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  1. Last Nights Moon

    Any camera is capable of taking professional style pictures. I have seen some absolute stunners taken with Sony's....i wouldnt class them as entry level really. I wouldnt hesitate to do professional photography with Sony equipment.
  2. Last Nights Moon

    Im not a Nikon/Canon fancier at all. But its all personal choice :) The Sony suits me, i like the mirror tech in it. This new one is just packed with other goodies i havent had a chance to look at yet lol. For the moon shot though i used manual settings, and just starting to tiptoe into those lol. I'm just chuffed at how clear it came out for not using a tripod and remote.
  3. Full Moon

    Thanks :) The moon is certainly ripe for snapping pics of. I need to get myself a remote so i can set the camera up on a tripod. I think the pics would be better still.
  4. Full Moon

    Snapped another moon shot, thank goodness for online "how to take moon shots" lol
  5. Last Nights Moon

    My workmate, who knows i'm a photo nut, sent me a text and told me to get outside and take a pic lol Or i'd have been none the wiser. Tonight is the full moon though, so hopefully the sky will be clear so i can try again. My hubby is a good guy, i feel somewhat spoilt lol, bought me a new car yesterday too lol So i'll be 'paying' for quite a while lol The photo has been cropped....lenses included were: 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 (this is what the moon shot was taken with), 30mm F2.8 Macro, 50mm F1.8 & 18-55mm 3.5-5.6.
  6. Last Nights Moon

    My hubby bought me a new camera as a suprise, came with 4 lenses. So figured i'd give it a whirl on the moon. Rapt with the result, being as this was taken with me holding the camera (and being anything but still lol). The new camera is a Sony A58, and i absolutely love it!
  7. I just assumed your cameras had to be on their own policy with your insurance company to be fully covered. Even before i started selling the odd photo, my camera has had its own. My new one will too as of Monday. Interesting read...good info. Will be passing this on to a few other photography mates!
  8. Toowoomba Dog Trial

    Thanks :) Pretty sure to compete with an unregistered purebreed or a xbreed, they must be desexed and on the Associate Register. Most that ran seemed to be purebreds to me, unknown on registration status. The Dane is a purebred, i was talking to the owner and had a pat of that big beautiful girl lol
  9. Toowoomba Dog Trial

    Some more
  10. Spent a while at the local meet, great day, great people and a chance to snap some pics A few below from the day
  11. New Zoo Pics

    Thanks all....the camel was a character for sure. Vampire camel
  12. New Zoo Pics

    Thanks guys Camera is a Sony A33. Lens used DT 4-5.6/55-200 SAM
  13. New Zoo Pics

    Iguana Baby Kwanza having his bottle Baby Kwanza Snoozin lioness Camel eyeballin me lol Ostrich
  14. New Zoo Pics

    Headed out the Darling Downs Zoo yesterday, love being able to take some pics of not so usual animals. Pygmy Marmoset - newest addition to the zoo. So tiny and terribly cute! Taipan Alligator
  15. Random Pics

    Thanks Kadbury :) The building is a historic place, Bull Oak Inn in Drayton In the trees - Ibis