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    I breed Birman Cats and I also LOVE dogs.<br /><br />Our Beagle Barney has just gone to Rainbow Bridge on 15/3/06.<br /><br />I also enjoy Cross-Stitch, Internet Shopping, Movies, Dining Out, Music DVD's.
  1. Rip Dear Barney

    thanks Di - I was wondering who else I'd find on here. Louise
  2. Rip Dear Barney

    thanks for the welcomes, yes, I don't know what made me sign up here today, it just felt right. I have 8 Birman Cats - I am a Registered Birman Breeder. (I currently have 2 litters - 5 weeks old - 9 kittens in all). I live in Sydney with my OH, 23 y.o. son, 20 y.o. daughter and her BF - and as well as all the cats, my daughter has a Staffy / Bull Mastiff X called "Roxy" (she is 12 months old, and is missing Barney terribly !!!!) :D
  3. Rip Dear Barney

    Hi all, I've just joined DOL today - those of you who frequent Cat-World will know me from over there (birmanfanatic). ;) Our beautiful Beagle Barney was hit by a car on Wednesday morning and has gone to Rainbow Bridge. :D He was ALWAYS escaping from our yard - we would block off his latest method, and he would just find another. The person (if you could call them a person) who hit him, did not even stop. My son's GF was first there, and a nice guy stopped to help her, when he saw that she was distressed. RIP our darling "booger boy" !!! Louise