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    pet therapy, puppy pre-school, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, knitting, movies, cafes, high tea, japanese culture, halloween obsessed, reading, lots more!

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  1. Long time no post :D I'm quite out of the rescue loop these days but thought I'd drop in here to see if anyone can help. My Mother is having some trouble trying to find the right little companion for her, she's retired but active and is looking for a cute little adult female, who would be up for a daily amble, walks along the beach, lap warming and general spoiling. She's always owned female dogs and so that is a preference, small dogs only and alert barking is fine but preferably not a dog that will bark at everything that goes by as her house is situated next to a walkway that gets a fair bit of foot traffic. She will be an only dog but needs to be good with other dogs as my Mum occasionally looks after a neighbours dogs. Preferably not a super young dog, definitely no puppies :D I'd say 3-8 years old is a good range. we're in QLD (she lives at Redcliffe) her yard is fully fenced and she has a wonderful home to offer <3 We're checking petrescue and adopt-a-dog but thought I'd post here in case there are some breed rescues or dogs not advertised on either of those websites that might be looking for a forever home
  2. Hope I win :) can't wait to see the youtube channel up and running too!
  3. Boo is such a little stunner. She is gorgeous!!!!!! Thankyou, but Boo is a boy ;) I think all owners of male cavaliers are used to people thinking they are too cute to be boys though :D
  4. I like them all but would love to have a really nice tri girl to show next. I can't see a time when I'll ever be without a Cavalier - they are just such wonderful dogs.
  5. Mum needs to tell Dad to take the dog back - you cannot expect someone to take on a pet if they do not want to and you cannot expect a 6year old to be able to control a large dog. She need not feel guilty if her son is upset, she need only tell him she understands he loves his puppy but that puppy has needs which can't be met at their house and so because we love puppy we will find him a home which is able to meet his needs. If she thinks they might be a suitable home for some other breed of dog or some other pet then that is up for negotiation but no way in hell should they keep a dog if the primary person in charge does not want it.
  6. OMG YAY! That is so exciting! Jake and I have become hugely fond of the BB's since we started showing and got to spend time with them - BB puppies are the biggest clowns and the adults are too great dogs!
  7. we live on a main road, to the left are two little terriers who yap like the devil whenever anyone walks past or if they see Atticus standing on the back deck. At the back are the neighbours dogsitting Dog Of Eternal Screech and they have a staffy who makes no noise, but do have chickens which I enjoy - I like their werk werks and bok bok noises, I wish their teenagers didn't have a fondness for loud rap music but I'll live, diagnonal at the back are the screaming children and they are over the road too, on the other side there are three dogs who also bark at anything that goes by and the neighbours who are renovating between domestic disputes. Oh and there is a set of lights almost directly in front of the house so we get to hear what everyone plays on their car stereo and all the impatient tooting of horns - if we are really lucky we get all night road works outside our bedroom window! - oh and the hospital is further down the road so all the ambulances come at all hours....safe to say a few barking dogs are the least of it One day I'll live in peace and quiet, but it wont be any time soon so we just smile and live with it!
  8. I dont hate the RSPCA, I just don't feel that they are infalible. There is something increadibly wrong with the state of things if questioning simple practises and issues of accountability, non-action and conflict of interest (ect.) are held up as some kind of outrageous action. National policy seems to have no bearing on what state bodies can hold up as best practise and best policy and that is extremely concerning in an organisation which promotes itself as THE most knowledgable group on such matters and has such a huge stake in relevant legistlation and policing of that legistlation. I absolutely feel the RSPCA can significantly address the issues which cause concern and can rectify many of them, I do not hold a doom and gloom view of the entire organisation or everyone in it - but I will state quite plainly that they are NOT infalible and it is quite worrysome that they do not wish to address these reasonable concerns.
  9. too funny! I'm afraid mine haven't done anything so interesting - but of late my neighbours have been dogsitting the Dog Of Eternal Screech - who is a cattle dog cross of some sort who makes a high pitched screech which sounds like a staffy scream cut short - it does it over and over and over in a rythmic *screech* *pause* *screech* *pause* pattern ALL DAY and it is increadibly bothersome! Every now and again my pair wander out side and trade noise with it so I get to hear *screech* *WOOF* *yap* *screech* *WOOF* *yap* which does not improve things much!
  10. OT - When you make it about the industry - particularly one that wont go away no matter what - and not about the specific cases of exploitation, you leave the door open for women to REALLY get exploited - countries which have outlawed the sex industry show that the end result for women in those industries is a much poorer outcome than in countries where it is legal and regulated.
  11. love it - I think there are many schools that could benefit from a suitably trained poochy presence. Ours has a no dog policy, we have a couple of students with severe phobias relating to dogs so they wont be changing it any time soon but it would be lovely if there was some animal presence. I read of a school which helped raise a litter of rescue pups, another who helped with rescue kittens - worked beautifully and taught the kids some valuable lessons on being a responsible owner.
  12. what a load of horse shit - you can't tell someone is perfectly healthy any better by seeing them naked than you can if they are in a bikini or any other article of clothing. How exactly can we tell she is healthy? Because she is skinny? Because her hair or skin look good? Sorry but skinny people with nice hair/skin and who are veggos can still be unhealthy. All THIS is is a stupid publicity stunt from a group notorious for being media whores. ETA - I am not offended by using nudity or models in a promotional way. I think it is silly to project victimisation onto woman who are fully aware of what they are doing with their own bodies and are making their own choices.
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