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  1. Anyone doing the event in SA? I would love to do a training run with some other dogs before the day if possible
  2. Zug Zug

    Dog Coats

    To start them off, the strong ones like horse rugs with the straps that cross over under their belly are great, and very hard for the dog to get off. With my standard poodle I also stitched the front because he had a fascination with the velcro. After that he accepted it, but it did have some chewing damage early on. So don't get your favourite jacket just yet. Best to learn on something simple, strong and durable. And very hard to remove. Vet n pet direct have the coats I am thinking of. I just can't recall the brand name.
  3. So sorry Kirislin. She would have felt comforted by your love and presence at the end. So nice that she was able to stay at home. Take care
  4. I'd put money on it that the main difference in class is the availability of rewards. And the level of attention you are offering the dog. Both tend to drop off on a longer walk, so the dog loses focus
  5. Agree with huski. I originally got a 10m long line (gripper type). Too much to keep track of. Got my feet tangled up one day, resulting in a very nasty rope burn. Now have a 5m syntek from k9pro. Works a treat.
  6. She's gorgeous So far I like Freckles, Roxanne, Hilda, Poppy Not sure about Tick, but only because in my head it would become 'Ticky' as in Ticky Fullarton Given she's a redhead, what about Rosie or Rosa? Or Ruby? (not terribly original I know, although Rosa is not commonly used for dogs for some reason)
  7. I am a sensitive soul who loves cuddles - treat me with kindness and I will reward you with complete loyalty I am eager to please and food motivated - which makes me a pleasure to train I am sociable and happy to share my home with another dog (of the opposite sex) I love a nice warm bath but don't cope well in hot weather I am allergic to cats
  8. It can be difficult to make enough time for a larger dog. I've been working full time for years now, and I've found it difficult at times. But funny thing - I've been home for almost 2 months now due to surgery and guess what - as I've recovered and my health has improved I've founds lots of things to do and guess what - it's still hard to make time to give my dog the exercise he needs. Still something I need to concentrate on. So it's really about commitment I think. If you are committed to your dog, even though some of the daily requirements can be taxing at times, you'll make the effort whether you're working or not. And if you're not committed, no matter how many hours you have free in your day, the dog will drift down your priority list and its needs will not be met. The first post was a shameful over-simplification.
  9. Quick update - got my dogpack and it's absolutely fantastic! I will be using it long after my recovery from surgery is behind me. So comfortable, such great pockets and easy to just grab and go. My DOOG belt is history - no comparison! Love it - thanks for putting me onto it. And yes you're right, the woman who runs it is wonderful and it was great talking with her to arrange it.
  10. Wow that bolster bed looks amazing. My dogs would love that! I have also been thinking about dog beds today, and made two as follows: 1. Went to local curtain fabric shop this morning and bought some fabrics from their offcuts section - got 3 curtain fabrics all with the rubber backing, each piece large enough to make at least one large dog bed (two of them larger again - I have made 2 beds today from one of the pieces alone). paid a total of $10 for the fabrics, and another $5 for matching zips. 2. Went to Clark Rubber and after looking at all their foams ended up buying a soft foam single bed mattress which comes in a pre-made cotton cover. Cut it down to the size I wanted to make a bed for my standard poodle, leaving the cotton slightly longer than where I cut the foam so I could stitch it back up into a sealed insert. The rest of the foam is still sitting there and awaits a future project (perhaps a gift for my daughter's Borzoi). 3. I made a separate zippered cover to fit this as a bed for my standard poodle. It is a simple rectangle bed with a removable zippered cover and a handle along one side in the same fabric. Simple, basic, fits his crate perfectly. So far he doesn't seem to want to sleep on it though. But it's hot and at present he's sleeping on the cool concrete floor. 4. With the leftover of that same fabric, I made a bed for my older, much smaller poodle x (she's nearly 15, and her body is more tender). For her I made a bed with a lowish stuffed middle section, which is separately stitched and stuffed with an internal wall, and a very plump bolster type outer section all around which is also stuffed separately and gives her something nice to rest her head on. The stuffing for this came from my larger poodle's recently destroyed dog bed (I used about half of it). The old bed was destroyed but there was loads of good stuffing so I've just re-used that. The cover for this bed can't be removed unfortunately, but I will make a few removable covers for it tomorrow. I think I'll make them a bit like fitted bed sheets so I can remove and wash them very easily. At present she has her vet bed fleece on it (she leaks a bit of urine sometimes, hence the attention to waterproof materials and washability). She absolutely loves her new bed, and is sleeping away with her head over the bolster and her tongue lolling out. We have the whole thing up on the couch next to me, so she's sleeping like a queen. :) All very cheap - spent $60 in total and this will be enough to make 4 complete beds and another 4 loose covers (like fitted sheets). Just a thought if you get the sewing bug, as I did! Mind you, that Costco bed looks so good...
  11. We have used wayrod twice - great service and they take great care to help you arrange appropriate flights. I would be happy to recommend them.
  12. We definitely get heart worm in Adelaide, so I would imagine you would get it in Melbourne as we'll...? I use advocate on my dogs, but every few months rather than monthly, and less over the cooler parts of the year. That covers most things. Haven't seen a flea on my dogs for years, although they go to dog training regularly so there are many chances to become infected.
  13. Ooooh she's great. I'll be keen and would even make the trip to Geelong to hear her I think When is she coming out? ETA: oops May - I should have read the OP more carefully
  14. Let it watch a dog that loves to fetch. And you chase the ball as well for a while to help build enthusiasm.
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