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  1. I will be there for the staffords no Leroy yet, his first show is another 3 weeks away
  2. Hehe Tiggy Shimi looks like shes crossing on river stones in that pic Hopefully I will have lots of Leroy's first day at home photos tomorrow 1 more sleep and am so excited
  3. I know I am so excited I really can't wait
  4. How CUte!!!! Nina is such a lovely lady!!! I might see you around the staffy ring as I occasionally take a dog in the ring for a friend! Feel free to say hi, I will be the one who knows nothing hanging off nina lol
  5. Tell him to keep waiting I really thing nina's dogs are worth it I got lucky, I wanted a boy and Nina wanted to keep a girl I know she has a rather extensive list for her next litter whenever that may be
  6. Appollo Archie Armand Arminius Asher Aussie x2 Axl Bailey x 4 Balou Bandit Banjo x2 Bardigrub Bart Barton Baxter Basil Bear x2 Benji Benny Benson x2 Bertie Billy Bing Bluey Boss Boxer Brady x 2 Brock x 2 Brockie Brody Bronson Bruce Bud Buddy Bundy Buster Caleb Caramel Carl Carter Cash Casper Cedar Champ Charlie x 4 Chester Chevy Chip Chisel Coco x 2 Cobber Connor x2 Cooper x 4 Cowan x 2 Cruise Cuba D'Artagnan Dakota Danny Darcy x 3 Dashx2 Deakin Deek Dean Declan Delgado Denver Denzal Dennys Dog Deputy Diablo Diesel Digby
  7. Haha really Everybody always asks where on earth it is Thanks I think he is gorgeous too And I will be jealous of those getting pups as soon as he grows lol I am very excited to start showing fingers crossed we both like it
  8. Hi All I cannot remember the last time I popped in here I am getting my first show pup From Akinos here in Perth He comes home this Sunday and I cannot wait Hopefully he and Yoshimi will get to have playdates together Introducing Akinos Makin A Statement (Leroy)
  9. Stafford Stafford Dane Stafford Stafford neopolitan mastiff Stafford Stafford Dogue de bordeaux Stafford
  10. mt staffy baby is almost 26 weeks n she sleeps alot when shes having a growth spurt just be careful ur not over exercising her at 17 weeks i only started walking mine at 16 weeks and have kept the general rule, 5 mins for every 4 weeks of age
  11. i dont believe she was saying this specific dog was, rather that there are planty of irresponsibly bred dogs out there, whos byb owners have no regard for the temperament or quality of the dog they are using to produce poor quality litters, both for breed standard and temperament i didnt see the need for personal attacks to her reply at all this is supposed to be a friendly forum
  12. sorry to correct that it was supposed to say 14 weeks she is now 24 weeks still having problems with her toilet training
  13. I love my stafy baby to no end as i did my last i am however, sick of people telling me what breed she is, with complete ignorance, most labelling her a pitty I would also like to know contributing factors to these attacks very young my litle girl had a pomeranian have a go at her, and i know of several children bitten who had provoked the dog to the end of the limits, also of children being left unsupervised with dogs. this is incredibly iresponsible behaviour of parents. I have a friend who's rottweiler was put to sleep after it bit a little girl who kept putting sticks in its bum
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