t happy being alone for long hours. Anything in particular you’d like to know BR?