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I posted this in another forum, but thought it would also be applicable to post here - so here goes:

Thought I would post on how Fraser's progress is going now that he is settled into his new home. He has been 'home' now for almost two weeks and as far as I can tell he is loving it. Just a few things I thought I would mention...

His understanding of 'No' is becoming much better, if he ignores the command he is picked up and put into the bathroom for 2 minutes and then straight after he seems to realise the error of his ways. The trips to the "naughty room" are not as often now so he is starting to understand what he can, and can't get away with!

One of the favourite things that he tries to get away with is biting/nipping at our jeans and also shoelaces - he can't get enough of them, usually a toy substitution works wonders so that we are able to move around the house and not be dragging a puppy along for the ride.

Another thing Fraser loves is paper/cardboad - the box we had his bed placed in has been ripped to pieces, I watched him the other day have a go at it - it's amazing how quick he can make a mess! The other day when I was hanging out some washing I could hear the russeling of pages inside, I turn around and see him practically leap out of the house into the backyard with the tv guide in his mouth looking as proud as ever... my partner ran after him and he did not want to let go of it - he thought he could get away with it and rip it into many pieces - we managed to save it...

His sense of smell and knowing when it is breakfast / dinner time is spot on. He will be on his best behaviour and he already knows to sit even before his bowl is on the kitchen floor. He has perfected the art of the "food stare" as well - when I was starting to make my lunch today I looked up, he was sitting on his matt and his eyes were fixated on me, he was not moving an inch and you could tell that he could smell food and was wondering if he would get any... sorry Fraser, none for you mate...

The belly rub... something he LOVES to get from me and my partner, most of the time when he is playing he will roll onto his back and want us to rub his belly. Why do dogs - esp. labs - love their belly rubbed? The lab that I grew up with always loved a belly rub but not as often as what Fraser seems to demand. I have noticed as well after a rather long belly rub, he will roll back over and guaranteed he will sneeze... it's so damn cute!

Lastly, when I got home from work last night he was sitting on his matt. I put my supplies etc. on the kitchen bench and said hello to him, he turned his head ever so slightly and had this shocked look on his face - like he couldnt believe he was seeing me. He practically leapt from his matt and ran over with his tail going a million miles an hour. Damn he was so happy to see me and I was just as glad to see him, glad to say he doesn't mind giving out kisses when we come home.

It's just so fantastic coming home to see someone so happy to see you - he has definately helped me put everything into perspective and I am much less stressed now - he makes both me and my partner very happy. Fraser is also due to attend his first class of 'puppy pre-school' on 11th August. Just hope that he will enjoy it...

Also stay tuned, I will be uploading some pictures of Fraser onto photobucket from the digital camera in the coming days - I will post again when they are available.


Shaun (Sticks1977), Gaylene and Fraser :laugh:

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awwww how lovely! I am having such a hard time waiting to meet the litter and hopefully pick my pup. One of my main reasons for getting a dog is companionship, I really liked what you said about Fraser making you both happy :laugh: Dogs are the most wonderful creatures aren't they?

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That's gorgeous. Puppies just make you happy, don't they? I was driving home from doggie obedience class today and stopped at the traffic lights, turned around to see my 5 month old Aussie Shepherd puppy lying happily on the back seat of the car with his head on my 13 yo daughters knee. Both of them were half asleep and looked very content. And that made me happy.

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